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This study goes through the process of determining the sensor position in order to observe the transition area by using a computational fluid dynamics CFD statistic approach. The validation of the laminar to turbulent transition position is carried out with a series of wind tunnel tests. A structural test has been executed in order to validate the wing structure. This Master's thesis shows the data acquisition system for the microstrain measurement installed inside the morphing wing. A hardware and software architecture description is developed and presented as well as the practical results.

Mesure de haute resolution de la fonction de distribution radiale du silicium amorphe pur. Cette these porte sur l'etude de la structure du silicium amorphe prepare par irradiation ionique. Elle presente des mesures de diffraction de rayons X sur de la poudre de silicium cristallin, du silicium amorphe relaxe et non relaxe, ainsi que tous les developpements mathematiques et physiques necessaires pour extraire la fonction de distribution radiale correspondant a chaque echantillon. Au Chapitre I, nous presentons une methode de fabrication de membranes minces de silicium amorphe pur.

Il y a deux etapes majeures lors du processus de fabrication: l'implantation ionique, afin de creer une couche amorphe de plusieurs microns et l'attaque chimique, pour enlever le reste du materiau cristallin. Nous avons caracterise premierement les membranes de silicium amorphe par spectroscopie Raman pour verifier qu'il ne reste plus de trace de materiau cristallin dans les films amorphes.

Une deuxieme caracterisation par detection de recul elastique ERD-TOF sur ces memes membranes a montre qu'il y a moins de 0. Au Chapitre II, nous proposons une nouvelle methode de correction de la contribution inelastique "Compton" des spectres de diffusion totale afin d'extraire les pics de diffusion elastique, responsable de la diffraction de Bragg. L'article presente tout d'abord une description simplifiee d'une theorie sur la diffusion inelastique dite "Impulse Approximation" IA qui permet de calculer des profils de Compton en fonction de l'energie et de l'angle de diffusion 2theta.

Ces profils sont utilises comme fonction de lissage de la diffusion Compton experimentale. Pour lisser les pics de diffusion elastique, nous avons utilise une fonction pic de nature asymetrique. Aux Chapitre III, nous exposons de maniere detaillee les resultats des experiences de diffraction de rayons X sur les membranes de silicium amorphe et la poudre de silicium cristallin que nous avons preparees. Nous abordons aussi les. This site was used in conjunction with animal studies involving the biological effects of radionuclides specifically plutonium associated with Operation Roller Coaster.

According to field records, a hardened layer of livestock feces ranging from 2.

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Other historical records indicate that other areas may still be covered with animal feces, but heavy vegetation now covers it. It is possible that radionuclides are present in this layer, given the history of operations in this area. Chemicals of concern may include plutonium and depleted uranium. Surface soil sampling was conducted on February 18, An evaluation of historical documentation indicated that plutonium should not be and depleted uranium could not be present at levels significantly above background as the result of test animals being penned at the site.

The results of the analysis indicated that plutonium levels of the feces and surface soil were not significantly elevated above background. Testing Consent Order for Sodium Cyanide. Twenty-four French-speaking students in a northeast Ontario Canada elementary school were administered an intelligence test in grades three, five, and eight. Significant differences among the three testings raise concerns about the practice of intelligence testing among cultural minority populations. Such tests should not be administered to all…. Mapping for the management of diffuse pollution risks related to agricultural plant protection practices: case of the Etang de l'Or catchment area in France.

Faced with health, environmental, and socio-economic issues related to the heavy use of pesticides, diffuse phytosanitary pollution becomes a major concern shared by all the field actors. These actors, namely the farmers and territorial managers, have expressed the need to implement decision support tools for the territorial management of diffuse pollution resulting from the plant protection practices and their impacts.

To meet these steadily increasing requests, a cartographic analysis approach was implemented based on GIS which allows the spatialization of the diffuse pollution impacts related to plant protection practices on the Etang de l'Or catchment area in the South of France. Risk mapping represents a support-decision tool that enables the different field actors to identify and locate vulnerable areas, so as to determine action plans and agri-environmental measures depending on the context of the natural environment.

This work shows that mapping is helpful for managing risks related to the use of pesticides in agriculture by employing indicators of pressure TFI and risk on the applicator's health IRSA and on the environment IRTE. These indicators were designed to assess the impact of plant protection practices at various spatial scales field, farm, etc. The cartographic analysis of risks related to plant protection practices shows that diffuse pollution is unequally located in the North known for its abundant garrigues and vineyards and in the South of the Etang de l'Or catchment area the Mauguio-Lunel agricultural plain known for its diversified cropping systems.

This spatial inequity is essentially related to land use and agricultural production system. Consequently, this cartographic analysis helps the territorial actors with the implementation of strategies for managing risks of diffuse pollution related to pesticides use in agriculture, based on environmental and.

The work described here corresponds to one piece of a larger effort to increase material usage efficiency during DU processing operations. In order to achieve this goal, multiple technologies and approaches are being tested. These technologies occupy a spectrum of technology readiness levels TRLs. Plasma arc melting PAM is one of the technologies being investigated. PAM utilizes a high temperature plasma to melt materials. Depending on process conditions, there are potential opportunities for recycling and material reclamation.

This report describes the existing results, promising techniques, and the process of bringing this technology back to readiness at LANL. Cri du Chat syndrome. The Cri du Chat syndrome CdCS is a genetic disease resulting from a deletion of variable size occurring on the short arm of chromosome 5 5p-. The incidence ranges from , to , live-born infants. The main clinical features are a high-pitched monochromatic cry, microcephaly, broad nasal bridge, epicanthal folds, micrognathia, abnormal dermatoglyphics, and severe psychomotor and mental retardation. Malformations, although not very frequent, may be present: cardiac, neurological and renal abnormalities, preauricular tags, syndactyly, hypospadias, and cryptorchidism.

Molecular cytogenetic analysis has allowed a cytogenetic and phenotypic map of 5p to be defined, even if results from the studies reported up to now are not completely in agreement. Genotype-phenotype correlation studies showed a clinical and cytogenetic variability. The identification of phenotypic subsets associated with a specific size and type of deletion is of diagnostic and prognostic relevance.

