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The Blog vertical search result includes not only blogs on the Naver platform but also those that are hosted on other services such as Tistory and WordPress. While Naver claims that they do not discriminate against externally hosted blogs, Naver is better at crawling and indexing blogs on its own platform. After the announcement, website search provides more relevant results than ever with the improved crawl-and-index technology of Naver bot and website search results tend to rank highly on Naver universal SERPs.

This is undergoing implementation at the time of writing and we will keep an eye out to provide more details on this in the future. One of the newest services offered by Naver, Posts are a stripped-down version of Naver Blogs. These features, combined with its clean and simple interface, make Medium. We would say, though, that content on Posts is much shorter than on Medium. Any user can post a question that other users can help to answer, across a multitude of different topics. Answers can be upvoted by other Naver users. Little known are the Naver algorithms that we want to dedicate a section here to them before moving on to optimizing for Naver.

Based on the announcements made on the official Naver search blog, the following is a summary overview of two algorithms and where they are applied to:. This algorithm stems from a priority to control the quality of content on its services as the volume of unregulated spam and low-quality content started getting out of hand.

The ranking signals vary according to the unique characteristics of each platform the algorithm is applied to:. In attempts to align themselves to global web standards, Naver introduced this algorithm to analyze using AI various SEO elements of websites to determine their quality. At the point of writing, this algorithm has just been introduced and Naver has only offered a sneak peek into what the ranking signals are.

We will update this page as we hear more updates, but the following is what has been announced so far in association with the Naver Webmaster Tool updates. P-Rank is the latest algorithm applied to websites that analyzes various SEO elements to determine the quality of sites. Just as Google and other search engines have their own web crawlers, Naver has what it calls Yeti. Yes, back to SEO — robots. You know now that the bot is called Yeti; if you want only the Naver Bot to crawl your site, your directive should be:.

But of course, in most cases, we would want other crawlers to access the site as well, so then the directive in your robots. All the best practices for robots.

As we will see in the following section, you can use Naver Webmaster Tools to help you with robots. One of the things it allows for is creating albeit an extremely simple robots. Once you have it, submit the sitemap location on the Webmaster Tools — only 1 sitemap can be submitted per site:. There are two ways you can do it:.

Naver also has some specific recommendations regarding the use of redirects and canonical tags. Note: You probably know this already, but Naver fails to add here that regardless of the need for a redirect, you should markup all your pages with the canonical tag. The tag should point to itself if it is the main version of the page. Naver specifies that if there is a temporary problem on the site or the site is being revamped and the bot does not get a response from the pages, it may conclude that the pages have been deleted.

When this happens, they may de-index your page. Naver has in the past year or so been more aggressively developing its search algorithms to improve its search engine features. With the introduction of P-Rank, Naver has announced its intentions to enhance its subpar website and webpage search results. While the best practices outlined by Naver are very basic in a Google-SEO era, you should be aware of the practices they have explicitly recommended particularly because there is so little information out there on how to optimize for Naver.

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We have our eye out for any updates from Naver on the SEO best practices, but for now, here are some of the highlights. Naver recommends using brand terms in the homepage title tags, including brand names, product names, service names, etc. For other pages, the title should accurately explain the content on the page, and, as a general rule of thumb, no duplicate page titles! Like any good search engine, Naver also tries to crack down on black-hat SEO tactics.

Similarly, for anchor text, word it as clearly and concisely as possible for the bot to understand. You can receive a penalty, however, if you repeatedly use the same keywords as anchor text to improve rankings.

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Naver Blog Optimization will be covered in the next section, but before that, here are the best albeit vague practices Naver has regarding on-page content:. With such limited on-page optimization guidelines, off-page elements have more or less been non-existent for Naver SEO. Which is why the introduction of P-Rank was so monumental a move given the context of the announcement.

In its attempts to adhere to global web standards, it has finally started paying attention to off-page signals such as backlinks and social media. What is important is not the limitations of the tool but rather the mere fact that this is now part of the webmaster platform and Naver considers it noteworthy for SEOs to track. All that Naver Webmaster Tools does for the time being with regards to social is to show what social media channels the crawler has found to be connected to your website.

