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The authors of this volume argue that a two-pronged approach is needed: reducing demand for ecosystem goods and services and Nicholas A. Ashford and Charles C. Technology, Law, and the Working Environment provides a thorough discussion of the legal issues relevant to technology-related workplace problems. It includes detailed chapters that examine occupational health and safety, toxic substance Peter Ashton and Theodore Panayotou. Not by Timber Alone presents the findings of the Harvard Institute for International Development study, commissioned by the International Tropical Timber Organization, that examined the economic value of tropical hardwood forests as Edited by Aspen Center for Environmental Studies.

Climate change poses a huge threat to the West. These guidelines address one of the most critical issues which protected area planners and managers face in the East Asia region: obtaining the funds needed to ensure the survival and success of protected areas. The publication explains how In , Seattle, Washington, became the first U. Re-creation of the European City investigates the position of regions and cities both within Europe, and in a global context.

It addresses the challenges that cities and city regions currently encounter: reconciling economic growth, dynamism, and Protected areas operate within complex ecological and social systems, presenting challenges that cannot be resolved by technical solution alone. Achieving the management objectives of protected areas requires a social approach in which strategic Based on a workshop held to analyze the viability of extraction of NTFPs in Africa and improve knowledge and understanding of the role and potential of NTFPs in forest conservation.

Also includes country overview of NTFPs use from fifteen The contribution of wild plants and animals to human welfare is widely appreciated but not routinely measured. Reliable and up-to-date information on the economic importance of wild resources is needed to ensure that development policies and It describes the Islamic view of environment and, in particular, the interaction between people and nature in achieving environmental conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.

Includes a section on basic Islamic legislative rules In this brilliant, gracefully written, and important new book, former Secretary of the Interior and Governor of Arizona Bruce Babbitt brings fresh thought--and fresh air--to questions of how we can build a future we want to live in. Written in a clear and engaging style, Designing the City is a practical manual for improving the way communities are planned, designed, and built. It presents a wealth of information on design and decision-making, including advice on how Edited by John Baden and Donald Snow.

Their essays comprise a Dryland degradation and desertification now affect almost a billion people around the world. Tragically, the biological resources and productivity of millions of acres of land are lost to desertification each year because people remain unaware of Fire Ecology in Rocky Mountain Landscapes brings a century of scientific research to bear on improving the relationship between people and fire.

Mark Baker and Jonathan Kusel. Across the United States, people are developing new relationships with the forest ecosystems on which they depend, with a common goal of improving the health of the land and the well-being of their communities. Practitioners and supporters of Peter J. Balint , Ronald E. Stewart, Anand Desai, and Lawrence C. This document reports on the achievements of a project for the co-management of fisheries resources carried out by IUCN in Guinea-Bissau since Rio Grande de Buba region.

It provides a summary analysis of the approach taken by the project We live in a world of rapid global change: biophysical, socio-economic and institutional. Mangos from India, pasta from Italy, coffee from Colombia: Every day, we are nourished by a global food system that relies on our planet remaining verdant and productive. But current practices are undermining both human and environmental health, Saving All the Parts is a journalist's exploration of the intertwining of endangered species protection and the economic future of resource dependent communities -- those with local economies based on fishing, logging, ranching, In , forest fires raged in Yellowstone National Park, destroying more than a million acres.

As the nation watched the land around Old Faithful burn, a longstanding conflict over fire management reached a fever pitch. Should the U. Global warming has finally made clear the true costs of using our atmosphere as a giant sponge to soak up unwanted by-products of industrial activity. As nations, businesses, and citizens seek workable yet fair solutions for reducing carbon Jonathan Barnett and Larry Beasley. As world population grows, and more people move to cities and suburbs, they place greater stress on the operating system of our whole planet.

But urbanization and increasing densities also present our best opportunity for improving sustainability Across the United States, issues such as sustainability, smart growth, and livable communities are making headlines. Planning for a New Century brings together leading thinkers in the fields of planning, urban design, education, welfare, Half polar bear, half grizzly, this never-before-seen animal might be dismissed as a fluke of nature.

Anthony Barnosky instead sees it Many researchers have the horror stories to prove it. The Rocky Mountain West is largely arid and steep, with ecological scars from past human use visible for hundreds of years. Just how damaging were the past years of activity? How do current rates of disturbance compare with past mining, Thomas S. The conservation easement is an effective and flexible technique for land preservation. The Conservation Easement in California , written by California attorneys expert in conservation law for The Trust for Public Land, is an authoritative Andrew M. Barton and William S.

