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In order to grow successfully into leadership roles, it is most helpful for executives to have thought deeply about the challenges inherent in the position and to feel a sense of enthusiasm as a result. In short, some see themselves as leaders, and indeed acted as leaders, long before they were appointed to leadership roles. In other words, believing in being a leader is key to becoming a leader. So why do people in general — and future leaders in particular — need to be careful what they wish for?

For many of us, our various ambitions and our drive for success in life can stem from a variety of seeds or origins, and we may not always appreciate whether these motivations are helpful or destructive. More money and higher status are obvious drivers, but we can all also be motivated by wanting to please our parents, to show off to friends, or to fill a gap elsewhere in our lives. Ambitions — can stem from a variety of seeds or origins — not always helpful, some even destructive. Many executives may feel there is only one acceptable answer to the question of what they want to do next: further promotion.

They may fear that revealing the truth might mean losing status, losing influence within the organization — and perhaps even losing their jobs. Second, some may be wary of asking the question in the first place. Quite likely they have already achieved considerable advancement and status. Some individuals, meanwhile, are just not very self-reflective by nature. They may struggle to see the point of asking the question at all.

To use a military analogy, companies are able to offer promotion through the ranks but they rarely have the ability to award medals. As a result, various factors need to be in place in order to explore this topic effectively with executives. Second, it is often more effective to have these conversations with an external coach and trusted advisor — someone who can provide an objective standpoint and some distance from the standard supervisor-subordinate relationship.

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Third, it takes time. This conversation is unlikely to be done and dusted in half an hour: it may take a number of discussions over many months to help an individual understand their true sense of identity. Yet such conversations can have a huge impact on the executive concerned: being fully aware of how they view themselves — in terms of personal values, appropriate actions and role behaviors — is the key to a centered feeling of personal stability and authenticity.

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How persuasive and credible they are, how effectively they perform and their personal sense of fulfillment all depend on the close alignment of their role and their personality. Assessing this alignment is by no means an easy journey, but it can be a very fruitful one when it addresses deeply personal questions such as:.

What enhances my self-esteem — and what undermines it? How do I feel in my role, from an emotional perspective?

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What can I learn from this? When do I find myself feeling hurt? When do I feel appreciated or nurtured? To what extent am I able to express my feelings? What stops me doing that? What regrets do I have? What should I have been doing differently? What is there in my current role that I dislike, but put up with? Will that also feature in my next role? For real. Too bad Sam wasn't careful what she wished for.

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Because her wishes are coming true. And they're turning her life into a living nightmare! Samantha "Sam" Byrd is both tall and clumsy. For these reasons, Sam is the subject of teasing from her peers, especially Judith Bellwood. During math class, Judith trips Samantha. During Home Ec class, Judith spills tapioca pudding onto Samantha's shoes, initiating a fight between the two girls.

Since Sam is a part of the girls' basketball team, she takes part in a scrimmage later in the day, but she is kneed by Judith during the game. As Samantha begins biking home, but she is stopped by a mysterious woman. The woman says that she is lost. Samantha agrees to give the woman guidance to find her destination.

The woman introduces herself as Clarissa , the Crystal Woman. When the two make it to their destination, the woman insists that Samantha deserves some repayment for her good deeds. The woman offers Samantha three wishes. Samantha is skeptical, but she feels that she needs to play along with the woman. Sam wishes to be the strongest player on her basketball team, and the strange woman leaves. Samantha goes home, and she plays basketball with her brother, Ron.

Much to her disappointment, Sam finds that her basketball skills had not improved. The next day, Samantha's middle school has a basketball match against another middle school. During the game, Sam finds that all of her teammates are playing horribly. Her wish had come true but not in the way she intended.

The following day, Judith and Anna are absent from school. Sam blames herself, worrying that she may be the one who caused the girls to become sickly. Later in the day, Sam decides to call Judith. Judith accuses Sam of casting a spell on the basketball team.

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