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The X-Men are not prominently involved in this event. Infinity War are collected in paperback , which also includes Warlock and the Infinity Watch and, possibly a brief story from Marvel Comics Presents Infinity War Crossovers Vol. The contents of the five books focused on Infinity Gauntlet are covered above. The box also includes three additional books covering Infinity Crusade, the contents of which are covered in their sections below. The main story of this crossover alternated between the titular limited series, Warlock and the Infinity Watch, and Warlock Chronicles.

The contents of the five books focused on Infinity Gauntlet and four books covering Infinity War are listed above.

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Infinity Crusade Crossovers Vol. This innovative crossover was not truly line-wide, but it interrupted the monthly run of all X-titles to replace them with four months of tightly-coordinated alternate-reality versions of themselves. While non-X characters appeared throughout the tale, the crossover did not have any effects or tie-ins with non-X titles.

Characters: Every X-Men active as of is represented in the initial run of the story save for Psylocke. Wolverine, Jean Grey. Magneto, and Sabretooth all appear very prominently. Appearances of non-X characters are largely limited to a pair of X-Universe tie-ins. AOA was reprinted in trades again starting in , but with different contents than the last set of trades! Capitalizing on five years of accumulated hints across the X-Men titles, this long-simmering plot exploded to threaten the entire Marvel Universe and resulted in the cancellation of the entire Avengers and Fantastic Four lines of titles, all of which would see relaunch in their own separate continuity.

Onslaught consisted of two framing issues bearing the Onslaught title, a direct crossover in a core of X-Men books and Fantastic Four, and outlying tie-in issues in the X-Men, Avengers, and Spider-Man lines. Characters: Though this event began in the X-Men line, it is a true line-wide event that touched nearly every ongoing title although, Spider-Man is involved only glancingly. The Fantastic Four play a significant role, and the Avengers figure heavily into the climax. There have been three different printed sequences of Onslaught collections, presented below with their associated issue ranges.

However, it adds X-Force 55, which was not collected in paperback. I checked these ranges with the actual books open in front of me — many other sites have them listed incorrectly. This more sprawling version is no longer in print. I do not own these volumes, so I cannot verify their contents or order. As a result of Onslaught, the Avengers and Fantastic Four lines splintered into their own pocket universe for a year before returning to the main Marvel timeline and a series of newly relaunched titles, with high-profile creators like Jim Lee and Rob Liefield.

Doom and Enchantress are major foes. This mini-series followed up on the original Marvel event by offering one-on-one battles with fan-voted outcomes. Contest of Champions II are collected in trade paperback. Sounds reasonable, right? The main plot of the crossover is driven by a one-shot and subsequent three-issue mini-series, but the action spills into all of the Avengers and X-Men ongoing titles.

Marvel, Silver Surfer, Gambit, Bishop. This continues the Jim Starlin penned saga of the anti-hero Thanos, yet it is a mere mini-series — not a true line-wide event.

Thanos next appears in his own series, collected as Thanos: Redemption. The Avengers, having just merged back into the original numbering of their first volume of release, are briskly deconstructed at the hands of writer Brian M. Bendis and the fractured psyche of The Scarlet Witch. This indirect crossover was centered in The Avengers, though its effects were felt throughout the entire Avengers line of titles.

Though the Disassembled tag also affects Spider-Man and Fantastic Four, their crises do not directly tie into the main Avengers storyline in the main book and the titles of its three biggest heroes. Though this saga does not touch the X-Men, it can viewed as an extended prologue to the upcoming House of M crossover. Characters: Very nearly every Avenger ever! Strange, She-Hulk, and Hawkeye. Additionally, there are a pair of contemporaneous volumes that are fringe tie-ins to the main story:.

This Brian M. Bendis-penned Avengers-centric mini pits heroes against super-villains who have received a massive technology upgrade from a mysterious benefactor. Due to many delays in publication, this five-issue limited series stretched across two years. Fantastic Four also makes a limited appearance.

