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This is the 2nd book in the trilogy and the mystery picks up again from where it left off in the first book! The couple's steamy romance and mystery builds as she tries to catch Tobias at his own game!! We learn more about the characters and drives us more towards the conclusion Can't wait for the next book! I highly recommend the Icon trilogy and the author!! Zara and Tobias make the ultimate couple. This one takes place in LA and has layer by layer revealed in the Icon story.

A few times I wanted to grab Zara or Tobias and say what are you doing! Ahh the breakfast scene, a dream of ever girl. I can't wait for the last one in the triology. I need it now! Vanessa Fewings you just got yourself a new Fan.

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I'm now a huge Vanessa fan. Any idea when it is releasing? View all 3 comments. Good Lord jump on this NOW! What an ending! Did not see that coming. Absolutely loved the second book in the Icon trilogy. Can not wait to read the final instalment. I am loving these 2 characters. Ms Fewings you know how to make a girl love your leading man. This is a must read you do not want to miss.

Holy heaven! After reading The Chase, he has become my new obsession. Vanessa Fewings , as the talented author she is, carries on with her elegant writing. This time she exceeded my expectations of what I found in the second instalment of the Icon Trilogy. She left me really anxious and pretty curious of the secret behind Icon. Questions like who was him and what does he want? Are answered in The Game. Some could say that this book can be read without reading the first but trust me you do not want to miss any clue. I highly recommend you to read first The Chase before reading The Game. I devoured this book in a day.

The plot is captivating. The way she mixed a hot romance and suspense left you wanting more. In this book Zara is chasing Icon. She already know who he is. She travelled to Los Angeles. All the answers she needs are there. Falling for Tobias meant trouble.

Seeing him again will be bittersweet. His first reaction will hurt her. Nevertheless she will fight for him. Saving him will be her priority. Being a part of the team who is helping the Interpol will make it really complicated because she can lose her credibility as an art consultant. Her dreams will be in danger but Tobias worth it. Zara will not give up on him. On the other side we have Tobias. He is also having issues with his priorities. Zara has change his world for good. His past is not letting him living a future with the woman he loves.

His previous commitments shall be fulfilled. Zara and Tobias will have to decide what is best for the other. Being together does not seem easy. And to top it all, everything will turn against them. Zara will manage to save the man she loves and she will bring up her dominant side. However Icon's shadow will make things complicated for both of them. This book is beautifully addictive.

Let Vanessa take you to the art world and pack your bags because we are traveling from London to Los Angeles. If I could give more than five stars, I give this book million stars. Let Tobias seduce you with his cocky smile and clever mind. ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest review Good Lord!

I need to catch my breath!! Following the cliffhanger ending in the first book, I absolutely could not get enough of Tobias and Zara and the combustible chemistry between them. This novel was filled with intrigue, suspense, adventure and passion and was such a brilliant addition to the trilogy. Following the cliffhanger ending in book one, The Game starts off a week later as London art investigator Zara Leighton is left reeling from the shocking revelations in book one.

She must now chase after her lover, Tobias Wilder, as clues led her to believe that the charismatic and reclusive Billionaire and Icon, the word's most elusive and slickest art thief are one and the same. But can she reconcile her duty to capture him to do what is right with her forbidden need to be with the man who consumes her - body, mind and soul? I was absolutely consumed by this book. I loved Zara and Tobias passion and deep feelings for one another and the fact that despite their apparent mistrust of one another, their obvious feelings of adoration and obsession could not be denied.

I love that Fewings was able to aptly depict Zara's misgivings about Icon. On one hand she had a strict code of right and wrong as an Art Investigator, but on a personal level was torn up about losing the man she loved. Likewise Tobias and his innate sense of justice needed to balance his love and loyalty to Zara and his need to right the wrongs of the past at the hands of a criminal mastermind.

In addition, similarly to the first book, the real standout in The Game was the art itself. It took center stage as you can't help but get lost in the story and the history of each painting and gallery. Fewings has a remarkable gift in that she can paint a picture for her readers with a myriad of colors not only highlighting her exceptional ability as a writer but also highlighting her seamless ability to weave history and drama to transport you right alongside her characters. All in this was a fantastic addition to the series and I can not wait for the conclusion later this year!

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I really try to never give spoilers but the review in itself is a spoiler being that its book two. I raced through the book I had to know what would happen next! Then when I read it I was buzzing with excitement. The suspense is enough to cause I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The suspense is enough to cause some serious heart palpitations.

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Zara has ventured into unknown terrority and you want to scream at her. It was too late the moment she met Tobias. In the second installment of the ICON series we pick up a week after book one has ended. Zara is heartbroken and determined. She will stop ICON, even if it costs her the love of her life. Can she stop him and keep him at the same time?

