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Democrats insist they understand the risks. Conference leaders and key committee members have been preparing to take the oversight reins since the opening months of Mr. To avert an investigative free-for-all, Democrats decided early on that they needed to prioritize their inquiries within a basic narrative framework: How is misbehavior X endangering the health and safety of our democracy or of the American people?

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Other prime lines of inquiry are whether former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke stood to benefit personally from decisions he made in office, whether Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross lied to Congress about his efforts to add a question about citizenship to the new census — and pretty much every decision made so far by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Such potential maladministration may not be as buzzy as, say, exploring whether Mr.

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Trump paid hush money to former mistresses or underpaid his taxes by a few hundred million dollars. But it does concretely influence the health and well-being of the public. This is not to say Mr. Trump will get a pass on his personal behavior, simply that Democrats will try to keep the focus on the bigger picture.

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For instance, Mr. I can. Whitey Ford is House of Pain.

You know what? Whitey Ford is, of course, the moniker that the man born Erik Francis Schrody started using when he went the blues route on his second album, Whitey Ford Sings the Blues. Writing songs in that manner and getting better at it.

'Jump Around' By House of Pain Just Turned 25 And It's Still the Greatest Irish Rap Hit Ever

I just feel like life had me on hiatus for a little while. When I came back to making another record, it felt like it was time to use everything in the toolbox. Everlast believes this new one is the best record of his life, but that hiatus was forced upon him by serious family concerns. It took a long time, at least three or four years, just to adjust.

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I made an acoustic record, which was just like old material. There was a lot of pressure and stress in life that needed to be adjusted to.

It took a while. The current administration has torn the country almost in two, with the president doing his best to make racism, Islamophobia, sexism and homophobia acceptable. I just get in a mood and feel the creative urge, and then I go in and start writing and things just come out. That will seed and start something.

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For me, the way I write, there are two ways things go. I started a thought and just ran with it, saw where it led. What we know for sure is that Everlast is still with us, busting his ass. Remember Me.