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Top definition. Paid from personal funds.

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Somehow over the past half year or so, "out of pocket" has become a new business catchphrase meaning " unreachable , out of communication", which is incorrect. My doctor's office refuses to bill insurance companies any more, so I was out of pocket for the entire payment until I did all of the paperwork myself for reimbursement. The Oxford English Dictionary says out of pocket meaning "out of reach, absent, unavailable " dates back to the US of the early 20th century:. And I shall find her as soon as I can. Peterson Sicilian Slaughter 53 Her hands shook as she dialed.

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But her connection was out of pocket. Carolina Independent 20 Apr. Phillips Prague iii.

She was way out of pocket so i smacked the belligierant ho". It is favored by grandparents and great-grandparents. It means to be unreachable in a communication sense. Howard says to Bernadette that the problem is solved. All of a sudden, Mrs.

Wolowitz finally has success, freeing up the bathroom; however, all this time Bernadette is very disgusted. After the wedding, Amy is helping Leonard up the apartment stairs after he pulled his groin while dancing the Hokey Pokey. Leonard thanks Amy for a great time as well as breaking the head off the ice swan so he could put it against his groin.

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She is very good as spatial reasoning. Leonard then kisses Amy on the cheek as a friendly gesture, which causes her to rush over to Penny's place , fearing that she seduced him. She tells Penny that she will e-mail Leonard in the morning about how he can never have her body, adding that Penny has a better shot with her than he does, which doesn't thrill Penny. After Sheldon tells Leonard that he has a great train night and asks him how his night was, Leonard says he had a great night with Amy, even though his groin hurts as a result.

Not for you! Meanwhile, at the Wolowitzs' house, Bernadette comes in and says good morning to Howard. Howard asks if she is getting along with his mother.

Behold; the single most intimate and pure kiss was shared on Love Island last night | abepivurev.tk

Bernadette says its fine, but their communication is a little tricky as they are different people. When Mrs. Wolowitz asks Bernadette if Howard liked the pancakes, she screams out in a voice strikingly similar to Mrs. Wolowitz's that he hasn't tried them yet. Howard asks if there's butter with his pancakes and Bernadette tells him there is butter-flavored syrup. Wolowitz calls out that it's butter-flavored syrup, but Bernadette cries out that she just told him that. Man: Was I too fast? Police: Guess again!. Other people commended the man for at least wearing a helmet.

This comes as a year-old man in rural Germany ran through the freezer section of a supermarket naked in a bid to cool off. Meteorologists have blamed climate change for disrupting weather patterns which has forced a blast of air from the Sahara desert into Western Europe. The intense heat has caused wildfires outside Berlin and the Red Cross has warned that the heat could cause dizziness and even hallucinations. Do you have a story tip? Email: newsroomau yahoonews.