Specific growth and psychomotor development charts have been established. Deletion of the telomerase reverse transcriptase hTERT gene, localised to 5p The critical regions were recently refined by using array comparative genomic hybridisation. The cat-like cry critical region was further narrowed using quantitative polymerase chain reaction PCR and three candidate genes were characterised in this region.

The diagnosis is based on typical clinical manifestations. Karyotype analysis and, in doubtful cases, FISH analysis will confirm the diagnosis. There is no specific therapy for CdCS but early rehabilitative and educational interventions improve the prognosis and considerable progress has been made in. L'Aventure du LHC. La construction du LHC fut longue et difficile. Echantillons du travail ecrit des eleves. Francais 6e annee, teste de rendement, juin Sample of the Written Work of Students. This collection of student essays provides illustrations of the criteria used to grade the composition portion of the sixth-grade achievement test used in Alberta Canada.

An introductory section describes the procedures for selecting the essays used, establishing scoring norms, and scoring the tests , and offers general comments on the writing…. Poumon du puisatier. Le puisatier a pour profession le creusement et l'entretien des puits pour fournir de l'eau.

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Elle retentit sur la fonction respiratoire. Les materiaux composites sont de plus en plus utilises dans des domaines tels que l'aerospatiale, les voitures a hautes performances et les equipements sportifs, pour en nommer quelques-uns. Des etudes ont demontre qu'une exposition a l'humidite nuit a la resistance des composites en favorisant l'initiation et la propagation du delaminage. Etude de l'affaiblissement du comportement mecanique du pergelisol du au rechauffement climatique.

Le rechauffement climatique predit pour les prochaines decennies, aura des impacts majeurs sur le pergelisol qui sont tres peu documentes pour l'instant. La presente etude a pour but d'evaluer ces impacts sur les proprietes mecaniques du pergelisol et sa stabilite a long terme. Une nouvelle technique d'essai de penetration au cone a taux de deformation controle, a ete developpee pour caracteriser en place le pergelisol.

Ces essais geotechniques et la mesure de differentes proprietes physiques ont ete effectues sur une butte de pergelisol au cours du printemps Conclusion Le taux. Ces observations se font dans le domaine ultraviolet, au moyen d'observatoires spatiaux. Etude des phenomenes dynamiques ultrarapides et des caracteristiques impulsionnelles d'emission terahertz du supraconducteur YBCO.

Dans le meilleur scenario, ces temps caracteristiques devraient correspondre a ceux evalues grace a la modelisation des antennes. Un bon controle des parametres de croissance des couches minces supraconductrices et de fabrication du dispositif nous a permis de realiser des antennes d'emission terahertz possedant d'excellentes caracteristiques en terme de largeur de bande d'emission typiquement 3 THz exploitables pour des applications de spectroscopie resolue dans le domaine temporel. Le modele developpe et retenu pour le lissage du spectre terahertz decrit bien les caracteristiques de l'antenne supraconductrice pour tous les parametres d'operation.

Toutefois, le lien avec la technique pompe-sonde lors de la comparaison des proprietes intrinseques n'est pas direct malgre que les deux techniques montrent que le temps de relaxation des porteurs augmente pres de la temperature critique. Les donnees en pompe-sonde indiquent que la mesure du temps de relaxation depend de la frequence de la sonde, ce qui complique la correspondance des proprietes intrinseques entre les deux techniques. De meme, le temps de relaxation extrait a partir du spectre de l'antenne terahertz augmente en s'approchant de la temperature critique T c de YBa2Cu 3O7-delta.

Le travail presente dans cette these permet de mieux decrire les caracteristiques des antennes supraconductrices a haute temperature critique et de les relier aux proprietes intrinseques du materiau qui les compose. De plus, cette these presente les parametres a ajuster comme le courant applique, la puissance de. La resolution de l'equation de Boltzmann demeure une etape importante dans la prediction du comportement d'un reacteur nucleaire. Malheureusement, la resolution de cette equation presente toujours un defi pour une geometrie complexe reacteur tout comme pour une geometrie simple cellule.

Ainsi, pour predire le comportement d'un reacteur nucleaire,un schema de calcul a deux etapes est necessaire. La premiere etape consiste a obtenir les parametres nucleaires d'une cellule du reacteur apres une etape d'homogeneisation et condensation. La deuxieme etape consiste en un calcul de diffusion pour tout le reacteur en utilisant les resultats de la premiere etape tout en simplifiant la geometrie du reacteur a un ensemble de cellules homogenes le tout entoure de reflecteur.

Lors des transitoires accident , ces deux etapes sont insuffisantes pour pouvoir predire le comportement du reacteur. Comme la resolution de l'equation de Boltzmann dans sa forme dependante du temps presente toujours un defi de taille pour tous types de geometries,un autre schema de calcul est necessaire. Afin de contourner cette difficulte, l'hypothese adiabatique est utilisee.

Elle se concretise en un schema de calcul a quatre etapes. La premiere et deuxieme etapes demeurent les memes pour des conditions nominales du reacteur. La troisieme etape se resume a obtenir les nouvelles proprietes nucleaires de la cellule a la suite de la perturbation pour les utiliser, au niveau de la quatrieme etape, dans un nouveau calcul de reacteur et obtenir l'effet de la perturbation sur le reacteur.

Ce projet vise a verifier cette hypothese. Ainsi, un nouveau schema de calcul a ete defini. La premiere etape de ce projet a ete de creer un nouveau logiciel capable de resoudre l'equation de Boltzmann dependante du temps par la methode stochastique Monte Carlo dans le but d'obtenir des sections efficaces qui evoluent dans le temps. Ce code a ete utilise pour simuler un accident LOCA dans un reacteur nucleaire de type. La prise en charge est multidisciplinaire. The literature shows substantial differences in occupational exposures between men and women, both between and within occupations, but remains very sparse on whether interventions are tailored to gender differences in the workplace.

Our objective was to determine whether gender differences are taken into account when designing prevention interventions. This study is part of a project on the evaluation of interventions implemented in the framework of the "Healthy Enterprise" standard in Quebec organizations. Three sets of quantitative and qualitative data were collected in seven organizations and triangulated. Our results show that in the process of elaborating and implementing activities, the main objectives were to reach a maximum number of workers and meet the needs identified in a health and risk diagnosis.

