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Reading quickly is a very important skill if you want to get a high score on a test. Our graded reader series was designed on the premise that reading should be FUN! For this reason, when creating our graded readers and stories, we consult language learners. We have found that what learners want to read and what teachers want learners to read are often rather different.

Our original, modern fiction titles cover genres from romance and comedy, to mystery and suspense.

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Our selection of non-fiction titles features true stories on contemporary issues, including dating and working. Our graded readers stress dialogue rather than description, helping learners to absorb language and phrases that they can actually use.

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They feature stories in a variety of settings and countries, and expose the reader to a range of stories, cultures and ideas. Key features of our graded readers. Written by experienced language teachers and linguists. Learner centered — Our graded readers are written with the learner in mind, emphasizing the fun rather than the academic aspect of graded reading.

We consult with learners when creating the books. Useful dialogue — Characters engage in everyday conversations, giving the reader ample exposure to useful everyday language. Grammar graded to CEFR levels. New titles released every month.

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Our levels. Choosing the most appropriate level. To find the best level for you, download a free sample of the book you are interested in. If you cannot read it comfortably without a dictionary, choose an easier level. Where to Buy. Our readers are available for purchase in the following stores.

Stella and Chris run a small private hotel on an isolated beach. One week, ten guests come to stay. Everything is going well until there is a terrible storm which traps the people in the hotel. Then, one of the guests is murdered…. Wei Liu is a student from China. He studies English in New York.

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He has a part-time job in a hotel. One day, he finds a diamond necklace in the tissue box in a hotel room. Whose necklace is it? Why is it in the tissue box? What is inside the box? MM Publications Graded Readers provide learners from Beginner to Upper-Intermediate level with enjoyable reading material, while helping them to develop a variety of language skills.

Delightful characters and exciting adventures provide the inspiration for our classic and contemporary stories. Each story consists of 10 - 13 chapters. Wonderful full-colour illustrations, closely integrated with the text, stimulate learners and facilitate understanding. The Table, the Ass and the Stick The main characters in this amusing fairy tale are a carpenter, his three sons and a naughty goat that has difficulty telling the truth.

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Their adventures in the world until they are eventually reconciled with their father make a very entertaining story. The Wizard of Oz This famous fairy tale follows the adventures of Dorothy and her dog, Toto, who are carried away by a twister to the magical land of Oz. In order to return home to Kansas, Dorothy embarks on a dangerous journey to the Emerald City to find the Wizard of Oz.

Along the way Dorothy befriends the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the Lion, who join her on a journey in a strange land where appearances can be misleading. Beauty and the Beast This moving tale of love and devotion tells the story of a rich man and his family.

He loves all his children but his youngest child is so pretty that everyone simply calls her Beauty. Unfortunately, the father loses his fortune and travels across the world in the hope of saving his family. Read and discover all about their wonderful friendship and the surprising end of their story. The Magic Ring In this highly entertaining story, three children come upon an enchanted castle and a beautiful princess, who is not what she appears to be.

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Disappearing jewels, magic acts and a robbery are just some of the highlights of the story that make it really thrilling. White Fang White Fang is a wolf-dog growing up in the cold wilderness of the Canadian North, often facing hunger and the dangers of living in the wild.

Learn English through story Beauty and the Beast (level 1)

When he starts keeping company with humans, he finds out that it is possible to suffer even more. He becomes fierce and violent to defend himself, and he nearly loses his life in a battle for survival. Readers will join him on his adventures to find out how kindness and care can change the angriest creature into the most loyal companion. The Canterville Ghost In this story, set in Victorian England, a wicked old ghost tries in vain to terrify an American family who have settled in his house.

The reader will be highly entertained and moved throughout the book by discovering how the ghost is defeated, befriended and eventually laid to rest. The Mysterious Island A four-year adventure begins when five men and a dog escape the American Civil War in a balloon.

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They find themselves on an unmapped island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean and start a new life there. Numerous dangers are at hand: the wild nature of the island, extreme weather conditions, and even pirates and an active volcano! Will the men survive this challenge? Can anyone help them get home again?

Read this classic story of courage, companionship and hope and join the heroes on their adventures. The women face many dangers but they have Hawk-eye and his two Mohican friends to help them. Readers will join Cora and Alice on a journey of self-discovery and adventure through the wild country of North America. Excalibur The story is set in war-ravaged England a long time ago. These are hard times, though, and the young king needs the magician Merlin and the magic sword, Excalibur, to fight against evil. Read the story and discover if Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table can win and make England a safe place for everyone to live in.

Great Expectations In this classic Dickensian story, the life of an orphan boy named Pip is forever changed by his encounter with a convict, his acquaintance with the mysterious Miss Havisham, his great love for Estella and the unexpected help of an unknown benefactor. Readers will be highly moved by joining Pip through his hard journey of great expectations.

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Join them on this wonderful journey of courage, persistence and discovery and find out whether they will be able to locate Captain Grant. Frankenstein Victor Frankenstein works day and night to create his monster, thinking it will be a great advance in the scientific field. However, his creation only brings about sadness and death.

This classic tale of a monstrous creation is sure to thrill and fascinate readers. The Phantom of the Opera The beautiful Christine Daae becomes an overnight success at the famous Paris Opera; yet, behind her success lies a mystery. The Opera house is haunted and the ghost is in love with Christine. Can a tragedy be averted? Can love make the difference and save everyone? Read this tale of adventure, trust and hope and discover the answer for yourself. Dracula proves to be purely evil and casts his spell over Jonathan and his loved ones.

Illness, death, pain and sorrow follow. Only Dr. Van Helsing thinks he knows what to do, but will he and his trusted friends be able to outwit the wicked Dracula? A classic horror story that is sure to fascinate readers with its mystery and suspense. The Picture of Dorian Gray When the handsome Dorian Gray has his portrait painted, he jokes that it is unfair for him to grow old and the portrait to stay young.