The Game (The ICON Trilogy, #2) by Vanessa Fewings

Tobias is nearing his end game and has one more heist to pull off until he can rest. Is he pushing the limits? Will this be his downfall? The continued chemistry between Zara and Tobias keeps you rooting for them from beginning to end. I love that the story is international. Book one was in the UK and now book two is in the US. It adds such depth when a writer can travel the globe and bring you along for the ride. In this book I grow to love Tobias for who he is as a person. Zara is so head strong and hurt from her past that I can only hope that book three will bring her peace.

She deserves it. Was it great? Yes, it was. There were a couple of small things that I am not sure I was totally on board with, and one little thing that seemed out of character for Zara, but nothing major and I see the reason for the author's choice. Did you learn more about Tobias and Zara? Yes, you definitely did. And, their relationship certainly grows and evolves.

Did it further their relationship? Yes, it did. They are definitely not in the same place at the end of this book as they were at the end of the 1st one. Did it take turns you will NOT see coming? Oh, it so did that, this definitely happened. Was it well written and engaging?

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You are so drawn to the characters, and to the story, that you don't want to put it down. Is being specific about any of this a super huge spoiler? So, I have literally nothing to say as I would not want to ruin this for another reader. Go, read the first one, be enthralled by this one, and wait on the edge of your seat for the 3rd installment.

To tell you anything else would spoil it. I recommend this title. May 21, Diane rated it really liked it. In book 2, the game of cat and mouse has suddenly turned deadly. Icon is revealed, but so are the bad guys The Feds are on the case now and the investigation is closing in on all sides. The Feds, with the help of Zara's own investigative team, have jumped to the wrong conclusions and now her world is in chaos and she could lose everything. Only one thing left to do This is by far the most cerebral romantic suspense story I have ever had the pleasure of In book 2, the game of cat and mouse has suddenly turned deadly.

This is by far the most cerebral romantic suspense story I have ever had the pleasure of reading. It's clear the author has a deep love for art or maybe the research needed to bring the story to life, because her grasp of the art world and the showcased artwork is impeccable. My only area of disappointment with the story is the way Zara constantly assumes the worst of Tobias.

OK, to be clear, he's not perfect, but girl! I'm really looking forward to the conclusion, The Prize. I really enjoyed The Chase but The Game was even better. The Game seemed to have a much faster pace than the first book. There was a good balance of mystery and romance. I loved the cat and mouse game that seemed to exist between Zara and Tobias.

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And of course I loved all the art discussions and descriptions. A must read especially if you enjoyed the first book. The only drawback is I now have to wait for the third book. It kept me on the edge of my seat and yet left me wanting more. I absolutely love her books and this one was no exception. I loved how much you felt like you could see the art right there.

I love the chemistry between the characters. The Game , part two of the trilogy, was such a step up from the first book and that one was pretty darn good as well. We get to see more of the relationship between Zara and Tobias and you find yourselves invested in this relationship. Vanessa Fewings did an awesome job with a sequel that did not disappoint. This second book in the series is just captivating. You want to find out what will happen to the characters.

Well written with suspence and romance. You hope that everything will be going perfectly for both of them. Thank you Netgalley for this ARC. Great book. This was a freaking adventure. I am sooo ready for the next installment in this trilogy. This series is crazy good Jun 23, books are love rated it really liked it. Received in exchange for a honest review.

The cat and mouse game between Tobias and Zara has really heated up. Zara is on his tail and heals and in California where she knows he is and knows who he is. Zara gets to learn about him as well. He sees that vision he has and his museum is amazing. Zara sees old friend Received in exchange for a honest review. Zara sees old friends, gives a lecture and truly learns more about herself and Tobias. The story expands and becomes more complex with more subtle nuances that the reader appreciates because they add more depth and suspense and also a hint of mischievousness as well. Tobias and Zara gain a new depth and in a way openness.

Zara reacts to what she knows and Tobias uses this for entertainment and to show her he trusts her and also supports her. Those that were a part of her childhood and ones she loves. At some point it becomes a singular focus and not just because of the paintings but because of the implications and what she can prove with them and expose. A interesting moment for Zara to see.

She is usually more pragmatic and level headed. He has found one to trust and let in and he does with Zara. He enjoys the banter and cat and mouse game. In a way I think the toying around with Zara is flirting and foreplay for him. He is at ease with himself and their situation. He is now in a run for more than he thought and I think it stimulates him. The romance portion is steamy and heats up the suspense. It adds a dimension to the game for them. More intrigue and tension but also more sparks and danger.

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