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Fremont branch of the Los Angeles Public Library. Call it a literary thriller or call it thrilling literature—Richard Lange is emerging as the master of a new kind of novel: One that delivers breathless, gripping action while anchored in the authentic troubles of the real world. The collection comes out in paperback tomorrow. Boyle in his New York Public Library interview. The story originally appeared in Bull: Mens Fiction No. Also, a short interview with Richard goes up at LitReactor. The titular tale has two roommates seeking renovation. At plus pounds, Troy wants weight loss and fitness, while Dennis, once prosperous but derailed by addictions, seeks normalcy.

Troy loses the weight but dies of a heart attack. Dennis befriends a distraught mother during his Subway night shift, moves up to Best Buy, and is soon a manager, going steadily in what he hopes is the right direction and maybe even renewed contact with his children. He writes of the disaffections and bewilderments of ordinary lives with as keen an anger and searing lyricism as anybody out there today. He is Raymond Carver reborn in a hard cityscape. Read him and be amazed. He portrays the lives of people struggling to survive, with the focus on families, both blood-related and chance-made.

Drug addicts, working folk, and the occasional loner people this collection of skillfully constructed short stories. Saturday, Nov. Stop by and say hey. It will appear in the new collection, Sweet Nothing , out in February. There is also an audio gallery where Richard reads a bit of the story.

Come on down! The stories in Sweet Nothing traffic in the vagaries of the human heart, those wants and needs that push us down dark paths. His vision is steely-eyed, yet you sense that Lange loves his characters—even the worst of them—and that compassion sharpens your own emotional investment in this powerful brace of stories. Swift, gut wrenching, and sometimes cleverly disarming fiction by a master.

Somewhere else. Another life. Richard Lange is one cwazy rabbit. Here's the link to the event. Get it! Includes a story from Sweet Nothing , out in February. And here it is in English. Times Festival of Books at noon on April It also made the year-end list at Daily Grindhouse. Various writers, including Richard, paid tribute to the man in the L. First up, a collection of stories, then a novel. Mulholland U. Times review for Angel Baby. For readers who have already plowed through all the available Don Winslow. You can see a video for one of the song's from the show here.

Be there! She hires Malone, an American who makes a living smuggling Mexicans across the border, to drive her to California. Border Patrol agent. Malone, who is haunted by memories of seeing his own little girl run over by a car, becomes committed to Luz. Unlike most such stories, this book is driven not by greed or revenge but by parenthood, and Lange doesn't subscribe to the usual moral checks and balances.

In all other ways, however, he embraces classic noir in all its violence, bleakness and dark humor. He makes readers care about his flawed characters and appreciate the odds that were stacked against them by the circumstances of their upbringing. Because if you read so much as a single sentence, you will be gripped by its unstoppable force, addicted to the book as if it were a brick of black tar heroin. Happily, perilously plan to lose the next twelve hours of your life.

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The sentences flash like switchblades, the chapters rattle off like gunfire. Her journey to find freedom, redemption and love as she navigates the seediest parts of Mexican border towns leads her into the United States and an uncertain fate that threatens not just her own life, but that of her estranged daughter.

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A forceful read with strong, seedy characters and an attention-grabbing story-line. Dark, true, wild-ass, and un-fucking-put-downable. Richard Lange is a natural-born storyteller. What an excellent novel, both suspenseful and surprisingly moving. Up next: ARCs? It will be out in May Shot by L. Here's a link to a slideshow of this beautiful city. Includes Richard's story "Baby Killer. The fun starts at Scroll down for translation. This time, Le Matin. The price of admission is a modest food donation, which will help stock the local food bank in advance of the Thanksgiving holiday.

There are lots of great writers participating, and it's for a good cause. It takes place in Paris Vincennes, really September Weds, Sept. Support this magazine! It includes Richard's takes on ten great crime films and ten great crime books.

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Richard will be appearing on a panel with James Frey and Jean Rolin. Photo proof below. If you have an iPhone, there's also a free Kindle application for that device. Richard will be appearing on two panels on Sunday. Get it at your local newsstand or order it here. Better yet, subscribe. It's a great mag. Details to come. Richard's story "Must Come Down" will be available there soon. Buy all of this man's books.

