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Some restrictions apply. Discounts do not apply to alcoholic beverages, tax or gratuities. The list of DVC member restaurant discounts is extensive and the amount varies by location; the best way to check current discounts is either on the DVC member website, which offers a printable PDF, or by looking through the Membership Magic booklet, which can be obtained from the front desk or concierge at any DVC resort.

You then register your card online. Either starting with your next visit or after the card is registered, points should accumulate with every purchase and be stored automatically on your Dining Passport. When enough points are accumulated, they can be redeemed for exclusive dining experiences, gift certificates and more.

However, the card expires after one year of dormancy. Then present your membership card each time you eat at a participating restaurant. You will receive 1 point for every dollar you spend gratuity excluded. Any restaurant can give guests an AAA or CAA discount if they choose, but to be listed on the website and tourbooks they have to pay a fee. So some restaurants just choose to offer a discount on request, figuring that word of mouth and social media will get the word out. Thanks to Marlene for info. You will need to drink a lot of water when you are at Walt Disney World.

This can add up to dehydration all too easily. We are among them — we find it musty-tasting and unpleasant, though we will drink it if necessary. Disney allows it, and you will save a small fortune. One option is to stop at one of the local supermarkets or drug stores and pick up a case of bottled water after you arrive. Obviously this is no problem if you have a rental car. Most of the limo companies will make a short stop for you, as well. The fountain on the left hand side is filtered much better and tastes much like bottled water. You fill them with ice from the hotel in the morning, it melts as the day goes on and you sip ice cold water off the attached tubing all day.

I discovered this gem while my hubby and all of the money was on Buzz Lightyear with my son and I was dying of thirst. No problem at all! They even gave me a large cup! From then on, it was ice water for my family — which was not a hardship because we got tired of carbonated drinks quickly! Thanks to Dwayne O and Marjorie T for ideas.

Walking from Farmers Market to The Grove in Los Angeles, California 【4K】

Starbucks VIA packets would work well, too. She was able to get FREE hot water at the counter service restaurants in the theme parks. Milk and juice are NOT included. The RFID tagged mugs allow you to refill the mug at any resort hotel beverage station. If you are staying longer than 14 days, you can re-activate a mug for 14 more days by paying the same fee. As of this writing, the iced tea, coffee, and hot cocoa machines are not on the RFID system, though the rules are still the same. The Disney Water Parks offer refillable mugs that are not on the same system as the resort refillable mugs.

The following locations offer self-serve soft drinks, so you can go back and get refills without paying extra:. As far as we know, these are the only counter-service restaurants at Disney World that are currently offering self-service sodas. Beer is much cheaper at the Speedway gas stations on Disney property , than in the Disney resort hotel shops. Lovers of Starbucks coffee drinks will be happy to hear that you can now order all Starbucks drinks lattes, macchiatos, Frappucinos, you name it at the Main Street Bakery on Main Street, U.

There are also two Starbucks locations in Disney Springs. Consider bringing or buying a few items so that you can make breakfast in your hotel room.

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Other items to consider: instant oatmeal, instant cocoa, fruit cups, applesauce cups and hard-boiled eggs. Your coffee maker can be used for more than coffee. You can run it to make hot water for tea, hot chocolate, etc. You may want to choose a hotel that offers a refrigerator in the room, or inquire whether your hotel will provide one for a small fee. We have put a pint of milk or bottles of water on ice this way.

Some hotels — such as many all-suite hotels and the Disney Vacation Club resorts — offer a small microwave. That gives you even more breakfast options, such as hot cereals, and allows you to warm up sweet rolls, etc. Making meals at your hotel may not be very relaxing, however, unless you plan ahead to reduce the hassle of shopping, cooking, and cleaning up. If you do not have a kitchen in your room, however, we strongly discourage using any appliance that produces high heat , such as a toaster or tabletop grill.

Using such appliances is a serious fire hazard and can endanger you, your family and other guests in the hotel. Suites that include kitchens have the properly-rated electrical outlets, ventilation systems and most importantly, fire extinguishers! Regular hotel rooms do not. What we found to be very good was the jar of peanut butter! The hotel we stayed at had free apples at the check-in counter.

In the mornings we would spread peanut butter on the apples for a yummy breakfast. I had granola bars, mini packages of cookies and crackers, gum, beef sticks, etc. It is also a good idea to plan to pack good treats for the plane trip as the airlines do not feed you on the trip anymore and the airports serve very expensive food. If you are thinking about bringing food from home, be aware that the Transportation Security Administration TSA suggests that you do not put dense food items such as peanut butter, chocolate bars, etc.

