Guide Labyrinth Design and the Energy of its Geometry

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Labyrinths: Walking a Spiral Path

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to explore the psychologically transforming effects of walking a labyrinth, which is an ancient symbol of transformation. This study explores its history, resurgence, current uses, and discusses the psychological benefits associated with its use. I examine my continually deepening relationship with the labyrinth and include interviews with labyrinth experts and questionnaire response on the labyrinth-walking experience.

My method of research encompasses techniques from two transpersonal approaches of inquiry: heuristic and depth. Through the heuristic method, I engaged in a self-searching investigation into the effects of labyrinth-walking on my life, using a process of total immersion into my experiences with the labyrinth.

The Labyrinth - Shematrix

To determine the effects of the labyrinth on the lives of others, I interviewed four people who are regarded as experts on the labyrinth I facilitated labyrinth walks for small groups and received questionnaire responses from the participants exploring their experiences. Woven into my research are depth inquiry techniques of dream work and active imagination with dream images.

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I found through my research that the labyrinth does indeed have unique transformative power. The labyrinth, a twisting, turning spiral path leading to a central point, offers a direct experience of the energy of the spiral. Labyrinth designs appear throughout human history, sewn into basketry, etched on cliff walls, and built into the floors of cathedrals.

Labyrinths create a sacred space where time slows down and the potential for growth and change is palpable. Walking a labyrinth is a metaphor for life—the path shifts in unexpected ways, sometimes diverting you from your goal, but ultimately leading you to the center.

Labyrinth as a sacred geometry

Unlike a maze, there are no dead-ends and you can't get lost. The labyrinth is a powerful meditation tool, helping to quiet the mind and allowing time for personal reflection.

Labyrinth or Maze?

As your fingers or feet trace the path toward the center, you are drawn deeper into yourself, toward your own center; as you trace the path back out, you emerge with new-found clarity and connection to your true self. In addition to its spiral nature, other geometric and numerological elements can shape a labyrinth's character and energetic influence.

Le Senda Labyrinth: Journey Within

Following is a few notable examples, both ancient and modern, of the sacred geometry of labyrinth designs. This ancient seven-circuit labyrinth so called because the path creates seven concentric rings around the center is rich with symbolism. It draws on the mystical quality of the 7, a number of transformation and vision. In medieval times, the seven circuits were seen to correspond to the seven visible planets, and a walk in the labyrinth was a cosmic journey through the heavens.

The seven circuits can also be seen to represent the days of the week, the chakras, colors, or musical tones.

A Guide To Walking the Labyrinth

Meditating on these correlations while walking the labyrinth can deeply enrich the experience. The picture above is of a Classical labyrinth carved in a rock wall near Tintagel castle, Cornwall, England. The eleven-circuit labyrinth built into the floor of Chartres cathedral uses the power of the number 11 to bring spiritual guidance and illumination.

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  • Labyrinths: Walking a Spiral Path;
  • The six-petaled flower at the center adds balance and harmony to the still point of the walk. The path of this labyrinth does not stop in the center, instead moving through it in a continuous spiral. This, coupled with the asymmetry of the design, gives it a more organic quality, encouraging flow and easeful change. The Unity Labyrinth at the Labyrinth House in Portland, OR, is a beautiful example of incorporating sacred geometry elements into a labyrinth design to bring forth a certain intention.

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    It was created to represent and facilitate the coming together of two energies, whether two people, two ideas, or two aspects of self, and soon after its installation became the sacred space for the marriage ceremony of its owner, Paula Hills Starr. Two entrances lead to two paths that meander independently until meeting at a vesica design in the center.