Activities were not tailored to the needs of specific subgroups of employees, such as gender or age. Not distinguishing men's and women's situations in this diagnosis may play a role in intervention design. Development and evaluation of a LOR -based image reconstruction with 3D system response modeling for a PET insert with dual-layer offset crystal design. In this study we present a method of 3D system response calculation for analytical computer simulation and statistical image reconstruction for a magnetic resonance imaging MRI compatible positron emission tomography PET insert system that uses a dual-layer offset DLO crystal design.

The general analytical system response functions SRFs for detector geometric and inter-crystal penetration of coincident crystal pairs are derived first. The determination of which detector blocks are intersected by a gamma ray is made by calculating the intersection of the ray with virtual cylinders with radii just inside the inner surface and just outside the outer-edge of each crystal layer of the detector ring. This algorithm can be applied to any system geometry using either single-layer SL or multi-layer array design with or without offset crystals.

For effective data organization, a direct lines of response LOR -based indexed histogram-mode method is also presented in this work. SRF calculation is performed on-the-fly in both forward and back projection procedures during each iteration of image reconstruction, with acceleration through use of eight-fold geometric symmetry and multi-threaded parallel computation. To validate the proposed methods, we performed a series of analytical and Monte Carlo computer simulations for different system geometry and detector designs.

The full-width-at-half-maximum of the numerical SRFs in both radial and tangential directions are calculated and compared for various system designs. By inspecting the sinograms obtained for different detector geometries, it can be seen that the DLO crystal. DOI U. Source: U. Pru du 2S albumin or Pru du vicilin? A short partial sequence of 28 amino acids is all the information we have so far about the putative allergen 2S albumin from almond. The aim of this work was to analyze this information using mainly bioinformatics tools, in order to verify its rightness. Based on the results reported in the paper describing this allergen from almond, we analyzed the original data of amino acids sequencing through available software.

The degree of homology of the almond 12kDa protein with any other known 2S albumin appears to be much lower than the one reported in the paper that firstly described it. In a publicly available cDNA library we discovered an expressed sequence tag which translation generates a protein that perfectly matches both of the sequencing outputs described in the same paper.

A further analysis indicated that the latter protein seems to belong to the vicilin superfamily rather than to the prolamin one. The fact that also vicilins are seed storage proteins known to be highly allergenic would explain the IgE reactivity originally observed. Based on our observations we suggest that the IgE reactive 12kDa protein from almond currently known as Pru du 2S albumin is in reality the cleaved N-terminal region of a 7S vicilin like protein.

All rights reserved. Cirque du Monde as a health intervention. Study selection The first 50 articles or websites identified for each key word in each of the databases were examined on the basis of their titles and abstracts in the case of articles, and on the basis of their titles and page content in the case of websites. Articles and websites that explored an aspect of social circuses or that described an intervention that involved circuses were then retained for analysis. Because all literature on social circuses was searched, no criterion for year of publication was used. Synthesis No articles on the social circus as a health intervention were found.

One study on the use of the circus as an intervention in schools was identified. It demonstrated an increase in self-esteem in the children who took part. One study on the use of the circus in a First Nations community was found; it contained nonspecific, qualitative findings. The other articles identified were merely descriptions of social circuses. One website was identified on the use of the social circus to help youth who had been treated in a hospital setting for major psychiatric disorders to re-enter the community.

The unpublished preliminary findings of its pilot project demonstrate substantial improvements in overall patient. Le spectre des missions Belanger drdc Comparable performance between the BAX system and the reference methods was observed. Inclusivity and exclusivity for the BAX system Q7 instrument were also established by testing 50 Salmonella strains and 20 non-Salmonella isolates.

All Salmonella strains returned positive results, and all non-Salmonella isolates returned a negative response. The cooperating laboratories must perform the assay exactly as stated in the supplied instructions. Each laboratory must test a panel of at least 25 known positive clinical samples supplied by the Progressive symmetric erythrokeratodermia PSEK is characterized by symmetric and growing erythematous hyperkeratotic patches over the body shortly after birth, particularly trunk and limbs, the buttocks, and the face, sometimes together with palmoplantar keratoderma PPK.

This study aimed to identify sequence alteration of these genes in a Chinese PSEK patient with pseudoainhum. Genomic DNA was purified from the patient's peripheral blood. Mutation analysis of target genes was performed by direct sequencing using ABI sequencer No exonic mutations was identified in the aforementioned genes.

The result underlines the genetic heterogeneity of PSEK and other related erythrokeratodermas. Diagnostic et traitement du prurit. Reported are the results of a multicentre study involving 40 laboratories that was carried out in France to assess all the currently available methods used for the serodiagnosis of toxoplasmosis. For this purpose 10 batches of control sera were prepared with titres in the range IU per ml. These sera were tested in nine laboratories using immunofluorescence methods; in three laboratories using dye tests ; in forty laboratories using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay; in four laboratories using direct agglutination and haemagglutination; in seven laboratories using the high-sensitivity IgG agglutination test ; and in three laboratories using the latex agglutination test.

In this way, 70 series of titrations were carried out using seven procedures and the results were compared with those obtained using the WHO reference serum in 15 cases, with the French national E6 serum in 16 other cases, and in 39 cases using 15 reference sera supplied by the reagent manufacturers. Rigorous comparison of the tests was not possible in all cases because one aim of the study was to ensure that the tests were carried out under the usual working conditions that prevailed in the participating laboratories.

The results obtained indicate that the serological tests currently available for toxoplasmosis are acceptable for its serodiagnosis. Presentation of the titres in IU has advantages; however, caution is required since the definition of IU varies according to the test and reagents used. It is therefore essential that the conditions and limits for a positive reaction be carefully defined in each case, especially for commercially available kits.

States that despite being located in the midst of public housing projects, the school's newspaper is thriving where others in similar circumstances have failed. Describes how the school's principal and an advisor revitalized and…. Prejudice: From Allport to Du Bois. Examines the differences between Gordon Allport's and W. Du Bois's theories on the origins of prejudice and the impact of discrimination on the personality and social development of blacks. The article argues that prejudice is a historically developed process, not a universal feature of human psychology.

Implications for U. Attenuation laws are widely used in order to estimate the peak ground acceleration that may occur at a given locality during an earthquake, for hazard evaluation purposes. However, these simplified laws should be regarded acceptable only in the first approximation, because numerous significant parameters at the local and regional scales are often ignored.