The landscapes of North America, including eastern forests, have been shaped by humans for millennia, through fire, agriculture, hunting, and other means. This handbook illustrates concepts, methods and tools for "primary environmental care", an approach that seeks to empower communities to meet basic needs while protecting the environment. In particular, it focuses on how population size, Yvonne Baskin ; Foreword by Paul R. The lavish array of organisms known as "biodiversity" is an intricately linked web that makes the earth a uniquely habitable planet.

Yet pressures from human activities are destroying biodiversity at an unprecedented rate. How many The human love of novelty and desire to make one place look like another, coupled with massive increases in global trade and transport, are creating a growing economic and ecological threat. The same forces that are rapidly "McDonaldizing" the Let's get dirty. In childhood, the back yard, the flowerbed, the beach, the mucky place where land slips into puddles, lakes, and streams are infinitely fascinating.

It is a mistake to leave that "childish" fascination with mud and Sarah F. Bates , David H. To the uninitiated, water policy seems a complicated, hypertechnical, and incomprehensible subject: a tangle of engineering jargon and legalese surrounding a complex, delicate, and interrelated structure.

Decisions concerning the public's waters Yoram Bauman and Grady Klein. Climate change is no laughing matter-but maybe it should be. The topic is so critical that everyone, from students to policy-makers to voters, needs a quick and easy guide to the basics. The Cartoon Introduction to Climate Change As the need to confront unplanned growth increases, planners, policymakers, and citizens are scrambling for practical tools and examples of successful and workable approaches.

Growth management initiatives are underway in the U. Climate change is predicted to increase the frequency and magnitude of coastal storms around the globe, and the anticipated rise of sea levels will have enormous impact on fragile and vulnerable coastal regions. In the U. Timothy Beatley and Peter Newman. What if, even in the heart of a densely developed city, people could have meaningful encounters with nature? While parks, street trees, and green roofs are increasingly appreciated for their technical services like stormwater reduction, from a Making a city fundamentally sustainable is a daunting task, but What would it mean to live in cities designed to foster feelings of connectedness to the ocean?

As coastal cities begin planning for climate change and rising sea levels, author Timothy Beatley sees opportunities for rethinking the relationship Timothy Beatley and Kristy Manning. Current patterns of land use and development are at once socially, economically, and environmentally destructive. Sprawling low-density development literally devours natural landscapes while breeding a pervasive sense of social isolation and Tim Beatley has long been a leader in advocating for the "greening" of cities.

But too often, he notes, urban greening efforts focus on everything except nature, emphasizing such elements as public transit, renewable energy production, An Introduction to Coastal Zone Management, Second Edition offers a comprehensive overview of coastal planning and management issues for students and professionals in the field. Since publication of the first edition in , population Meaningful places offer a vital counterbalance to the forces of globalization and sameness that are overtaking our world, and are an essential element in the search for solutions to current sustainability challenges.

In Native to Nowhere Today, there is a growing demand for designed landscapes—from public parks to backyards—to be not only beautiful and functional, but also sustainable. Sustainability means more than just saving energy and resources. It requires Edited by Jon P. Beckmann , Anthony P. Clevenger , Marcel Huijser , and Jodi A. Hilty ; Foreword by Richard T. Safe Passages brings together in a single volume the latest information on the emerging science of road ecology as it relates to mitigating interactions between roads and wildlife. This practical handbook of tools and examples is designed What has been done to our public lands?

Irreplaceable forests harvested for lumber. Vast expanses of rangeland leased at rates far below market value. Mineral resources extracted with little or no royalties paid. These and other actions have It is sometimes assumed that protected areas must be in conflict with the rights and traditions of indigenous and other traditional peoples on their domains.

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In reality, where indigenous peoples are interested in the conservation and traditional Mark A. Benedict , Edward T. McMahon , and The Conservation Fund. With illustrative and detailed examples drawn from throughout the country, Green Infrastructure advances smart land conservation: large scale thinking and integrated action to plan, protect and manage our natural and restored lands. With over 80 percent of Americans now living in cities and suburbs, getting our communities right has never been more important, more complicated, or more fascinating. Longtime sustainability leader Kaid Benfield shares 25 enlightening and Until well into recent times, a high level of connectivity existed among ecosystems.