Mike Watt is playing at the Joshua Tree Saloon that night, so the fun will go on and on. It's going to be a goodie. A fantastic store. Stop by if you're ever in San Diego. Drop by and say hello. Also appearing will be the poet John Tottenham. Don't miss it! So many friends, old and new. Skylight Books. Los Feliz. This Wicked World. Be there. Come by and get a book signed. Times loves This Wicked World!

Friday, July 10, at pm. Check your local stores! Press the "play" button and wait a few seconds for the video to load. Also, he just received his first copies of This Wicked World , and the book looks great! Also, all you international fashionistas can check Richard out in this month's French Elle. Times ' summer reading list. The book is getting great reviews in France, including a rave in Telerama. Weekly has an interview with Richard and the prologue to This Wicked World. Call for time. Buy all of her books! Weekly's L. There are also all kinds of other events scheduled. This superb debut establishes Richard Lange as a writer to watch.

And second, Richard has been invited to participate in the Etonnants Voyageurs literary festival in Saint Malo, France at the end of May. Thus, it begins Deep sigh of relief. Also, the Word Theatre event Sunday night was fantastic. Kevin Weisman gave a great reading of the first chapter of World. Richard was truly in awe. Doors open at , curtain is at Lots of other actors will be reading from lots of other great books. The Spot is at Overland Ave. The party starts at 7pm, and Richard will go on about 8. Neighborhood bar crawl to follow. Come get a book signed and say hello. It's now displayed on this page.

He goes on at 4pm on Saturday, November 8. Also, he has been working with the translator on the French version of Dead Boys. It contains a brand-new Reading Group Guide with an interview with Richard, a "playlist" for the book and other cool stuff. William D. Gagliani has deftly managed to blend several genres into a powerful mix -- Wolf's Trap is one part horror tale, one part police procedural, one part chase-thriller, and one part classic rock musical!

The author had me from the get-go. What a ride! Gagliani explores his characters' inner wounds and outward violence with equal, gut-wrenching effectiveness. The drama continues to build muscle as it gallops toward a no-holds barred finale. Wolf's Trap catches you by the throat and shakes your senses hard.

If there were any justice in the world, the novel would be on the New York Times Bestsellers list. Highly recommended. Gagliani imbues it with hard-edged wit and a wonderful detective-noir intensity worthy of Raymond Chandler. This werewolf novel will grab you by the scruff of the neck and shake you till you see stars!

Cacek's Canyons as one of the best werewolf novels of the last ten years.

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In the past year or so at least 20 excellent young writers have begun publishing short story collections and novels in the dark fiction field, indicating the field is healthy indeed. With Wolf's Trap, William Gagliani demonstrates that he is definitely one of the top members of this group. I recommend his book with no reservations.

On the surface it's a taut, beautifully-crafted hybrid genre piece, a werewolf police procedural, but underneath the surface it's a rich psychological suspense story that resonates in all sorts of weird, fascinating ways. Nick Lupo is a brilliant creation in the noir-fantasy universe! Part horror tale, part crime novel, this is first-rate entertainment that will keep you reading deep into the moonlit night. There have been a few exceptions but for the most part werewolf novels seem content to follow pretty much the same pattern every time. William Gagliani varies it sufficiently here to have held my interest in his suspenseful story that mixes serial murder with werewolves.

The action also alternates between the wilderness and the less reputable parts of a big city, which is another kind of wilderness. He does a good job of making us care about his protagonist, and the twist — which I won't tell you about — is clever enough to keep you guessing until the end. Another small press title worth chasing down. Well-developed characters, crisp prose, engaging subplots, Wolf's Trap is the perfect read for those who crave cross-genre works.

