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For those looking for more bass extension and higher SPL, the offers the perfect blend of size and performance.

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The flagship of the range, and the model that has already redefined nearfield studio monitoring. Hearing is believing. Sound On Sound reviewed The Ones and monitors. I can work solidly for 12 or 13 hours without feeling any fatigue.

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The presentation is very open, and the directionality is superb. They make my listening environment so much better. Book a Demo. With uncoloured, detailed imaging and incredible off-axis responses, we allow you to monitor with total confidence, hour after hour.

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And thanks to the ever evolving GLM setup application, we can adapt to even the most challenging of environments. I tend to speak the way I write formal, generally grammatical correct, and, I've been told, in difficult vocabulary.

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Most people write like they speak, though. There's no rule that forbids anyone from using the ones when talking about people. I generally like girls in their late teens and early twenties, but the ones who belong to Chi Omega Tau are too poor to consider for marriage, the ones who belong to Phi Phi Phi, too intelligent to consider for a fun date, and the ones who belong to Zeta Beta Gamma, too muscular to consider for tennis opponents.

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Here's a blog titled The Ones to Watch. It's all about people, not videos or trains or enemy planes. Whereas "those" is best used when things or individuals share something in common and are members of or being united in one or the same group. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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Ask Question. I recently corrected "ghettos, such as the ones found HellishHeat HellishHeat 1 1 gold badge 3 3 silver badges 11 11 bronze badges.

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I'd say those is correct because you are referring to people groups. They're both correct. The restriction in Fr0zenFyr's comment applies to actual persons, not objects or collectives - though one has to avoid ambiguity when referring to people-groups! There is perhaps a nuance of pre-referencing in the ones not hinted at by those - "We came across many ghettos during our investigation.

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Some were beyond description, such as the ones They're both grammatically and semantically correct. They differ in style and register.

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Nice answer. I googled your example "I generally like girls It sounds like Woody Allen. Is it? HellishHeat: Thank you for the compliment, but the example is pure Bill Franke.