We examined the relationship between distance and peak acceleration based on examples from the dense accelerometric network of Taiwan, specifically for the Chichi destructive earthquake. We thus observed significant discrepancies between the predicted and observed accelerations, resulting from 1 near-field saturation, 2 amplification in sedimentary basins, and 3 hanging wall effect.

We mapped the residual accelerations difference between observed and predicted peak ground accelerations. This highlights the role of the regional structure, independently revealed by the geological analysis, as a significant factor that controls the transmission of the seismic accelerations. Prevision des besoins en main-d'oeuvre du secteur de l'information. Fifty-five information science educators, administrators, and specialists from 22 countries assembled to discuss and debate the following themes: identification of characteristics of work done in the information sector; analysis of the educational needs of the information professional; the role of information professionals in national development;….

Two-generation reproductive toxicity study of implanted depleted uranium DU in CD rats. Depleted uranium DU munitions and armor plating have been used in several conflicts over the last 17 yr, including the Persian Gulf War and the Iraq War. Because of its effectiveness and availability, DU will continue to be used in military applications into the foreseeable future. There is much controversy over the use of DU in weapons and equipment because of its potential radiological and toxic hazards, and there is concern over the chronic adverse health effects of embedded DU shrapnel in war veterans and bystanders.

This study evaluated the effects of long-term implantation of DU on the reproductive success of F0 generation adults and development and survival of subsequent F1 and F2 generations in a two-generation reproductive toxicity study. F0 generation Sprague-Dawley rats, 8 wk of age, were surgically implanted with 0, 4, 8, 12, or 20 DU pellets 1 x 2 mm. Inert implant control animals were implanted with 12 or 20 tantallum Ta pellets. The F0 generation was then mated at d post DU implantation. In the F0 generation, when measured on postimplantation d 27 and , uranium was present in the urine of DU -implanted animals in a dose-dependent manner.

F0 reproductive success was similar across treatment groups and the maternal retrieval test revealed no changes in maternal behavior. DU implantation exerted no effect on the survival, health, or well-being of the F0 generation. Necropsy results of F0 animals were negative with the exception of a marked inflammatory response surrounding the implanted DU pellets. For the F1 generation, measures of F1 development through postnatal day PND 20 were unremarkable and no gross abnormalities were observed in F1 offspring.

Body weight and body weight gain of F1 rats through PND were similar across treatment. Thermoplastic composite parts manufacture at Du Pont. Low-cost routes to the manufacture of complex shaped composite parts have been defined using metal forming techniques and Du Pont's long discontinuous fiber LDF Technology.

These manufacturing techniques include roll forming, stretch forming, and press forming. Near equivalence between the static, dynamic, and damage tolerance properties of LDF and continuous fiber composites have been demonstrated. Several examples are cited which demonstrate the potential for this technology to significantly reduce the cost of aerospace components. Sustainable growth, the Du Pont way. Like many manufacturers, Du Pont traditionally has grown by making more and more "stuff. Over the years, though, Du Pont became aware that cheap supplies of nonrenewable resources wouldn't be endlessly available and that the earth's ecosystems couldn't indefinitely absorb the waste and emissions of production and consumption.

Chad Holliday, chairman and CEO of Du Pont, believes strongly in the challenge of sustainable growth and makes the business case for it: By using creativity and scientific knowledge effectively, he says, companies can provide strong returns for shareholders and grow their businesses--while also meeting the human needs of societies around the world and reducing the environmental footprint of their operations and products.

In fact, a focus on sustainability can help identify new products, markets, partnerships, and intellectual property and lead to substantial business growth. Holliday describes how Du Pont developed a three-pronged strategy to translate the concept of sustainability into nuts-and-bolts business practices. Focusing on integrated science, knowledge intensity, and productivity improvement, the strategy was accompanied by a new way to measure progress quantitatively. Sustainable growth should be viewed not as a program for stepped-up environmental performance but as a comprehensive way of doing business, one that delivers tremendous economic value and opens up new opportunities.

Ultimately, companies will find that they can generate substantial business value through sustainability while both enhancing the quality of life around the world and protecting the environment. Pyramidal signs were also present. He was only mildly retarded mentally. Psychological testing showed that he had a severe deficit for number processing, and also constructional apraxia. Surprisingly, his vocabulary was quite good, as was his reading capacity. Chromosome analysis showed a very small deletion of the short arm of the group B chromosome. In infancy this diagnosis may be suspected because of the high-pitched cry and attacks of stridor and choking.

In late childhood, when the signs may be only of a neurological disorder, its recognition may be difficult without confirmation from chromosome studies. The neurological features of this disease are reviewed. Images PMID Comparative study on Du Pont analysis and DEA models for measuring stock performance using financial ratio.

Determining stock performance using financial ratio is challenging for many investors and researchers. Financial ratio can indicate the strengths and weaknesses of a company's stock performance. There are five categories of financial ratios namely liquidity, efficiency, leverage, profitability and market ratios. It is important to interpret the ratio correctly for proper financial decision making. The study is conducted in involving consumer products companies listed in Bursa Malaysia. The estimation method of Data Envelopment Analysis computes the efficiency scores and ranks the companies accordingly.

The Du Pont analysis is a traditional tool for measuring the operating performance of companies. In this study, Du Pont analysis is used to evaluate three different aspects such as profitability, efficiency of assets utilization and financial leverage. This study finds that both analysis models provide different rankings of the selected samples.

Hypothesis testing based on Pearson's correlation, indicates that there is no correlation between rankings produced by DEA and Du Pont analysis. The method cannot provide complete ranking because the values of Balance Index is equal and zero. La reconstruction du sourcil par greffon composite du cuir chevelu: une astuce pour faciliter la technique. Maladie de Castleman: localisation inhabituelle du thorax. La maladie de Castleman est une affection rare qui peut toucher le thorax.

La localisation diaphragmatique est exceptionnelle. Analysis of Du Pont and Kodak duplicating films and chemistries in a Fultron spray processor. A test program was conducted with du Pont duplicating film type SR and SCOLOR developer and Kodak duplicating film types , , and FE SO and MX developer to determine sensitometric and image quality characteristics of these materials when used with a fultron spray processor. The test results show that the SCOLOR developer foams excessively in the fultron processor when used with or without the addition of an antifoaming agent.

