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The first miracle of Christ d. The resurrection of Christ. The Bible indicates Christmas to be celebrated every year on: a. None of the above! The Bible never mentions a date. There is a mention of Christmas in the last book of the New Testament. True b.

What was the name of the feast that the Romans celebrated, which coincides with today's Christmas? Marsnalia b. Plutonalia c. Saturnalia d. What was the name of the feast Jesus celebrated, as mentioned in John ? Habukkah b. Chanukkah c. Rahukkah d. Where was the first Christmas celebrated, according to the gospels?

In an inn b. In a stable c. In a barn d. In a manger. In the Bible, we find the first description of Jesus' birth in: a. The Gospel According to Matthew b. The Gospel According to Mark c. The Gospel According to Luke d.

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The Gospel According to John. Which of the following was not present in the original Christmas narratives in the Bible? Santa Claus c. Angels d. Hallelujah, he has risen b.


Glory to God in the highest c. Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells d. Gloria in Excelsis Deo. Which of the following gifts were given to Jesus during the first Christmas? Goldere b. Myrrh c.

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Frankincense d. All of the above e. An asteroid c. A meteor d. A star. Who directed Mary and Joseph to go to Bethlehem a. Herod b. Caesar d. No Yes. Gift details:.

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Galatians In other words, the ox and the donkey have theological significance that has nothing to do with whether they were literally present when Jesus was born. True or False: The shepherds followed the star to baby Jesus. The shepherds did not follow the star. Only the wise men followed the star. The shepherds were alerted by a group of angels.

Luke How many wise men are in the Bible? The wrong answer : Three! There were three wise men in the Bible!

Actually, it could have been two men with three gifts. How embarrassing! I see that the Messiah has already received myrrh. Where was Jesus when the wise men found him? The wrong answer: The manger. The shepherds came to the manger the night Jesus was born, but the wise men came some time later. The Gospel of Matthew says they came to a house, not a barn.

Also, they met Jesus as a child, not a baby. Matthew Were the wise men Eastern kings?

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Some translations note that magi were more like astrologers than kings. Click here to see what I mean. Did baby Jesus ever cry? The wrong answer: Nope, no way. The Bible never says Jesus was silent as a baby. To the contrary, it affirms his humanity.

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His humanity is part of the mystery and the miracle of his incarnation.