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April 3, By Keller Tiemann. Insurance agencies should take a practical approach to social media to ensure compliance, avoid pitfalls and enjoy the benefits.

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Today we are going to discuss how to take a practical approach to social media for insurance agents following these 11 proven steps. In the beginning, it is ok to focus solely on setting up your profiles to best reflect your brand.

Social Media Marketing for Insurance agents

Below is the complete social media marketing process, right now we are focusing on steps 1 and 2. Once your profiles look nice and are branded according to your strategy, it is time to plan your activity on these platforms and start tackling steps 3 through 7. Once you begin these activities, you will start to see more and more notifications for page likes, post shares, and direct messages. If you are tracking your website traffic, then you should see an increase in traffic as well — coming from your two new channels on Facebook and Twitter. Insurance companies are generating a substantial amount of leads on social media.

According to Property Casualty ,. So, if you are going to take the time and effort to get active on social media and are hoping to generate leads. Make sure you have a tracking system in place to help you analyze and measure the results from your efforts. This is called social media listening and is a great way to keep up with customers and competition. This way you can see updates from their accounts and keep an eye on them and their activity. Watching what your competition does on social will give you great insights for your own marketing.

If you really want to take it a step further, you can pay for an app that would crawl social media platforms for mentions of your brand or other keywords. Here at Leadsurance, we monitor all social media and the entire web for mentions of our brand.

top four social media platforms for insurance agents

We get alerts every time someone mentions us anywhere online so that we never miss warm leads, opportunities to engage with prospects, or interactions with our customers. The app we use creates a feed containing mentions of your brand from everywhere online all in one place with notifications, it looks like this:.

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The guide actually walks you through step by step, with screenshots, on how to use a variety of social platforms to monitor your target audience. When it comes to social media marketing in the insurance industry, any agent, broker, or advisor should be aware of some of the most consistently effective strategies. The next 6 steps, or tips, focus on ways for insurance companies on social media to create better content.

When creating compelling content, you must first study your audience and make sure you know some important details about them. As an insurance agent marketing on social media, there is a specific group of people that you want to target more than others.

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In order for your social and content marketing to have a huge impact, knowing your targeted audience well is an absolute must! Facebook offers free audience insights that can sometimes be helpful. For many years the marketing strategy online has been pumping out article after article.

And this still works. But, as you can see, there are other mediums to use to get your message out there. Infographics are also a great way of ensuring that your posts get extra attention. Using visual media is a great way to not only capture attention but also to show your potential clients how you go about dealing with something instead of making them read about it. So, remember to keep visuals engaging and attention-grabbing with concise messaging that is short, sweet, simple and informative!

Successful marketers are data-driven.

The Demographics Say Insurance Buyers are Social

As we all know, knowledge goes a really long way. So, keep in mind that you need to continue your education and present yourself as an authority in certain areas such as new financial laws, economic events, and other insurance industry trends among others. Staying up with these industry events and changes is critical. Sharing real data and knowledge will lead to more detailed questions and conversations about your services and insurance policies. When this small yet effective tactic is done, you provide your clients with real data, and the numbers not only build trust and position you as an authority but the compel your audience to take action.

As you already know, the topic of life insurance is a touchy subject and must definitely be handled in a somewhat delicate manner. However, if you are truly committed to insurance agency digital marketing and it can bring clear ROI to agencies who use it well , you need to invest the time to create a game plan, be consistently active on your profile s and integrate your activities across platforms, including your public website if you have one. Another option is hiring a third party to assist in this process.

Most agents and agencies have a decent structure in place. That is the easy part. In order to be relevant and effective, you have to be a content creating machine. That is easier said than done. We also see the struggles that agencies have trying to get producers and owners to blog or create other content. Best practices shows that you need to be blogging regularly and updating social media multiple times per day to be effective. We know that this is very difficult for most organizations, regardless of size. Social media is one of the most powerful tools any professional has today to manage their personal brand, increase awareness in their expertise, grow their network and ultimately increase their book.

Step back and think about your personal or agency brand, what sets you apart, and how you want to portray yourself both in person and in the virtual world of social networking.

If You Work in Insurance, This Should Be the Only Article You Read on the Future of Social Media

Social media for insurance agents and crafting a unified social strategy can only really start once you have identified your brand personality. We see a lot of millenials and tech-savvy, seasoned producers hide behind technology. Most agency owners are admittedly not great at new technology, especially social media. Social media can help your business, but that business is still insurance, not follower-gathering. Make sure your social media monitoring goes beyond activity and focuses on new leads generated, positive customer engagement, cross-sells, referrals, etc.

Social media gives you a digital presence. It can help you to establish credibility online, increase traffic to your site, convert that traffic into leads and eventually turn that into sales.

That needs to start with a strategy and plan.