Sensitometric curves and granularity traces for all film process combinations tested are included. The Pic du Midi solar survey. These images cover a large field: 1. In the near future we plan to provide radial velocity maps of the disc and polarimetry maps of the disk and corona. This survey took its present form in and we plan to maintain image acquisition in the same or better experimental conditions for a long period: one or several solar cycles if possible. During the partial solar eclipse of March 20, , the CLIMSO instruments and the staff at Pic du Midi operating it have provided several millions internet users with real time images of the Sun and Moon during all the phenomenon.

We analyzed purification mechanisms of silicon by inductive plasma with a fluoride slag. The aim is to study boron elimination from doped electronic grade silicon in function of the nature of the slag to obtain a photovoltaic grade silicon. The steady began with the calculation and the comparison of the stability diagram of boron compounds in presence of CaF2, BaF2 and MgF2. This study led us to conclude that BaF2 is the better slag for silicon purification. This has been confirmed by experience. In a second time, we made purifications under electric bias to enhance slag efficiency.

We noticed that BaF2 is more sensitive to electric bias than other slags. Elles sont souvent graves dans leurs formes majeures, leur prise en charge est lourde avec un grand impact psycho-social sur les patients et leur famille. The Pan African Medical Journal. Brain stem hypoplasia associated with Cri- du -Chat syndrome. Cri- du -Chat syndrome, also called the 5p-syndrome, is a rare genetic abnormality, and only few cases have been reported on its brain MRI findings.

We describe the magnetic resonance imaging findings of a 1-year-old girl with Cri- du -Chat syndrome who showed brain stem hypoplasia, particularly in the pons, with normal cerebellum and diffuse hypoplasia of the cerebral hemispheres. We suggest that Cri- du -Chat syndrome chould be suspected in children with brain stem hypoplasia, particularly for those with high-pitched cries. Carte du Ciel, San Fernando zone. An updated summary of a future large astrometric catalogue is presented, based on the two most important astrometric projects carried out by the Real Instituto y Observatorio de la Armada de San Fernando ROA.

New techniques have been applied, that range from using a commercial flatbed scanner to the proper reduction schemes to avoid systematics from it. Only thirty plates out of remain to be processed, due to scanning problems that are being solved. Diagnostic et prise en charge du psoriasis. However, there is a significant gap between the officially stated goals of such sites and the reality of life within them. This paper draws on research finding that the conditions in most dedicated caravan sites do not conform with the rights of gens du voyage to acceptable sanitary conditions and other underlying determinants of health.

Genetics Home Reference: cri- du -chat syndrome. Pinkel D. High-resolution mapping of genotype-phenotype relationships in cri du chat syndrome using array comparative Testing Testing Testing. Articles in this special section consider 1 flow in test taking Craig Deville ; 2 testwiseness Thomas O'Neill ; 3 test length Benjamin Wright ; 4 cross-language test equating Richard W.

Two of them are probably Cenozoic and Permian remagnetisations. The third component determined by both well defined ChRMs and remagnetisation circles analysis passes the fold test. Because the folding started before or during the Stephano-Autunian, this third component is the primary magnetisation.

Its palaeomagnetic pole To cite this article: B. Bayou et al. Geoscience Efavirenz Du Pont Pharmaceuticals Co. Efavirenz is the lead compound of a series of benzoxazinones originally developed by Du Pont Merck. The two companies decided to continue to share marketing rights to Sustiva to be marketed by Merck as Stocrin outside the US, Canada, and certain European countries []. As of October , triple combination studies of efavirenz were ongoing, or planned, with nelfinavir, indinavir or ritonavir, or other retroviral inhibitors, for the treatment of opportunistic and pediatric viral infections [].

In March , Merck signed a letter of intent with Trimeris to conduct a trial of efavirenz in combination with Trimeris's HIV fusion inhibitor, T, qv. All enrolled patients will be those who have begun to fail their existing triple combination therapy. Prior exposure to NNRTIs and protease inhibitors, other than indinavir, will be among the exclusion criteria for the study. The first 10 days of the study were planned as a dose-optimization period to assess the safety, pharmacokinetics and antiviral activity of multiple ascending doses.

Spectropolarimetry at Pic du Midi Observatory. The 2m Telescope Bernard Lyot TBL is now fully dedicated to spectropolarimetric studies with the NARVAL instrument, which covers in a unique exposure the nm spectral range with a spectral resolution of 65,, and gives access to the 4 Stokes parameters. This lead to significant progress in our understanding of magnetism over the whole HR diagram, thanks to detections down to the Gauss level and the continuous follow-up of stars during many years.

I will present illustrative recent results obtained with the NARVAL instrument, as well as the future instrumentation. Utilisation de l'essai comete et du biomarqueur gamma-H2AX pour detecter les dommages induits a l'ADN cellulaire par le 5-bromodeoxyuridine post-irradiation. Ce memoire est presente a la Faculte de medecine et des sciences de la sante de l'Universite de Sherbrooke en vue de l'obtention du grade de maitre es sciences M. Un jury a revise les informations contenues dans ce memoire.

Il etait compose de professeurs de la Faculte de medecine et des sciences de la sante soit : Darel Hunting PhD, directeur de recherche departement de medecine nucleaire et radiobiologie , Leon Sanche PhD, directeur de recherche departement de medecine nucleaire et radiobiologie , Richard Wagner PhD, membre du programme departement de medecine nucleaire et radiobiologie et Guylain Boissonneault PhD, membre exterieur au programme departement de biochimie. Le 5-bromodeoxyuridine BrdU , un analogue halogene de la thymidine reconnu depuis les annees 60 comme etant un excellent radiosensibilisateur.

L'hypothese la plus repandue au sujet de l'effet radio sensibilisant du BrdU est qu'il augmente le nombre de cassures simple et double brin lorsqu'il est incorpore dans l'ADN de la cellule et expose aux radiations ionisantes. Toutefois, de nouvelles recherches semblent remettre en question les observations precedentes. Ces dernieres etudes ont confirme que le BrdU est un bon radiosensibilisateur, car il augmente les dommages radio-induits dans l'ADN. Ces recherches ont egalement revele pour la premiere fois un nouveau type de dommages produits lors de l'irradiation de l'ADN contenant du BrdU : les dimeres interbrins.