Through the ever-increasing extent and intensity of human exploitation of natural resources, however, the pattern of human activities as islands in a sea of Ecological networks provide an operational model for conserving Environmental Restoration is the product of a ground-breaking conference on ecological restoration, held in January at the University of California, Berkeley. It offers an overview from the nation's leading experts of the most current Edited by Jason Beske and David Dixon.

The suburban dream of a single-family house with a white picket fence no longer describes how most North Americans want to live. The dynamics that powered sprawl have all but disappeared. Instead, new forces are transforming real estate markets, Constance Best and Laurie A. Wayburn ; Foreword by John Gordon. Nearly million acres of forests in the United States are privately owned, but the viability, and indeed the very existence, of these forests is increasingly threatened by population growth, sprawling urbanization, and patchwork development Over the past two decades, a select group of small but highly effective grassroots organizations have achieved remarkable success in protecting endangered species and forests in the United States.

The Rebirth of Environmentalism tells for The challenge of building biodiversity business is not trivial. Biodiversity is still largely neglected by private finance. There is a need to develop new business models and market mechanisms for biodiversity conservation, and to persuade the Edited by John A. Bissonette and Ilse Storch. Landscape Ecology and Resource Management bridges the gap between the science of landscape ecology and on-the-ground land and resource management, relating the theory and empirical research within landscape ecology to the practical Seagrasses are flowering plants that thrive in shallow oceanic and estuarine waters around the world.

Although there are only about 60 species of seagrasses worldwide, these plants play an important role in many shallow, near-shore, marine At the meeting of the International Tropical Timber Organization held in Bali in , ITTO adopted the target of ensuring that all tropical timber marketed internationally should, by the year , come from forests that are managed sustainably Edited by Clint W. Boal and Cheryl R. Raptors are an unusual success story of wildness thriving in the heart of our cities—they have developed substantial populations around the world in recent decades.

But there are deeper issues around how these birds make their urban homes The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development placed a responsibility on States to protect the local, regional and global environment, especially problems shared by the whole community such as soil degradation. The knowledge The legislation of five countries on environmental and natural management is examined and analyzed in terms of its effectiveness in addressing the major environmental issues existing in each country.

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Practical recommendations are made, building In this exhaustively researched book, Georgie Boge and Margie Boge analyze the issues and controversies surrounding the preservation of Civil War battlefield sites, and offer a pragmatic development program designed to accommodate the needs of The strain of living in a poor neighborhood, with sub-par schools, lack of parks, fear How to Save a River presents in a concise and readable format the wisdom gained from years of river protection campaigns across the United States. The book begins by defining general principles of action, including getting organized, Successful natural resource management is much more than good science; it requires working with landowners, meeting deadlines, securing funding, supervising staff, and cooperating with politicians.

The ability to work effectively with people is This book contains a selection of papers on various legal issues of interest to developing countries which have been prepared by Fellows from InWent who came to Germany between and from Africa, Asia, and Latin America to research and The environmental movement today is at a critical crossroads.

Crossroads: Environmental Priorities for the Future is an in-depth assessment of the movement's successes and failures, and also offers prescriptions for the future. It includes Understanding and managing the concerns of local people is essential for the success of most, if not all, conservation initiatives. These two volumes are a resource set designed to help professionals employed in conservation initiatives to Value is a practical guide that explains the most important steps and techniques for the valuation of ecosystem services, and the incorporation of its results in decision making.

It explains, step by step, how to generate persuasive Tourism is by many measures the world's largest and fastest growing industry, and it provides myriad benefits to hosts and visitors alike. Yet if poorly managed, tourism can have serious negative impacts on tourist communities-their environment, How do cities transform over time? And why do some cities change for the better while others deteriorate?

In articulating new ways of viewing urban areas and how they develop over time, Peter Bosselmann offers a stimulating guidebook for students This report is currently available in an electronic format only. Michael R. Boswell , Adrienne I. Greve , and Tammy L. Climate change is a global problem, but the problem begins locally.

Changing the way we build and operate our cities can have major effects on greenhouse gas Edited by James Boyce and Barry Shelley. Low-income communities frequently suffer from a lack of access to, or lack of control over, the natural resources that surround them. In many cases, their local environment has been degraded by years of resource extraction and pollution by After decades of abandonment, cities across North America are experiencing a renaissance.

