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Mantras from the Great Void by Carney & Janice Josephine

You might also like Hired's Switch to Subscription [Podcast]. A vibration of love envelopes you, a warm and glowing light. Buddhism teaches that we must abandon the illusory consciousness of ego.

But that is very difficult. What if we try thinking about it a different way? But when a soft breeze begins to blow and the spring sunlight shines down upon him, the traveler feels warmer and warmer, until, finally, without anyone asking him to, he naturally slips off his coat.

Bija Mantra - Nabhi e Void

The overcoat is illusion, the ego. The human intellect can never penetrate the realm of immeasurable life. But the heart can. This is realization. When we cast off the mind of ego, we realize it directly, through our own experience. There are many kinds of sutras, but all of them are condensed into this namu dai bosa. And this is condensed into mu ; and this into just zazen.

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Not only the many sutras are condensed into namu dai bosa— also the many shastras. Everything is condensed into this namu dai bosa. Not only the four-dimension world in which we human beings live—but also the five-, six-, and endless-dimension worlds are all condensed into this namu dai bosa. This untouchable, unthinkable, universal world is each one of us; not only each one of us, but each of our cells.

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Do you know how many cells there are in your body? How many? I have never counted them myself, but a scholar has said there are seventeen billion cells in the human body. And, of course, in addition to these cells there are the electrons and other smaller elements—small, small, endlessly small. Each such thing—no matter how small—is a sentient being.

This is the meaning of dai. As a character, dai [great] is usually considered the opposite of smallness. But since the true meaning of dai is absolute , in even the smallest thing there is this dai. Believe this! You are all such wonderful persons. This is Buddha.

This is not Zen; not Buddhism; not religious talk. It is just a plain fact. Right here, now—this is namu dai bosa. There is no need to think about endless-dimension universal worlds. Just namu dai bosa. Just mu. Just breathing. Just counting. Nothing else. Some of you think zazen is difficult. It is. But on the other hand, it is very easy. The practice of zazen and chanting namu dai bosa is most easy. When you chant namu dai bosa , you at once become a bodhisattva!

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Please stand up [spoken to someone in the audience]. When I take your precious watch, I immediately become a thief; and if I were to kill you, I would at once become a murderer. All right? So when I chant namu dai bosa , I at once become a Bodhisattva.