Your luggage is much more likely to be opened and searched outside of your presence if you check dense food items. Thanks to Mary S for the reminder. A better bet is to ship non-perishable food items in advance to your hotel. Address the package as follows:.


Hold for guest: write the full name under which you made the reservation. Thanks to Dave C for the reminder. Soft drinks and beer are exceptionally expensive. If you will have a car or are willing to pay for a taxi , there are plenty of supermarkets near Walt Disney World. There are also some newer grocery delivery services available in Orlando that we have not yet had an opportunity to try, but may be worth considering.

Instacart delivers groceries and other items to Walt Disney World resorts from several local stores, including Publix. Safeway also offers delivery to Walt Disney World resorts, though of course only of Safeway products. And Amazon Prime Now , available only to members of Amazon Prime , delivers groceries and other popular items.

Things to Do Near Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall, Atlanta, GA

Reviews of these services are somewhat mixed; the experience seems to depend quite a bit on which specific driver you end up getting. Usually, any hotel that has kitchens or kitchenettes with real refrigerators in the room will be set up to handle food delivery. Also keep in mind that if you order liquor, the hotel may not be able to accept the order on your behalf.

Check first before ordering beer, wine or spirits. We chose Garden Grocer over WeGoShop because it has exact products and prices on its website, which we found easier and more convenient. Tipping the delivery person is at your discretion. WeGoShop requires you to submit your own very specific list of items, including sizes and brands. The order form can be found on the DVC members website.

Find out more details, as well as our tips and tricks for making Advance Dining Reservations. Avoid Seasonal Restaurant Price Increases Little known fact: Disney raises meal prices at many of its buffets and character meals during busy times of year. Best Bets Really inexpensive meals in the theme parks are hard to find, but listed below are some cheap options for real food that will fill you up. Basic Tips — Disney has three basic levels of food outlets: table service, quick service and snacks. The next best option is usually to order a platter at a quick service restaurant and ask them to leave off some or all of the side items.

Below are some of our favorite inexpensive meals in the four parks. Some of the best food can be found outside the theme parks, at the resort hotels. Oftentimes we drive there for dinner just for the fettucine! This breakfast features Lilo, Stitch, Mickey and Pluto. Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom.

This breakfast features Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eyeore. Tusker House in Animal Kingdom. This breakfast features Donald, Goofy, Mickey and Daisy in safari outfits. This breakfast features Minnie, Donald and Goofy. This breakfast features Disney Jr. Trattoria Al Forno on the Boardwalk, which is an easy walk from Epcot. Garden Grill at Epcot. This breakfast features Chip, Dale, Mickey and Pluto. Consider this discovery by MouseSavers. Peanut butter is about.

So for a couple dollars, you can make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It includes yogurt, apple slices, carrots, Goldfish crackers, a snack bar and milk or a small bottle of water. Same Item, Lower Price In a few cases, an expensive table-service restaurant and a nearby counter-service location offer the same food item for two very different prices.

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Thanks to participants on the DIS Restaurants board for ideas. Then take one of the hamburger patties off the double burger, and put it on the extra bun.

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Most of the counter-service restaurants have a condiment bar where you can add any toppings you like to the two burgers. Split the fries and drink, or order an extra drink. Thanks to rams for the idea. He combined that with the extra bun. Desserts and side dishes are reasonably priced.

Breakfast sandwiches are a total bargain. It is a strictly counter-service situation with long lines, which fortunately move fast. We love Earl of Sandwich and eat there all the time. Additionally, if you will have a car, consider this option: Panera Bread offers reasonably priced breakfast items, sandwiches hot and cold , soups and salads, all freshly made. They also have free Wi-Fi. The closest Panera to Disney property is at Vineland Avenue. Call for hours. Apopka-Vineland Road aka CR We can give this restaurant only a conditional recommendation.

The pizza is only so-so, but if you need to feed kids who are not too picky and you want a very low-priced meal out, this is an option. Sweet Tomatoes is located in the Crossroads Center, which is within walking distance of several of the Disney Springs resort area hotels at S. Apopka-Vineland Road Hwy This location is very clean and well staffed, with fresh and delicious food. Bahama Breeze restaurant at Vineland Avenue serves moderately priced, Caribbean-inspired food in a casual, tropical atmosphere.