A new generation is seeking greater excitement and diversity than the typical suburban subdivision offers and many people are instead looking to make their Marc Brenman and Thomas W. American communities are changing fast: ethnic minority populations are growing, home ownership is falling, the number of people per household is going up, and salaries are going down. According to Marc Brenman and Thomas W.

Sanchez, the planning Bates ; Foreword by Daniel Kemmis. Amid the policy gridlock that characterizes most environmental debates, a new conservation movement has emerged. Edited by Gary J. Brierley and Kirstie A. Fryirs ; Foreword by Richard J. Across much of the industrialized world, rivers that were physically transformed and ecologically ruined to facilitate industrial and agricultural development are now the focus of restoration and rehabilitation efforts.

River Futures Edited by James Broadus and Raphael V. The concept of environmental security, drawing on the widely understood notion of international strategic interdependence in facing, for example, threats of nuclear war or economic collapse is gaining currency as a way of thinking about Based on information derived from literature, statistics, interviews and a field survey in Bolivia, this report explores the value of non-timber forest products not only in economic terms but also as an important element in the lives of people America's commercial fisheries are in jeopardy.

With a significant percentage of the nation's fisheries depleted and fish populations declining in many regions, the health of the broader marine environment is also threatened. What should be done Community development -- the economic, physical, and social revitalization of a community, led by the people who live in that community -- offers a wide range of exciting and rewarding employment options. But until now, there has been no "road The bridge collapse in Minneapolis-St.

The extreme vulnerability of single Having manipulated water for irrigation, energy, and burgeoning urban centers, humans are facing the reality that although fresh water is renewable, it is as finite as any other resource. Countries, states, and cities are now scrambling to Robert Brown helps us see that a "thermally comfortable microclimate" is the very foundation of well-designed and well-used outdoor places. Brown argues that as we try to minimize human-induced changes to the climate and reduce our dependence on This plan sets out the policies and actions needed to ensure an adequate, effective and well-managed network of protected areas in Europe.

It outlines how potential areas should be integrated with other sectors, such as agriculture, forestry and Melissa Bruntlett and Chris Bruntlett. In car-clogged urban areas across the world, the humble bicycle is enjoying a second life as a legitimate form of transportation. City officials are rediscovering it as a multi-pronged or -spoked solution to acute, 21st-century problems, The book aims to address the lack of information on the experiences of others by providing a comparative analysis of national access and benefit-sharing laws and policies in the 41 Pacific Rim countries that signed the CBD.

It provides key In Environmental Justice , leading thinkers of the environmental justice movement take a direct look at the failure of "top down" public policy to effectively deal with issues of environmental equity. Stephen L. Buchmann and Gary Paul Nabhan. Consider this: Without interaction between animals and flowering plants, the seeds and fruits that make up nearly eighty percent of the human diet would not exist.

Understanding Environmental Administration and Law provides an engaging, introductory overview of environmental policy. Author Susan J. Buck explores the process through which policy is made, the political environment in which it is Susan J. Buck ; Foreword by Elinor Ostrom. Vast areas of valuable resources unfettered by legal rights have, for centuries, been the central target of human exploitation and appropriation. The global commons -- Antarctica, the high seas and deep seabed minerals, the atmosphere, and space More than any other field of public administration, environmental administration is defined by its legal content.

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Federal legislation has a direct and immediate impact on state and federal bureaucrats, and citizen groups must constantly adjust to A global overview of the potential impacts of climate change and sea level rise on coral reefs, and of the implications of such impacts for ecological sustainable use of coral reefs. Includes information on the status and trends of reef The environmental impacts of sprawling development have been well documented, but few comprehensive studies have examined its economic costs.

In , a team of experts undertook a multi-year study designed to provide quantitative measures of Commons—lands, waters, and resources that are not legally owned and controlled by a single private entity, such as ocean and coastal areas, the atmosphere, public lands, freshwater aquifers, and migratory species—are an The eastern African coastal strip contains a tiny chain of patches of lowland tropical dry forest. They were previously considered to be of low conservation priority in terms of endemism and species diversity, but research since the mids has As part of a global effort to identify those areas where conservation measures are needed most urgently, World Wildlife Fund has assembled teams of scientists to conduct ecological assessments of all five continents.

