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Rainer Funk. Books by Rainer Funk. Trivia About Erich Fromm: His No trivia or quizzes yet. This concept was once brought into German philosophy by way of Schopenhauer, whose philosophy turned very talked-about within the s. Download PDF sample.

Deleuze and Philosophy keeps the spirit of experimentation and invention that includes in Deleuze's paintings and may entice these learning throughout philosophy, social thought, literature and cultural experiences who themselves are searching for new paradigms of thought. Read e-book online Russell The Routledge Philosophers PDF Bertrand Russell — used to be popular as one of many founding figures of "analytic" philosophy, and for his lasting contributions to the examine of common sense, philosophy of language, philosophy of arithmetic and epistemology.

Figuratively speaking the consumers stand at a historic parting of the ways and have not yet decided for saving options. This circumstances are still in need of clarification, since the signs of the crisis are known since the s.

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Consumerism and consumer capitalism can be regarded as two competing concepts, which understand themselves both as critical. Consumerism is sometimes used in an apologetic sense as by Norbert Bolz, who has written the Consumerist Manifesto, which is a praise speech on the consumerism. Bolz refers to the consumerism as the immune system of the world society. If all people experience the healing function of consumption, there would be no fundamentalism and also no terrorism anymore.

Then the world is pacified. Anyway, this is the simple denominator of the restricted and false testimony. But behind it still hides a very special problem that of illusory freedom. The people are compelled to consumerist behavior.

Erich Fromm: His Life and Ideas an Illustrated Biography

The consumer as the object of advertising is constantly suggested, what he still needs for his happiness. In recent decades, consumption has expanded in the post-modern, neoliberal societies. Education and learning as well as health have increasingly been functionalized in terms of the economic utilization and efficiency thinking so that commodified relationships has extended as the basic model of social behavior and consolidated in consciousness.

The development of neoliberal capitalism and the relative arbitrariness of postmodern life fit into the framework of the analytic social psychology of Erich Fromm and his concept of social character and can be examined in this theoretical context.

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In the past studies on consumption and consumer capitalism by Benjamin Barber , Zygmunt Bauman and Justin Lewis show the undiminished importance of the topic. Critique of consumerism mainly concerns the general trend of commoditization and infantilization of the consumer, but also the structure of consumerism as a totalitarian system with global leadership. In his social diagnoses of the capitalist society Erich Fromm has strongly related to the way of life, which is determined in its unproductive variants by alienation, passivity and destructiveness, and in its productive variants by reason, attentiveness, interest and love.

The peculiarity of his social diagnosis is that he turns his attention to the social character of the people as well as to the socio-economic structure of life. Fromm has used the concept of consumerism synonymously with consumer behavior, without working it out systematically. The following features of consumerism are scattered throughout his oeuvre, finally presented in a concise summary in the form of the thesis:.

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The consumerism stands for the socially desirable high consumption overconsumption of goods and services in an economy that needs people whose primary goal and purpose in life is consumption. The world in its wealth is converted to an object of consumption. The consumerism corresponds to a social character, which has a tendency to excessive consumption due to its traits. Its character dynamics drive the consumerist people to change things and people to consumable objects, and turn the whole world to consumer goods.

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Consumerism is rooted in character traits such as envy and greed that lead to a persistent consumption of things and services. There is an urge to eat more and more, to buy more and more, to possess more and more, to use more and more. Consumerism leads to a restricted and alienated experience and view of the world. With the help of the consumption the human comes into contact with the people and things in the world in an alienated way. The alienated consumer reduces the world to objects that suit his desires to use them without finding a deeper interest in them. Consumerism has used sexual liberation to expel the people's attitude of renunciation.

At the same time it has subjected sexual behavior to marketing to increase sexual attractiveness and marketability on the personnel market. Overall, the permissive sexual behavior stimulates the need for consumption directly and indirectly. The current sexual behavior is part of a general consumer behavior" - "The historical development Consumerism leads to a pathogenic syndrome of boredom, chronic depression, fear and powerlessness, coupled with the desire for affiliation by conspicuous consumption, self improvement and image cultivation.

At the same time it weakens the commitment to political action in the community, makes people passive and induces them to a non-binding contact taking that protects against proximity. Consumerism works like a drug, although it does not restrict — in contrast to the abuse of alcohol and other material drugs — neither the fitness for work of the people nor their social obligations in general.

While consumerism only causes a compensatory buying behavior, its increase in compulsive buying is considered as a non-substance-related addiction. Barber, Benjamin, Consumed! Ihre Mythen, ihre Strukturen.

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