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You can choose to disconnect any of them through the webmaster tool. It shares more similarities with searches in Chinese and Japanese as both Japanese and Korean have their origins in Chinese characters. Keywords are generally short-tailed — Korean is more concise than English and you just can say more with fewer words. And whether people prefer to search short-tail could be a chicken-or-egg question.

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Do people search short-tail because of the nature of the language or do they do so because they are used to not getting the search results they want since Naver algorithms are quite behind and know that they have to resort to short-tail, broad keywords to get relevant results? Brand terms are an easy example. It becomes tricky for some words where there could be variations of the transliterated form. Targeting for Korean users means knowing what your brand terms can be transliterated into and incorporating this into your marketing.

And this is one of the things you should be sure to check with the Naver Keyword Tool. For more details on where to find the keyword tool, the different data columns, and where else you can look for keyword ideas, check our Naver Keyword Tool article here. You might just want to start your own Naver Blog and reach out to your audience by providing useful content. Or you may already have a Naver Blog running and looking to optimize your blog.

Either way, here are some of the things to note about optimizing your Naver Blog. Naver shared an example that shows how a blog with expertise and depth in a specific topic would rank higher than a blog that posts daily out of obligation. The top-ranking blog posts on the left before C-Rank are not unique and are promotional posted by Chinese medicine centers.

Compare these with the blogs on the right from a fitness center and a pregnancy consultation center that provide legitimately useful content on post-pregnancy diet. According to Naver, these blogs are ranking highly based on the C-Rank algorithm because they both consistently provided professional diet-related content the fitness center and pregnancy-related content pregnancy consultation center in their past posts.

While the algorithm can detect the topics of blog posts through deep-learning, Naver states that manually setting the topic of each blog post can increase the accuracy of detecting the topic and therefore help the post to rank higher. Knowing the lack of technical prowess of Naver, we recommend utilizing all the manual settings available instead of relying on the Naver algorithms. According to Naver, setting an accurate blog post topic is crucial as it helps to display a search result that best matches the search intent.

Knowing the proportion of blogs in each category can give you an insight into how competitive the category might be. You can check out the Korean website www. Remember, however, that competitiveness ultimately varies at the individual keyword level rather than at the blog category level. I found myself laughing out loud on numerous occasions and then pondering the meaning of things I had read, then realized, I had actually learned a little something new in the process. There are lots of experts out there, and I consider myself to be better at SEO than most self proclaimed experts.

Having said that, Amit Bhawnani has certainly raised the bar with this humorous method of teaching SEO. If you are starting an online business, or if you are a seasoned veteran like me, you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of this ebook. Jason loves figuring out how things work, and he loves teaching others! You can find out more about him at jasonmcdonald.

SEO Guide – Comic Book Edition

Google released its Panda upate in February of After that a lots had been changed in this highly competitive world of seo. The main target of google penguin was those sites who employeed all that methods by which a site can rank higher in search engine results. Without the right knowledge, information and tools you will be risking a slow and painful climb up the SEO ladder. These type of business needs Local Search engine optimization.

Showing up on the first page is critical for this type of business success. Search engine optimization, which gets you there, is often complex and confusing. This hands-on guide gives you a quick overview of local Search Engine Optimization SEO , then lays out a easy, straightforward strategy for developing, managing and measuring your Local SEO plan. If you have ever wanted a complete list of every traffic strategy you need to get massive amounts of website traffic, 99 Ways To Flood Your Website With Traffic is the book for you.

This book goes through 99 different strategies and tactics for getting visitors to your website or blog. There are 77 completely free strategies, and 22 paid traffic strategies. Not only do you get to hear about specific websites and strategies, but you also learn how to combine certain strategies to maximize your results. This same concept is true with search engines and splash pages. Although splash pages may look great, they have serious implications for both search engines and users.

This can confuse the search engines, affecting how your site is analyzed and indexed. Not to mention the risk of losing all your SEO efforts in one fell swoop. A principle idea behind encouraging specific user actions is to remove as many obstacles as possible. This same concept is true for helping visitors convert on your website.

You want customers to easily find your products with the least amount of clicks, and a splash page is only going to create frustration and additional pages to navigate through. A pop-up window will do the trick, and search engines will still be able to read everything on your home page. This same concept applies for promotions. Instead of using a splash page, that will harm your SEO efforts, use a pop-up or create a new slide for your slideshow. Both of these options will make more sense to search engines and keep your home page at the top spot.