Terrestrial Ecoregions Edited by Virginia Burkett and Margaret Davidson. Developed to inform the National Climate Assessment, and a landmark study in terms of its breadth and depth of coverage and conducted under the auspices of the U. Where and what is the place of the wild? Is the goal of preserving biodiversity across the landscape of North America compatible with contemporary Western culture?

Reddy, Robert Williams, and Thomas B. Written and edited by the world's leading experts, Renewable Energy is the most comprehensive reference work on alternative energy ever published. Overall performance, cost, market potential, and environmental impact are assessed for fuels Coastal Governance provides a clear overview of how U.

Drawing on recent national assessments, Professor Richard Burroughs explains why traditional Edited by David E. Busch and Joel C. Trexler ; Foreword by Lance H. Often a commitment to large ecosystem initiatives is linked both conceptually and legally with requirements for ecological monitoring as a means of evaluating the effectiveness of management actions.

Programs to determine ecosystem status and Holistic management, as described by Allan Savory in the books Holistic Resource Management Island Press, and the revised edition, Holistic Management Island Press, , has been practiced by thousands of people around When Admiral Richard E. Byrd set out on his second Antarctic expedition in , he was already an international hero for having piloted the first flights over the North and South Poles.

His plan for this latest adventure was to spend six Robert J. Cabin uses the restoration of tropical dry forestland in Hawaii as an in-depth case study to investigate the scientific, practical, and philosophical issues associated with performing ecological restoration in the messy real world. Addressing the Problems of Access provides a systematic analysis of the requirements of access law, both the CBD requirements and the basic requirements of enforceable legislation. Often key legal issues that have a significant impact on In Bring Back the Buffalo!

Vast stretches of the region have seen a steady decline in population and are ill-suited for Peter Calthorpe and William Fulton. Most Americans today do not live in discrete cities and towns, but rather in an aggregation of cities and suburbs that forms one basic economic, multi-cultural, environmental and civic entity.

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But Calthorpe argues that a more comprehensive understanding of urbanism at the regional scale provides a better platform to address climate change. In this groundbreaking CEPA tools have been identified as one of the keys to achieving better outcomes in a broad range of environmental projects — increased community engagement, higher levels of collaboration among stakeholders, better targeted public awareness National Geographic has been called a window on the world and a passport to adventure. Each month an estimated forty million people in countries open its pages and are transported to exotic realms that delight the eye and mind.

A series of regional reviews of multi-sectoral strategies for sustainability at the national, provincial, and local levels, complementing the volune on "Strategies for national sustainable development". The volume summarizes the status of Taking Out the Trash is a practical and useful guide to how individuals, businesses, and communities can help alleviate America's garbage crisis.

Edited by James Carlton and Gregory M. Recent years have seen a steep rise in invasions of non-native species in virtually all major ecoregions on Earth. Along with this rise has come a realization that a rigorous scientific understanding of why, how, when, and where species are The vast scope of conservation problems has forced biologists and managers to rely on "surrogate" species to serve as shortcuts to guide their decision making. These species-known by a host of different terms, including indicator, Marvin is a contract hog farmer in Iowa.

He owns his land, his barn, his tractor, and his animal crates. He has seen profits drop steadily for the last twenty years and feels trapped. Josh is a dairy farmer on a cooperative in Massachusetts. Even those who find time for a family meal are cut off from the people who grew, harvested, His argument Formally acknowledging water as a human right could encourage the international community and governments to enhance their efforts to satisfy basic human needs and to meet the Millennium Development Goals.

But critical questions arise in relation Cities across the globe have been designed with a primary goal of moving people around quickly—and the costs are becoming ever more apparent. The consequences are measured in smoggy air basins, sprawling suburbs, unsafe pedestrian Around the world, mass transit is struggling to compete with the private automobile, and in many places, its market share is rapidly eroding. Yet a number of metropolitan areas have in recent decades managed to mount cost-effective and resource Edited by Jeanne C.

Chambers and Jerry R. Miller ; Foreword by James A. This is the thirteenth list produced by the United Nations since , and the first version to attempt a comprehensive presentation of all the world's known protected areas. The introductory text presents an analysis and the accompanying CD Edited by Audrey Chapman , Rodney L. Petersen, and Barbara Smith-Moran. The combined contributions of science and religion to resolving environmental problems are far greater than each could offer working in isolation.