Combining crime fiction with supernatural horror fiction, Wolf's Trap brought me back to the reason why I love a good scary read in the first place: it kept me enthralled with bated breath, turning the pages! Gonzalez, author of Shapeshifter, Clickers, and Maternal Instinct "Cops, werewolves, serial killers, violence, and sex! You get it all! I had a ball with it. Well written, and well paced, the horrors in Wolf's Trap are balanced by a delicious sexual tension that flows through it like an underground river of lava.

This book flows hot, and ends with a big red bang. Recommended to anyone who likes their horror hot, wet and just a little bit nasty. William Gagliani's careful attention to the nature of humanity, and inhumanity, sets up a story that prowls through genres while staying true to the realities of action and consequence.

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  6. A fine addition to the lycanthropic literary canon. Gagliani writes of monsters -- the kind that haunted our nightmares as children and the all-too-human predator who looks 'just like us. Shall I say it was a 'howling' good read? Cacek, Author of Canyons "Bill Gagliani's Wolf's Trap blends all the elements of a cross-genre novel -- plot, character, setting, conflict and opposition so seamlessly and with such a haunting prose it made me feel every character -- from Nick Lupo to the lowest degenerate on earth -- is real and made of flesh.

    Wolf's Trap pounces and I was caught in the jaws of the trap and could not escape until I finished page last. Walker, Author of the highly acclaimed Instinct and Edge Series "A top-notch lunar-challenged hero, a villain bent on painful revenge, a deliciously developed plot. I read the last half in one sitting on, appropriately, a night with a full moon. Konrath, Author of Whiskey Sour "Wolf's Trap delivers plenty of sex and violence, as all good werewolf books should.

    Werewolf fans should be more than pleased with this solid effort. Bill Gagliani is my main man. Can't wait for his next. Luckily, the book lives up to its name, and delivers on both the noir-ish feeling of some of the yarns, to the outright insanity and action that accompany the rest.

    Gagliani, as you well know, is a master wordsmith capable of bending words to his will. Benton, a newcomer to this reader, is obviously on par, holding his own and then some. The direction that these two take with these tales is not easily defined, as they jump from Dark and Sinister, to Erotic, over to a black-tinged humor, on to straight-up procedural, and then back again. Gagliani and Benton are a writing team made in horror heaven.

    Gagliani fix at a low price. Stine, and many more.

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    Much more than an anthology, Thrillers: Must-Reads goes deep inside the most notable thrillers published over the centuries. Through lively, spirited, and thoughtful essays that examine each work's significance, impact, and influence, Thrillers: Must-Reads provides both historical and personal perspective on those spellbinding works that have kept readers on the edge of their seats for centuries. Lyle H. Sullivan James M. Montgomery John D. Diane Vogt R. Gagliani, coming August 15, , from Deadite Press! But something keeps him from shifting into wolf form, making him unable to heal.

    New Mafia boss Joe Rabbioso is after Lupo, seeking his very brutal form of revenge, and he thinks he has Lupo on the ropes. Nick has a lot to deal with—but only if he can manage to heal his wounded body first! Wolf's Blind But what will he find when he reaches South America? And can he first survive a long sea voyage with desperate werewolves aboard? Or is there an even more dangerous creature? Clear, concise storytelling allows the reader to easily associate with what I can honestly say is one of horror fiction's most likeable leading men…or should I say leading wolves?

    You do not have to read the previous five books in the series to enjoy Wolf's Blind…but you will want to after reading this incredible offering of cross-genre fiction.

    Wolf's Deal Is here! My fourth Christmas tale, published late December ! Wolf's Cut Nick Lupo 5. Gagliani available now for the Kindle only! Let loose the Graken! Heretofore published only in the UK, now available for Kindle. Wolf's Trap It takes a beast to catch a killer! Nick Lupo is a good cop—with the instincts of a great detective…or maybe a wolf. See below for book description and review clips. Wolf's Edge. The trade paperback was available as of January ! From the back cover:Can one werewolf stop a pack of super-wolves? Nick Lupo is a homicide cop with a difference.

    It also means he has some very powerful enemies. Wolfpaw Security Services is a mercenary organization that wants Lupo dead. Can one wolf—even a fierce beast like Lupo—face the fangs and claws of a pack of these killers and hope to survive?