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Comparing to previous posts what happened now? Hey Ruth, as we talked about in email. To do the huge intensive niche research style posts I did in the beginning takes weeks of work and then only half a dozen people take an interest in the niche then maybe if lucky 1 person will take action on it. It's just not cost or time effective to do such in-depth research and reports on individual niches as most people aren't that interested in them.

Look at the social shares most of those niche posts received Most people just want a brief overview.

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If I could outsource all the in-depth stuff to a freelancer I would but I've tried time and time again and it's so draining as most just don't have the ability to analyse a niche like someone who knows what they are doing can. How would managing and relieving stress be considered a niche? It is highly competitive. Googling the term I would have to compete with webmd and mayoclinic they are a number 5 on page rank and have tons of back links.

People are stressed. That's a major problem. They need a solution. Problem niches like these are always very profitable.

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It's definitely a niche. Competition means it's profitable, in demand, easy to find customers, money being sent, lots of products and so on. And definitely don't worry about Google. Google isn't the internet. A ways to get traffic, see the "traffic" tab on the blog here for ideas. Thank you very much for the reply.

But being so that it more competitive it would be much harder to rank num 1 in google? Rankings aren't guaranteed, are unpredictable, they don't stay forever. You might never rank. You can't build a business around something you've very little contol over and don't fully understand no one knows Googles full algorithm for ranking. Hey Stuart, thank you so much for sharing us so informative posts! I'm really happy that I found your site! Thanks again! Ruth says:. February 24, at am. NicheHacks says:.

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February 26, at pm. February 27, at pm.

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Sadika alloush says:. Adam says:. April 23, at am. Alternatively, if you have a Google Sheet or a CSV, XLS, or other spreadsheet file saved in your Google Drive account, you can import that directly into your spreadsheet using the same process—just search your Drive from the import window. By dragging the small blue dot pictured below in the bottom-right corner of a highlighted cell across or down a range of cells, you can perform a number of different functions.

If there was no number after Contestant , this dragging action would simply copy "Contestant" to any cells you drag over. The basic formatting options in Google Sheets are available above your first cell. They're labeled in the image below, but for quick reference while you're working on a sheet, just hover over an icon to see its description and shortcut key. As for everything else, the best way to show you how everything works is to dive right into an example. In fact, a vast majority of my own spreadsheets look like this—Google Sheets makes it so simple to capture information, share it, and return to it later for reference that it acts as my highly-structured note-taking tool.

For the simple example above a lack of significant formatting is "okay. Since I eat breakfast every morning, let's take some time to make this spreadsheet more user-friendly with some formatting! That means if we scroll down the spreadsheet, the first row will still be visible, no matter how much data lies below it.

Now, let's make the header text pop with some simple text formatting remember, the text formatting tools are in the toolbar, just above your first row :. Here's how things look at first:. You'll see that your selected cells are now displayed as a dollar amount, rather than a regular number. Google Sheets, like most spreadsheet apps, has a bunch of built-in formulas for accomplishing a number of statistical and data manipulation tasks.

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You can also combine formulas to create more powerful calculations and string tasks together. And if you're already accustomed to crunching numbers in Excel, the exact same formulas work in Google Sheets most of the time. Sheets will auto-fill or suggest formulas based on what you type, so you don't need to remember every formula. I'll demonstrate all three methods in the gif below.

First, I'll sum my ingredients by selecting a range, and clicking SUM from the formula menu. Finally, I will demonstrate typing a formula and range manually. Note : In order to select a range of cells, click the first cell and hold SHIFT then click the last cell in the range. In my example, you see a grey help section pop up when I start typing the formula. You can click the question mark to toggle help context for formulas on or off.

These tips will tell you what type of information can be used in each formula, and will make your formula creation especially when you start combining formulas much easier. The count formula essentially checks to see if the cells in a range are empty or not, and returns the total that are filled.

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You also have the option to perform any of the five number-based operations on a range of numbers by clicking the SUM button in the bottom right and selecting the new default formula from the pop-out menu. From then on, anytime you highlight a range it will perform the last-selected formula. This will drop the result into the column to the right of the maximum price column. Next, I drag the formula down to apply it to the other min and max price combinations. Then, let's move on to calculating the cost of the breakfast using simple arithmetic.

See a Problem?

We need to calculate the total cost of the breakfast by multiplying the average price of each ingredient by its unit count in the recipe. To accomplish this, manually type a formula into the "Avg Price" row. That way, if we copy the formula to the other recipes, it will always use the average unit cost column rather than shifting the reference to the next column over when you drag to copy like it did in the SUM and COUNT examples.

If you don't want to type those values in manually, there are cleaner ways to perform this type of formula: You could accomplish the same price calculation by using this advanced formula:.

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There are many formulas in Sheets that take care of complex tasks for you, many of which we'll dig into in the next chapters. Now that we have some working data and calculations, perhaps my coworkers who are likely planning to eat breakfast tomorrow might benefit from this sheet. What makes Sheets so powerful is how "in sync" you'll feel with your coworkers. Jointly editing a spreadsheet is one of the critical functions of Sheets, and Google has made it a seamless experience.

The default functionality when you click the "Share" Button is to copy a link to the spreadsheet to your clipboard. When you share this link with someone via a messenger or email, if they click the link it will bring them to the spreadsheet. Note: this option will only appear if you're using Google Apps for Work.

Someone is "In your organization" when they have an email address and Google account for your company. You can streamline your spreadsheet workflows and real-time data-sharing by taking advantage of these helpful add-ons:. You can also trigger messages based on different actions in Google Sheets—like when someone a new row or changes the data in a cell. Check out the Zapier's Google Sheets page for more information on supported data and triggers. Without an automation tool like Zapier, tasks like this quickly become the reason that people fail to collaborate successfully using spreadsheets.

And this can work for hundreds of other applications that you can use as Triggers or Actions with Zapier. You can send information to your spreadsheet via email, monitor your social channels, set it on a schedule; there are dozens of different ways to accomplish any given task with the apps you're already using. If you need to send your files to external collaborators, upload a file into another system, or just like having backups for posterity, then turn towards one of Google Sheets' many data export options.

The most common exports will be either. If you're not sure which format to use, a. Google Sheets has an " Offline Mode " that will automatically sync your changes to the document when you reconnect to the internet. This is useful for any situation where you'd need to treat Google Sheets like a desktop application—on a flight or a road trip, for example.

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Instructions for setting up your offline sync are really straight-forward , but the bulk of the process is just downloading and using the three core components above.