Scientific findings are central to understanding the impact of human populations on the environment Planetizen's Contemporary Debates in Urban Planning is a fascinating review of major topics and issues discussed in the field of urban planning, assembled by editors at Planetizen, the leading source of news and information for the Conservationists have long been aware that political boundaries rarely coincide with natural boundaries.

From the establishment of early "peace parks" to the designation of continental migratory pathways, a wide range of transborder mechanisms The volume is almost times that of surface water. In recent decades use of groundwater has grown exponentially. Over 2 billion people depend on it for their daily Biliana Cicin-Sain and Robert W. Ocean Policy Island Press, Biliana Cicin-Sain and Robert Knecht.

The United States is about to embark on the most thorough reconsideration of its ocean policy in more than three decades. With designated as the International Year of the Ocean by the United Nations, and with both the executive branch and She wanted to look attractive, professional, young.

Yet as a journalist covering health and the Endangered Species Recovery presents case studies of prominent species recovery programs in an attempt to explore and analyze their successes, failures, and problems, and to begin to find ways of improving the process. It is the first As in the rest of the United States, grizzly bears, wolves, and mountain lions in and around Yellowstone National Park were eliminated or reduced decades ago to very low numbers.

In recent years, however, populations have begun to recover, This is a new edition of the classic textbook on marine protected area MPA management in the tropics, originally produced as an output of the Bali World Parks Congress in Approaches to planning and managing MPAs have evolved considerably Story Clark ; Foreword by Roger C.

Finally, a comprehensive book on land conservation financing for community and regional conservation leaders. A Field Guide to Conservation Finance provides essential advice on how to tackle the universal obstacle to protecting private World Agriculture and the Environment presents a unique assessment of agricultural commodity production and the environmental problems it causes, along with prescriptions for increasing efficiency and reducing damage to natural systems Climate A National Blueprint for a Clean Energy Economy is a peer-reviewed analysis of the economic and technological potential for a comprehensive suite of climate, energy, and transportation solutions and policies to greatly reduce U.

Andre F. Clewell and James Aronson. The field of ecological restoration is a rapidly growing discipline that encompasses a wide range of activities and brings together practitioners and theoreticians from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, ranging from volunteer backyard Ecological restoration is a rapidly growing discipline that encompasses a wide range of activities and brings together practitioners and theoreticians from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, ranging from volunteer backyard restorationists Green at Work , published by Island Press in , was the first source of information to help nontechnical but environmentally concerned job seekers learn about career opportunities with environmental companies or within the newly emerging Edited by David N.

Cole and Laurie Yung. Greening the College Curriculum provides the tools college and university faculty need to meet personal and institutional goals for integrating environmental issues into the curriculum. Leading educators from a wide range of fields, The bicycle enjoyed a starring role in urban history over a century ago, but now it is back, stronger than ever. Graves Tweet. Also available as: E-Book. Size: 6x9. Buy This Book E-Book.

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The book is still fairly tight. Covers show a few creases, with a small tear at the bottom left front corner. Spine appears to be in good condition. This Berk. One page is loose. One of a series of four "first" religious books for young children the others are "In Our Church", "His Name is Jesus", a. One of a series of four "first" religious books for young children.

Blue line inked neatly across bottom edge. Jacket enclosed in protective wraps. A clean, tight, attractive copy. Westminster Press, Philadelphia, PA, Covers show some bookshelf wear, and there is a small tear at the top of the spine. There is a small crease running down the center of the booklet. Waugh to mastermind this diabolically clever anthology in which each of the classic catego. A solid reading copy.

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Monster Mountain is 2. Jacket has minor edgewear with a couple of tiny chips; crease on inside front flap, and a small tear in the top back. Spine a little weak, otherwise in excellent condition. Nynaeve, Elayne, and Aviendha he. The second or third, depending on how you're counting series involving Midkemia.

See also Magician, Silverthorn, Daughter of the Empire, et al. A fascinating story exploring possible approaches to drug interdiction. Illustrative of both the capabili. Interior clean and unmarked. Minor shelf wear. Sticker on back cover stamped with date.


If you've seen the movie, well, the book is much better. Mark Sway and his younger brother witness the suicide of a Louisiana lawyer -- but not before he tells Ma. Last few pages are creased at the bottom right corner. Top and bottom corner of most pages are curled somewhat. The Soviets unleash a massive attack on Iran.