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They hold the mirror. Eles seguram o espelho. For you to swallow. Your pride and honour. And there they are staring at you everywhere. You go! They are in your head, you are overpowered,. They are there like worms eating your guts. Can you stop the clocks? Tick, tick, tock, in your. Stop the spinning of the psycho circus in my mind! They are the voice of the conscience,. The voice of attrition,.

Whispers in your prison. They are there all the time. Until you find expiation of your evil deeds! Reportar un problema. Last activities. Last edit by Caroline Harrop. These weeks have been intense, meetiNG Art Chiado has received a lot of visits, as is the end of Stock OFF and perhaps this is why art lovers passing through Lisbon , want to visit and get in touch with the work of Natalia Gromicho. My first experience as a curator was very interesting, Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition was the first International exhibition that i collaborated in October last year.

The contact with the artists, sharing experiences, exchanging ideas was very enriching for me as an artist, and as a person. All the work behind the exhibition is magical, very intense, a lot of work to organize but the result is always very positive. We will be receiving artists from Brazil , Mexico , USA , Portugal , France and Spain, as their embassies, it is very important to me that embassies support the artists , so that they feel encouraged to continue the artistic journey.

For all readers of this article, I invite to visit Lisbon, visit Chiado on 1st February to Downtown Chiado, in Meeting Art Gallery and bring your taste for art and let yourself be carried away by magic.

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Hot inspiration, try to save the enthusiasm. Is really cold, the sea is very chopped and there are risks of death everywhere. With all this I still have some ideas for my works. Winter has its natural beauty, but the danger is always lurking, as is the beautiful and the ugly, as safety and danger, a natural polarity. Music has always been and will be my great inspiration, even in frigid days like today.

To begin, I will start painting the string instruments such as the piano, the contrabass is in itself works of art for its beauty and sound them out. Then follow the battery and all who come from my soul to the canvas. I call your attention, all instruments are with the marks of time, Its my tribute to the music, that inspired me all my life. Bach is and will be my inspiration, I love the Baroque period! The Harpsichord is next and then came the others, and others….

Paulo Neto is the owner of the shop, and as invite me, to be the first artist to associate wine to the art, that in some way is the same because wine is also a art. After this year, the first in Lisbon based, Chiado gave me the visibility I ever wanted, I feel that there are people who understand what I do, to me is an achievement of life and motivation to continue, doing my work.

This next year,, is a year of great change, a lot of work is coming, besides all international exhibitions to come, which i must say they are very important, like in the U. I wish a happy New year to all Yareah readers. Nelson Mandela said his country was a rainbow. This is the principle of equality, the end of all wars. This star shines brighter in the sky, Mandela is still sending his hope against inequality, inhumanity.

This inspired me, I painted a canvas and I was invited to show the work it in a window of a neighboring Fine art shop, very near for my gallery, meetiNG Art Gallery in Chiado. On the canvas, all colors are represented, symbolizing humanity, the planet. Christmas came to Chiado, meetiNG art as received this week, a young man of 19 years old with his allowance, invested in my work.

Bought a painting for him, one for her sister and finally one for the family, wanting with this, that her younger sister started her taste for art. Tomas, his name. Thank you!

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See you soon for more art acquired at meetiNG Art Gallery, where all people have access to the art, in Chiado. Here is the first article, available every Thursday! Congratulations Natalia Gromicho". Chiado by this time, smells like Christmas. The price range is very wide, to make the artworks accessible to all, that is the motto of the gallery.

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Christmas is approaching and more people may still choose the perfect gift. A work of art is priceless! Stock Off is the opportunity. The music is my greatest inspiration. Click here to see photos of the event. A special thanks to Margarida Cunha.

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Always sexually enslaved. Rape happens mainly be in less developed countries, where women are treated like animals. Stop this crime! It's a shame. Very honored to announce my participation in Human Rights , international exhibition curated by Roberto Ronca. Vernissage will take place 10th August. Click on the image to see the all article. Here is the article on the Wall Street International.

Click here to see the original article. Co, de Lisboa. Next exhibition media Coverage of Adelaide Fringe Festival.

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Thanks Cass you are the one! Colour and shape appear in most of her works, but also as a form of surrealism to show an incoherent reality, which is also present in her pictorial works. Gromicho, through the human figure, aims to teach the concerns, issues and reflections which happen to every human being in their immediate surroundings. They are not always pleasant scenes, as the appearing protagonists, at some point show hostile and aggressive postures.

In contrast, if we look at the primal position, the Portuguese artist has an attitude more expectant, as though, the animals are observing our movements. The colour indicates the intangibility of their proposals, since they are not real shades at all, but rather appeal more to the expressionist idea of colour, from which the most intimate feelings are reflected in all its magnitude.

Also, the female nudes, who star in some of her works, are more reminiscent of the mannequins we see in a fashion showcase, not animated beings, approaching the metaphysical world of De Chirico or surreal Wifredo Lam. The chrome background with primary hues, are balanced against the white of naked bodies, indicating that the artist is more interested in protecting the most intimate aspects of human beings. As for the part where abstraction takes preference, we see the real Natalia Gromicho, in her most raw state, because her intention is to express herself with the most freedom, without too many considerations and ensuring that her proposals comply more with a European, expressionist style, rather than to action painting.

Here is the official flyer of "Human Being", individual exhibition in Australia, curated by Cassandra Scalzi the Exhibitionist Gallery 22nd February Here is the Fringe Festival Catalog, where is my next exhibition Australia. See Vernissage photos here. Here it is the exhibition photos, press material. Human Rights Trento, Italy. See all the Vernissage photos, click here. Also some vernissage photos, check it out. See the photos here.

Interview in local Radio Onda Viva. Portuguese Version. First "Esquisite by Triplic'Arte - Live performence. See all the vernissage photos here. Its now available the article about my work the Portuguese National newspaper Impresso. Jun , now in English. Natalia Gromicho - artist from Portugal. Today we would like to introduce you a very interesting , unusual, expressive artist who lives in Portugal.

Natalia Gromicho regularly participates in exhibitions and open to new creative projects. This is indicated by the facts:. Natalia has a busy schedule of creative , in the year spends about 10 exhibitions.

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A new exhibition of the artist was held on June 2 and will run until 30 June this year.