Pour ce faire, les essais cometes et la detection des foci H2AX phosphorylee pourraient permettre d'etablir les effets engendres par. Des signes urinaires peuvent aussi accompagner cette douleur. Processing of next generation weather radar-multisensor precipitation estimates and quantitative precipitation forecast data for the Du Page County streamflow simulation system. The U. Geological Survey, in cooperation with Du Page County Stormwater Management Department, is testing a near real-time streamflow simulation system that assists in the management and operation of reservoirs and other flood-control structures in the Salt Creek and West Branch Du Page River drainage basins in Du Page County, Illinois.

As part of this effort, the U. Geological Survey maintains a database of hourly meteorological and hydrologic data for use in this near real-time streamflow simulation system. Among these data are next generation weather radar-multisensor precipitation estimates and quantitative precipitation forecast data, which are retrieved from the North Central River Forecasting Center of the National Weather Service.

The Du Page County streamflow simulation system uses these quantitative precipitation forecast data to create streamflow predictions for the two simulated drainage basins. This report discusses in detail how these data are processed for inclusion in the Watershed Data Management files used in the streamflow simulation system for the Salt Creek and West Branch Du Page River drainage basins. In southeastern Minnesota, Paleozoic bedrock aquifers have typically been represented in groundwater flow simulations as isotropic, porous media.

To obtain a more accurate hydrogeologic characterization of the Ordovician Prairie du Chien Group, a new approach was tested , combining detailed geologic observations, particularly of secondary porosity, with hydraulic data. Lithologic observations of the depositional and erosional history of the carbonate-dominated bedrock unit constrained characterization of both primary matrix and secondary porosity from outcrops and core. Hydrostratigraphic data include outcrop and core observations along with core plug permeability tests.

Hydrogeologic data include discrete interval aquifer tests , borehole geophysics, water chemistry and isotope data, and dye trace studies. Results indicate that the Prairie du Chien Group can be subdivided into the Shakopee aquifer at the top, consisting of interbedded dolostone, sandstone and shale, and the underlying Oneota confining unit consisting of thickly bedded dolostone.

The boundary between these two hydrogeologic units does not correspond to lithostratigraphic boundaries, as commonly presumed. Groundwater flow in the Shakopee aquifer is primarily through secondary porosity features, most commonly solution-enlarged bedding planes and sub-horizontal and vertical fractures. Regional scale preferential development of cavernous porosity and permeability along specific stratigraphic intervals that correspond to paleokarst were also identified, along with a general depiction of the distribution of vertical and horizontal fractures.

The combination of outcrop and core investigations, along with borehole geophysics, discrete interval aquifer tests , water chemistry and isotope data and dye trace studies show that the Prairie du Chien Group is best represented hydrogeologically as heterogeneous and anisotropic. Furthermore, heterogeneity and anisotropy within the Prairie du Chien Group is mappable.

Le kyste hydatique du cordon spermatique: une localisation exceptionnelle. La plupart des kystes hydatiques se localisent dans le foie et les poumons. Les auteurs rapportent dans cet article un nouveau cas d'hydatidose du cordon spermatique. Du Pont manufactured a variety of products at the plant including, photographic films, automotive paints, pigments, adhesives, thinners,.

Le logiciel SPSS v. Du Pont. Robert L. Du Pont, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse NIDA , made headlines recently when he became one of the first Administration officials publicly to recommend a liberalization of marihuana laws. The occasion was a press conference accompanying the release of Marihuana and Health, NIDA's fifth annual report to the Congress on marihuana research. Recently, Science talked with Du Pont and asked him to elaborate on those views. Du Pont, a year-old Harvard M.

He held that position until the office was terminated on 30 June Du Bois and the Concepts of Race and Class. Summarizes and analyzes W. Du Bois's publications on race and class, particularly as he observed the relationships between White and Black Americans from about to the s.

Contends that Du Bois's work has been seriously underrated and cites William J. Wilson's work as corroborating and extending Du Bois's theories. This method consists of the electrolytic dissolution of irradiated uranium foil in sodium bicarbonate solution, followed by precipitation of base-insoluble fission and activation products, and uranyl-carbonate species with CaO.

The addition of CaO is vital for the effective anion exchange separation of 99MoO 4 2- from the fission products, since most of the interfering anions e. The electrochemical dissolver has been designed and fabricated in stainless-steel SS , and tested for the dissolution of a full-size depleted uranium DU target, wrapped in Al foil. Effets thermoelectrique et thermomagnetique du yttrium barium copper oxide monocristallin.

Des la decouverte des supraconducteurs a haute temperature critique, les recherches se sont intensifiees afin de comprendre les mecanismes qui sont a l'origine des proprietes de ces materiaux L'etat mixte, tout comme l'etat supraconducteur pur et l'etat normal, a fait l'objet de nombreux travaux de recherche. En particulier, la structure des vortex a l'etat mixte, et leur mouvement sous l'effet d'une force quelconque, etaient et restent le centre de preoccupation.

Les effets thermoelectrique Seebeck et thermomagnetique Nernst sont parmi les differentes mesures qui peuvent donner de l'information sur les etats des vortex a l'etat mixte. L'avantage essentiel de ces deux effets est l'absence d'un courant electrique applique. Ce dernier peut donner des perturbations indesirables durant les mesures.

D'autre pari, nous avons utilise la methode CA Courant Alternatif pour effectuer nos mesures. Cette methode est caracterisee par une meilleure resolution par rapport a la methode CC Courant Continu conventionnelle. Nous avons etudie autant des echantillons macles que des echantillons sans macles.

D'abord nous avons teste notre montage a champ magnetique nul. Nous avons alors montre que le pic rapporte par certains dans l'effet Seebeck a la transition supraconductrice ne correspond pas a une realite physique mais a un artefact experimental. On avait associe ce pic aux fluctuations. Par la suite, nous avons mis en evidence et etudie pour la premiere fois avec les effets Seebeck et Nernst le phenomene de la fusion du reseau de vortex grace a des mesures sur les echantillons sans macles.