Everyone we have met who actually lives or works near Walt Disney World has recommended this place to us. Open for lunch and dinner.

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The phone number is Thanks to Jennifer H for additional info. The menu is large enough to have something for everyone, and the quality is high. They also brew their own beers, which are very good. Be sure to check their website for specials — they sometimes have printable coupons and discounts. For a more upscale experience at reasonable prices, check out Seasons Somborn a former husband of film star Gloria Swanson in the s.

The original Brown Derby restaurants had closed or had been converted to other uses by the s, though a Disney-backed Brown Derby national franchising program revived the brand in the 21st century. It is often incorrectly thought that the Brown Derby was a single restaurant, and the Wilshire Boulevard and Hollywood branches are frequently confused. There is a non-related chain of steakhouse restaurants first founded in in Akron, Ohio, and franchised in As of [update] , five of the Girves chain are still in business.

A former Girves Brown Derby restaurant in the past has offered Hollywood-style food. Opened in , the original restaurant at Wilshire Boulevard remains the most famous due to its distinctive shape. Whimsical architecture was popular at the time, and the restaurant was designed to catch the eye of passing motorists.

The Brown Derby name originated from a Malverne, New York -based restaurant of the same name that had been a popular hang-out for vaudevillians in the s.

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  4. Wilson was the front man; Herbert K. Somborn owned the property and Jack L. Warner put up the money. Wilson Mizner sat in booth 50 almost every day. The cafe was successful enough to warrant building a second branch later. The original, derby-shaped building was moved in to Wilshire Boulevard at the northeast corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Alexandria Avenue, about a block from its previous location and directly across the street from the Ambassador Hotel.

    In September , the restaurant closed without warning. The parking lot was replaced in late by a shopping center known as the Brown Derby Plaza. Despite its less distinctive Spanish Mission style facade, the second Brown Derby, which opened on Valentine's Day at North Vine Street in Hollywood, was the branch that played the greater part in Hollywood history. Due to its proximity to movie studios, it became the place to do deals and be seen. Clark Gable is said to have proposed to Carole Lombard there. Rival gossip columnists Louella Parsons and Hedda Hopper are recorded as regular patrons.

    In "L. During the misadventure, the trio dines in a booth with Eve Arden on one side and William Holden who orders a Cobb salad on the other. This leads to the famous disaster scene in which Lucy inadvertently causes a waiter to hit Holden in the face with a pie. Before the scene closes, Willie notices The Brown Derby restaurant and picks up the restaurant looking for Mickey.

    Like its Wilshire Boulevard counterpart, it was the home of hundreds of celebrity drawings, paintings and caricatures. Jack Lane drew many of these caricatures between and He was commissioned by the Brown Derby to paint portraits of up to top recording artists to be displayed in the restaurant's Hall of Fame Record Room. The Hollywood Brown Derby is the purported birthplace of the Cobb salad , which was said to have been hastily arranged from leftovers by owner Bob Cobb for showman and theater owner Sid Grauman.

    It was chopped fine, because Grauman had just had dental work done, and couldn't chew well. The Hollywood Brown Derby closed for the last time at its original site on April 3, , as a result of a lease dispute. The building then was home to a restaurant and bar called Premieres of Hollywood, which catered to the revitalization of Hollywood Boulevard and the style of "Old Hollywood"; it offered an eclectic mix of American cuisine along with the original Cobb Salad the recipe for which was found in the kitchen during the renovation.

    A few hand-painted wall tiles from the original Hollywood Brown Derby are held by the Jurus family, who started Premieres of Hollywood. It was closed in and demolished shortly afterwards. The building that formerly housed the Los Feliz Brown Derby at Los Feliz Boulevard was the only remaining structure in the former chain that was still in operation as a restaurant into the s.

    Film mogul Cecil B. DeMille , a part owner of the Wilshire Blvd. It uniquely combined a formal restaurant with a dramatic domed ceiling with a more casual drive-in cafe outside. The building is currently a bank. In , it was purchased by actor Michael St. Angel aka Steve Flagg and became Michaels of Los Feliz, [25] and in , after several other restaurants, it was transformed into a nightclub known as The Derby. In the late s, it became one of the centers of the resurgence of swing dancing , which launched the careers of modern swing bands such as Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Johnny Crawford.

    An independent coalition called "Save The Derby" fought to prevent the demolition, and, on May 19, , the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to designate the entire structure an official Historic Cultural Monument of the City of Los Angeles. In January , the nightclub closed its doors.