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Marvel replicates the execution of Age of Apocalypse across nearly its entire line of titles by plunging the entire Marvel Universe into an alternate reality at the hands of the Scarlet Witch. The main story takes place in an eight-issue limited series, with the alternate lives of various heroes playing out in their own titles if their creators chose to play along — participation was optional.

Both the X-Men and the Avengers would feel the far-ranging impact of this event.

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However, due to its status as an alternate reality story, none of the contents of the event itself directly impact the world aside from the final words spoken by Scarlet Witch. Some characters do gain new motivation from a glimpse at their alternate selves — especially Wolverine and Ms. Magneto, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver. House of M are collected in hardcover and paperback.

Additional tie-in issues were recently consolidated into a series of three oversized hardcovers, which are highly recommended for ease-of-collection. New Avengers, Vol.

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A wave of terror sweeps across the galaxy from where space meets the Negative Zone. Collected entirely in a single Annihilation Omnibus oversized hardcover , or in three volumes:. In Marvel took a major risk by splitting its heroes down the middle in a Civil War of epic proportions — the event touched almost individual issues! Civil War splintered the Avengers flagship just two years after they had been re-assembled, and just months after a decimation of the entire X-Men line.

It also meant instituting an actual ideological divide between characters and fans that could not be easily resolved with a handshake at the end of the event.

The Monsters of the Odyssey

All the risk paid off. Civil War is a rich, multi-layered event that brought out the best in nearly every book it touched, and turned The Avengers into a diverse multi-book line to equal the X-Men. The X-Men play an extremely limited role in Civil War, as they were still dealing with the ramifications of Decimation. As a result, their tie-in book is especially tangential. The result is an exhaustive coverage of the event! While six of these books seem to align to the oversize hardcover editions, below, their contents are not the same.

Here are the contents of the set:. Tie-in issues were consolidated with scant exceptions into a series of six hardcovers, which are highly recommended for ease-of-collection. The individual issue ranges for each title are listed in the next list, below. As one of the consequences of Civil War, the US government charters an Avengers-like superhero team in every one of the fifty states! The Hulk takes center stage in his first ever line-wide crossover! Over the years, Bruce Banner has been a hero, a villain, and an unaligned force of sheer destruction.

That meant he sometimes ran afoul of the heroes of the Marvel Universe, and eventually an elite group of heroes including Tony Stark and Professor Xavier decided that The Hulk was too dangerous to inhabit Earth! Their exile of Hulk to the outer reaches of space initiates the Planet Hulk storyline.

Due to a twist at the end of Planet Hulk, an enraged Hulk returns to Earth set on a singular goal — to destroy the men who sent him to space, as well as all that they love! The event is followed by a brief epilogue, Aftersmash. Strange, and Mr. First, Planet Hulk is presaged by New Avengers: Illuminati, which also acts as a prequel to Civil War — it is collected as described above.

Planet Hulk is collected in hardcover and paperback , including issues and Giant-Size Hulk. Next, World War Hulk is available in hardcover and paperback , which also collect an Aftersmash one-shot. Supporting issues are collected ina number of tie-in volumes. After the galaxy-wide destruction of Annihilation, another enemy takes advantage of the resulting chaos to vie for control of some of the oldest civilizations in the universe — The Phalanx! Originally an X-Men foe in the s, the Phalanx are race of hive-minded techno-organic entities that sweep across worlds, assimilating their organic species.

Individual issues are listed below. In Secret Invasion, The Skrulls pose the alarming question: have we really found all of the imposters? The result is a world-altering, line-wide crossover that — for once — takes its cues from years of accumulated continuity stretching back to the earliest issues of Fantastic Four! First, Infiltration addressed the clues leading up to the full-blown invasion. Other Infiltration issues included:. Secret Invasion are collected in paperback and hardcover. The main limited series reads a little disjointed without the battles taking place in the tie-ins — particularly in Avengers titles.