Cette etude s'est faite pour deux concentrations d'oxygene differentes et pour un gradient de temperature parallele, consecutivement, aux deux axes cristallographiques dans le plan ab. Finalement, nous avons etudie l'effet des plans de maclage sur le mouvement des vortex. Pourfour du Petit PDP syndrome is a rare disorder characterized by ipsilateral mydriasis, eyelid retraction, and hemifacial hyperhidrosis caused by hyperactivity of the ipsilateral oculosympathetic pathway.

A case is presented of PDP syndrome associated with likely ipsilateral occipital neuralgia. We review the causes and co-morbidities and the clinical features of PDP. Les fibres en quartz, non protegees par un courant de gaz et placees au contact du tissu, peuvent etre utilisees pratiquement indefiniment grace a un "autonettoyage" et une "regenera-tion".

Elles provoquent des lesions tissulaires semblables a celles obtenues avec les fibres conventionnelles. However, very few studies have addressed the question whether all aspects of language production are equally afflicted, or whether there are differences between for instance phonological and morphological abilities. The present study was aimed at…. Du Bois: Reform, Will, and the Veil. While W. Du Bois is widely recognized for his contributions to the sociology of race, his contributions to the foundations of sociology are largely ignored.

His sociology is based on African American reformism, a version of pragmatism, and a contingent historicism. The basic view of sociology is one that emphasizes the role of chance and…. Consequences experimentales des effets des fluctuations du vide sur la fluorescence parametrique et la generation du second harmonique en milieu confine. Les fluctuations du vide, qui consistent en l'apparition momentanee de particules, ce qui est permit par le principe d'incertitude de Heisenberg, joue un role primordial dans les processus photoniques, en particulier les processus non-lineaires.

Par la manipulation de ces fluctuations du vide a l'aide de confinement optique, on retrouve deux phenomenes particuliers : l'intensification de la fluorescence parametrique Walker, et l'inhibition de la generation du second harmonique Collette, Dans ce travail, on presente les resultats dans le cas classique ; c'est-a-dire sans fluctuations du vide et confinement. Par la suite, on presente les effets des fluctuations du vide et du confinement, ce qui mene aux deux effets mentionnes.

Dans le cas de la fluorescence parametrique, le bruit quantique sur le champ interne et externe est calcule, le role du desaccord de phase dans le modele est expose et une generalisation tridimensionnelle est etudiee afin de generaliser la conception du modele d'un cas unidimensionnel a un cas tridimensionnel planaire. Dans le cas de la generation du second harmonique, les difficultes d'un modele purement tridimensionnel sont exposees et ensuite le cas limite planaire est etudie.

The nine schematic levels in the CD planning process are interconnected and progress from global and broad-based issues, answering such questions as why the college exists, to concrete levels…. Profil anatomopathologique du cancer du sein dans le cap bon tunisien. To promote competencies and lifelong learning, CEDEFOP has monitored development of lifelong learning skills, clarified main differences in the…. Geology and ground-water resources of Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin. The coefficients were verified by comparing computed water-level declines with actual declines.

The computed values were within about 30 percent of the actual values, a reasonable agreement for coefficients of this type. Probable declines of water levels by were computed, using the same coefficients of transmissibility and storage. If the distribution of wells and the rate of pumping remain the same in as they were in , the water levels will decline about 5 feet more by If, however, the distribution of pumped wells remains the same but the pumping by the city of Fond du Lac increases at a uniform rate from the 3 mgd million gallons per day pumped in to 5 mgd in , the water levels in will be at least 60 feet below those of Dispersal of wells to the northwest toward the recharge area would reduce the water-level declines.

The results of pumping tests , of test holes tapping the Niagara dolomite indicate that wells producing at least gpm gallons per minute could be developed east of the Niagara escarpment. Authors: Andrew Marks. Comments: Minor corrections and some reorganization of section 4. LO ; Combinatorics math. Comments: To appear in Stochastic Processes and their Applications. Title: On torsion in the cohomology of locally symmetric varieties. Authors: Peter Scholze. Comments: pages, final version.

NT ; Algebraic Geometry math. AG ; Representation Theory math. Comments: to appear in Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications. PR ; Functional Analysis math. IT ; Quantum Physics quant-ph. Title: Rectification of enriched infinity-categories. Authors: Rune Haugseng.

Comments: 52 pages. To appear in Algebraic and Geometric Topology.

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AT ; Category Theory math. PR ; Numerical Analysis math. Title: Random attractors for the stochastic Navier--Stokes equations on the 2D unit sphere. Comments: For some key definitions on random dynamical systems, please see arXiv Title: Irregular holonomic kernels and Laplace transform. Authors: Masaki Kashiwara , Pierre Schapira. Comments: 62 pages. AG ; Complex Variables math. Title: On the reducibility of exact covering systems. Authors: Ofir Schnabel. Authors: Xianping Li. Subjects: Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition cs. CV ; Numerical Analysis math. Khouzani , Saswati Sarkar , Ness B.

Shroff , Santosh S. DC ; Networking and Internet Architecture cs. NI ; Optimization and Control math. Comments: in French, 34 figures, les commentaires sont bienvenus! DS ; Discrete Mathematics cs. Title: A limit theorem for a 3-period time-dependent quantum walk. Authors: F. Comments: Quantum Information and Computation, Vol.

Subjects: Quantum Physics quant-ph ; Probability math. Authors: Florian Greinecker. Title: Numerical calculation of the Riemann zeta function at odd integer arguments: A direct formula method. Authors: Qiang Luo , Zhidan Wang. Authors: Jeffrey Streets. Comments: to appear Crelle's Journal.

Title: The set of uniquely ergodic IETs is path-connected. Authors: Jon Chaika , Sebastian Hensel. Comments: Major rewrite, argument reorganised and streamlined. DS ; Geometric Topology math. Title: A unified framework for linear dimensionality reduction in L1. Authors: Felix Krahmer , Rachel Ward. MG ; Numerical Analysis math. NA ; Probability math. Title: A topological approach to Cheeger-Gromov universal bounds for von Neumann rho-invariants. Comments: 47 pages, 7 figures.

Referee's comments incorporated. In particular some parts have been moved to spin-off papers, following referee's suggestion. To appear in Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics. GT ; Algebraic Topology math. AT ; Differential Geometry math. Title: Asymptotic structure and singularities in constrained directed graphs. Authors: David Aristoff , Lingjiong Zhu. Journal-ref: Stoch. PR ; Mathematical Physics math-ph ; Combinatorics math. Title: Free monoids and forests of rational numbers. Authors: Melvyn B.

