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Bob Dylan fans, rejoice! No, really. Missed her relatable but unattainably attractive woman-next-door schtick? While most of us weren't actually present at the festival to witness her performance, we can now upgrade from shaky social media coverage to Netflix's latest documentary drop, Homecoming.

Already in awe of her unwavering talents? Wait until you see this.

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  • Naming all those lords at the Great Council in Game of Thrones' final episode;

This documentary already has a lot of hype and it hasn't even been released yet. Knock Down The House traces the development of one of the most shocking political upsets in recent US history. Following the perspectives of four determined women — including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez — it details their challenges to big-money politicians in the race for Congress.

Building a movement with unparalleled levels of drive, it's safe to say this journey changed their lives — and the lives of many other Americans — forever. For an authentic insight into the volatility of American politics, this is the place to go. You know a film is well received when it triggers a challenge all over Twitter.

The global success of Birdbox caused people to challenge themselves with action tasks — blindfolded. It was in keeping with the film, which follows the story of Sandra Bullock and her family fighting for survival when an army of sight-stealing creatures take over the planet. It's a bit of an action film and a bit of a horror, but one thing's certain: it will keep you on the edge of your seat.

All of the female Time Lords in Doctor Who

We won't judge you if you cover your eyes with a pillow or two. Netflix are really pushing those end of the world style films lately. While Birdbox relays an attack from creatures attracted to sight, The Silence relays a takeover from creatures attracted to sound. Shipka's character has an advantage in the attack; she lost her hearing at the age of 13 and so her other senses are powerfully heightened. But that only serves to attract the attention of a dark cult, a group of sinister individuals who wish to exploit her abilities.

It's a tense watch and a good option for your Saturday evening. There's something calming about watching nature footage, even when it turns macabre, and especially when it's discussed by Sir David Attenborough — narrative master of the recently released series Our Planet. Through a combination of stunning photography and video footage, the show explores the unique wonders of our world. Six hundred people were involved in its making, so you can only imagine the levels of impressive sights on offer.

Naming all those lords at the Great Council in Game of Thrones' final episode

Those curious about nature basically all of us , will find great comfort in every episode. The buzz for recently released film Us stemmed from the success of Jordan Peele's previous horror behemoth Get Out. Offering an eerie commentary on the current state of race relations in Western society, you could actually argue that Get Out is among the most important horror films ever made.

It follows the story of a young man, whose healthy relationship with his girlfriend is disturbed to say the least when he meets her family. Blending scare with satire, it's an intellectual take on the typical terror-based movie — and must be watched with the curtains closed.

It's based on the true story of the Malawian engineer William Kamkwamba, who, aged 13, built a wind turbine to power his village after a famine left his family unable to continue paying for his education. Good things come to those who wait, right? Directed by Jackass cocreator and director Jeff Tremaine, The Dirt is a film that has ample sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. Brace yourself. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

While you patiently wait for the next series of Black Mirror , this new Netflix original from France should be able to satisfy your craving for sci-fi programming that makes you terrified of both technology and the future.

The very best Netflix watches in July (goodbye, social life)

Set in Paris, it follows a group of singles who have agreed to take part in a new dating service that reads their memories to match them with a soulmate. It sounds like a revolutionary idea, but from the looks of the trailer, it only seems to reaffirm that the path to true love is never easy. Unlike Riverdale 's freeform nature, Sabrina is based on a critically acclaimed comic from and has a far tighter world and lore. The show is unbearably camp, full of ludicrous set pieces, beautiful people and cult Commonwealth actors: look out for Lucy Davis from The Office , Miranda Otto from Lord Of The Rings , Richard Coyle from Coupling and — most importantly — comedy genius Michelle Gomez getting to play the ultimate vamp with just a dash of Sue White.

Perfect for your next late night binge. True crime fanatics rejoice, this is your new go-to. From India to South Carolina, Italy to right here in the UK, the programme's sixth series promises to deliver even more mouth-watering dishes, captured by stunning cinematography that will have you reaching for your Deliveroo app within your first five minutes of watching.

Hell-bent on punishing the rest of the world for his own lack of luck, he nurses his grief by moping around being as awful as possible to those around him. Do you ever feel yourself becoming bored with the same old reality TV drama? Maybe you can't keep up with Keeping Up With the Kardashians , are no longer shocked by anything Ramona Singer says on Real Housewives , or are unimpressed with Chip and Joanna's ability to cover everything in shiplap. Whatever the reason behind your fatigue, the perfect cure may be just across the pond.

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If you haven't tapped into the absolute goldmine that is British reality television, some of the following shows make season one of Jersey Shore seem tame. Here are 25 British reality shows you must watch immediately. Amateur bakers compete to impress the judges, and there's not much else to say, other than it's as sweet as lemon tartlets! Stream It.

Do you ever just feel like Bachelor in Paradise could be Enter Love Island , the British reality show in which contestants, called Islanders, live in a Mediterranean villa and date competitively. Each week, they partner up to stay in the game. New people are added as the show goes on, and whoever is still solo at the end of a "re-coupling" gets sent home.

While we're on the topic of Pratts making random appearances on overseas TV shows The CBB house has also had its fair share of controversies over the years, and was even suspended for a season in as a result. You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get after binging a few episodes of Queer Eye? Yeah, this show does NOT have that.

An On-Air Intervention with a 17-Year-Old Meth Addict - The Oprah Winfrey Show - OWN

Again, proof that the Brits crush reality TV. Ex on the Beach is an MTV series in which a group of hotties take a vacation in paradise and then are totally shocked when their exes show up, either looking for another chance or seeking revenge. They must know, right? HOW is this allowed? Just Tattoo of Us has friends, couples, or family members design tattoos for one another. While both parties will get some free ink, they don't have any say in what the design will be, which leads to some pretty insane reactions.

A group of mildly famous stars are dropped in the middle of the jungle and forced to do stuff like eat bugs and partake in tough physical tasks. The cool thing is, celebrities actually get to choose a charity to donate money to as a compensation for being on the show. They get paid, too, though.

Don't be fooled. Then again, did anyone actually ever know what our favorite guidos and guidettes were saying? Not really, so the viewing experience should actually feel quite similar. In April , PBS rebroadcast the entire original series in a marathon format on many of its member stations, before the release of the HBO film Cinema Verite , based on the series. On July 7, , most PBS stations presented An American Family: Anniversary Edition , a two-hour film by Alan and Susan Raymond that featured selected moments from the documentary series, in tribute to the 40 years since the series began filming in It was subsequently released on DVD.

An American Family episode nine end-credits; rerun airdate April 24, , 7 a. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the rock band, see The Loud Family. For other uses, see American Family. Front, from left: Michele, Pat and Bill. The Independent. April 4, Retrieved University of Minnesota Press.

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