Dark Reign was not a direct crossover or even a limited series, which makes explaining it a little difficult. Instead, it was a sort of villainous pallor that hung over the Marvel Universe for a year — totaling over issues! Without dropping any major spoilers, the final pages of Secret Invasion put a particularly despicable classic Marvel Villain in a position of power and trust in America.

While he does his worst to undermine the traditional slate of Marvel heroes, his warped justice actually yields a few positive results for the American people — making this period even more confusing and twisted! Seige is the grand finale of the epic three-year cycle of stories that began with Civil War. There was also a Siege Prelude paperback, which introduced the major themes of the event. Like Dark Reign before it, Heroic Age was a decentralized event without a main story. It put the focus back on tried-and-true Marvel heroes doing what they do best — saving the world.

X-Men Vol. As his crime-fighting friends decide how to confront the suddenly deadly Daredevil, a new Man Without Fear takes to the streets of New York. Stemming from events culminating in The Incredible Hercules: Assault on New Olympus and The Incredible Hercules: The New Prince of Power , this fight against the Chaos King and its tie-ins were outright despised by fans except for Hercules fans, who thought it was a decent resolution to his title, if a bit of a letdown. The negative reception is only partially due to the impenetrable story.

Of course, that mission is bound to be tricky, since the Scarlet Witch has been missing in action since the end of House of M! How does this limited series classify as an event? Doom as a villain — even though he is presently a hero in Fantastic Four! It creates very few conflicts. Another event with Thor and Asgard playing the most prominent role, though its effects reached into every corner — and nearly every title!

The Serpent of Asgardian legend rises in the form of a man, and he is determined to usurp control of Asgard and plunge the Earth into a worldwide epidemic of fear. To aid him in his battle, seven corrupting hammers descend upon Earth, empowering heroes and villains alike as ultimately powerful, unstoppable forces of evil. The main story played out in a seven plus three issue series. However, as has been the case with recent limited-series driven events, the limited contains only the main bash … story elements are spread out across the line of titles.

Fans and critics generally disliked the main book, but applauded many of the tie-ins for excellent storytelling and action. A new, short-lived Defenders series launched in the wake of this event with Defenders by Matt Fraction hardcover. Note that the only ongoing series to cross over into the event along with Amazing Spider-Man were Venom, Herc, and Black Panther — everything else was contained to a mini-series.

In Marvel pitted two of their big three franchises against each other over the coming of the Phoenix Force! The crossover itself consisted of two main series — Avengers vs. X-Men and Avengers vs. If you want Avengers vs. To grab all of the tie-ins in one place, you simply need Avengers vs.

X-Men Companion , which collects all of the tie-ins listed below as well as the epilogue from Consequences. The epilogue is the five-issue Avengers vs. Though Bendis broke ground on the series with artist Brian Hitch around that time, with Avengers vs. X-Men on the horizon, Marvel delayed the event from to In retrospect, you can feel how the two events are interchangable in their potential to set up Marvel Now.

Fans widely panned the event due to its awkward fit into continuity and lack of action. Due to the significant shift in timing of this event and the self-contained nature of the story, it did not include many tie-ins — but those that it did are universally strong, if a bit depressing. A pair of paperbacks split the series between the main event and tie-ins.

As a result of the event, The Inhumans and their Terrigan Mists are thrust into prominence in decentralized event lead by writer Matt Fraction. The main event Infinity runs through Infinity and directly relates with nine accompanying issues of Avengers — Avengers and New Avengers The continuity of those issues is shown on the map at the right — put together by Hickman himself! Strange, Mr. Infinity is collected in story order! When Dougherty went back through old Toho movies, he was impressed by how each monster is bestowed with his or her own voice. In crafting the story and shooting the film, he made a concerted effort to treat each one as a character, not just a special-effects piece, and he based these characters around the essential elements that have defined them since their beginnings.

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