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Comments: AMSLaTex, pages, 14 figures; v5: improved organization of the paper including a new short section with conclusions, the splitting of section 6. Authors: Pau Brustenga. Comments: 20 pages, fixed wrong lemma, results unchanged. Authors: Colin Benjamin. Comments: 8 pages and 8 figures with supplementary material. Subjects: Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics cond-mat. Title: Saturation in the Hypercube and Bootstrap Percolation. Authors: Natasha Morrison , Jonathan A. Noel , Alex Scott. Comments: 21 pages, 2 figures. To appear in Combinatorics, Probability and Computing.

Comments: 28 pages, 10 figures. Authors: Renato L. Cavalcante , Emmanuel Pollakis , Slawomir Stanczak. Title: Reducible deformations and smoothing of primitive multiple curves. Comments: 22 pages. To appear in Manuscripta Mathematica. Title: On the solutions to complex parameter-dependent LMIs involved in the stability analysis of 2D discrete models.

OC ; Systems and Control eess. Comments: 34 pages, no figures. Title: The Circular Unitary Ensemble and the Riemann zeta function: the microscopic landscape and a new approach to ratios. Comments: 71 pages; v1: New expanded version of arXiv Journal-ref: Invent. Authors: P. Comments: 6 pages LaTeX. IT ; Computational Complexity cs. CV ; Discrete Mathematics cs. Title: Spacetime algebra as a powerful tool for electromagnetism.

Authors: Justin Dressel , Konstantin Y. Bliokh , Franco Nori. Comments: pages, 20 tables, 7 figures. Journal-ref: Physics Reports , 8 August Subjects: Optics physics. Title: Duality between Eigenfunctions and Eigendistributions of Ruelle and Koopman operators via an integral kernel. Authors: Paolo Giulietti , Artur O. Lopes , Vincent Pit. DS ; Statistical Mechanics cond-mat. Title: Virtual braids and virtual curve diagrams.

Authors: Oleg Chterental. QA ; Geometric Topology math.

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Title: Weak error analysis for semilinear stochastic Volterra equations with additive noise. Title: Weighted noncommutative regular projective curves. Authors: Dirk Kussin. Comments: 59 pages, 4 figures, 3 tables. Several minor improvements, added reference. More general formulations of some results in Sec. Example 2. More details on insertion of weights in Title: Two step recovery of jointly sparse and low-rank matrices: theoretical guarantees. Comments: 4 pages, 4 figures, ISBI conference submission.

Comments: 36 pages. Added a section on lax representable functors and fixed some mistakes. CT ; Algebraic Topology math. Authors: Mikhail Goubko. Title: More on Cotton Flow. Comments: 22 pages, typos corrected, version to appear in JHEP. Title: On the energy-momentum tensor in Moyal space. Authors: Herbert Balasin , Daniel N.

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Blaschke , Francois Gieres , Manfred Schweda. Comments: 17 pages; v2: Review of known results on the EMT in Minkowski space removed, results concerning the different matter couplings in Moyal space revised and expanded; to appear in EPJC. Journal-ref: Eur. C, Title: Symbolic dynamics, automorphic functions, and Selberg zeta functions with unitary representations.

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Minor updates to this version will be available from the author's webpage. Comments welcome. Title: A note on the rigidity of marginally outer trapped 2-spheres. Authors: Gregory J. Comments: This paper has been withdrawn; it is superseded by the paper: arXiv Mendes, which combines the results of this paper with those in arXiv Authors: Craig Smith. ML ; Statistics Theory math. Title: A self-pairing theorem for tangle Floer homology. Authors: Ina Petkova , Vera Vertesi. Title: A quantitative geometric rigidity result in SBD. Authors: Manuel Friedrich , Bernd Schmidt. AP ; Materials Science cond-mat.

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    Part II: Existence. Title: Domains of analyticity of Lindstedt expansions of KAM tori in dissipative perturbations of Hamiltonian systems. Authors: Renato C. Calleja , Alessandra Celletti , Rafael de la Llave. Authors: Aleks Kleyn. Comments: English text - 34 pages; Russian text - 35 pages. Subjects: General Mathematics math. Authors: Boulat A. Title: Topological dynamics of the doubling map with asymmetrical holes. Authors: Rafael Alcaraz Barrera. Title: Homology and closure properties of autostackable groups. Title: Singular integrals, rank one perturbations and Clark model in general situation.

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    Han , G. Pan , B. Title: On the Equational Artinian Algebras. Modabberi , M. Comments: 10 pages, a theorem on ultrapowers is added. GR ; Logic math. Title: Bifurcating solutions of the Lichnerowicz equation. Title: On Factorization of Molecular Wavefunctions. Authors: Thierry Jecko , Brian T. Sutcliffe , R. Guy Woolley. Accepted for Publication August 24 Comments: 49 pages, 16 figures. Results of previous version unchanged; small results added in sections 4 and 5; section 4 underwent a major rewrite; small typos corrected throughout.

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    AP ; Complex Variables math. Subjects: History and Philosophy of Physics physics. Title: On some non linear evolution systems which are perturbations of Wasserstein gradient flows. Authors: Maxime Laborde. NT ; Discrete Mathematics cs. Title: Boundary concentrations on segments. Title: On hereditarily just infinite profinite groups obtained via iterated wreath products. Authors: Matteo Vannacci. Group Theory 19 , no. Title: A free boundary problem arising in PDE optimization. Title: Finite generation of iterated wreath products in product action.

    Updated version with some added references. Basel , no. Title: On the classificaction of irrational numbers. Title: Patterns in numbers and infinite sums and products. Authors: Yining Hu. Title: On an extremization problem concerning Fourier coefficients. Authors: Michael Christ. Title: On nearly radial product functions. Title: Free vs. Locally Free Kleinian Groups. Authors: Pekka Pankka , Juan Souto.

    Title: Near equality in the Riesz-Sobolev inequality in higher dimensions. Title: Layered posets and Kunen's universal collapse. Authors: Sean D. Comments: corrected proof of Lemma 4. Title: New lower bounds for the constants in the real polynomial Hardy--Littlewood inequality. Authors: W.

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