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Not that these aren't entertaining — each theft is carried out using only the finest in s technology so many gas bombs Each sister gets a chance to shine and to show off her specific skills — Rui is the Sexy One, using her acting abilities and latent powers of seduction to charm information out of people, Hitomi is the Athletic One, pulling off amazing jumps and flips, and Ai is the Smart One, inventing one awesome machine after another, defusing bombs, and building automatons.

Rui gets the least screen time, and Ai takes the most injuries, getting shot three times, while Hitomi clearly gets a thrill out of the actual chase. Whether it is because Toshio is the one chasing her or she just enjoys the excitement isn't stated, but it's obvious that she really likes the actual thefts, perhaps more than the works they're stealing. The influence of Cat's Eye on subsequent lady thieves is evident, which certainly adds to the interest of this show for anime historians.

The show also includes a character named Lupin's Bride, a clear reference to Monkey Punch 's earlier thief, and the gentleman thief Slim Suspense who shows up in a later episode may also be a reference to the smooth-talking Lupin III. Despite its vintage, Cat's Eye 's visuals hold up quite well. While some shortcuts are used, such as recycling footage during chase scenes, there are many more factors that point to this being well done.

Electricity Manipulation

Each eyecatch is different, a series of images of the Kisugi sisters doing various activities or as pin-ups, and the acrobatic feats are very nicely animated. Clothes look like they are being worn rather than as if they were painted on the characters' bodies, and everyone who isn't a police detective wears a series of different outfits, sometimes using the same shirt with different pants or skirts, mimicking the way real people dress rather than the same two outfits we often get in anime. Each ensemble is very much up to the minute fashion, recognizable as such if you lived through the period or have watched any 80s movies.

When someone comes out of the water, their hair actually looks wet, and motion capture technology is used quite well during the ending theme. And let's talk about that ending theme for a moment. Work that body! Move your head — back and forth! Apart from the opening and ending, the music in the show is fairly constant with almost no quiet moments. Cat's Eye 's first season is best not watched in one fell swoop, but is enjoyable as an adventure story nonetheless. The dynamics between the characters is fun, the story always full of crazy ideas and inventions, and the macro plot about Heintz and his ties to World War II Germany is certainly interesting.

If you enjoy older shows or are interested in anime history, this is definitely worth checking out. Clear influence on later mysterious thieves if you're looking for it, interesting macro plot. Strains credulity quite a bit, constant background music can get grating. No account yet?

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You can contribute information to this page, but first you must login or register. Japanese voice actors and voice actors for Boogiepop Phantom, as well as actors for Boogiepop and Others, are listed under the appropriate character. A list of all titles the character appears in is also present for each of the minor characters. He is the alter-ego of Touka Miyashita.

Normally dormant, Boogiepop.

It was released by EMI Music Japan in March to celebrate her year career as a recording artist, with 30 of the songs that Yakushimaru herself selected. This collection mainly consists of the efforts from her EMI era when Yakushimaru had enjoyed successful recording career, and also includes the single version of her biggest hit "Sailor Suit and Machine Gun"—the original take of the song had rarely appeared on her previous compilations, because it was the sole material that she released via Kitty Records.

Disc one is closed with a new song "Boku no Takaramono" which she recorded for the first time in 12 years. It was featured on a film Wasao starring her, and also released as a single. None of the works released by BMG Funhouse during the late s was featured on the album. The works collaborated with her former spouse Koji Tamaki were also completely disregarded, including top-ten hit single "Mune no.

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She is affiliated with Mausu Promotion. Isami Toshi Tsukikage. Biography Filmography Television animation Elemental Gelade???? He currently resides in Setagaya, Tokyo. His wife is singer-songwriter, composer, and lyricist Yumi Matsutoya. Biography In , he participated as a background musician in Takuro Yoshida's album, "Ningen nante. This group later evolved into a group named "Tin Pan Alley. In ,. She is renowned for her idiosyncratic voice, and live performances, and is an important figure in Japanese popular music. In , Arai became known as a composer for "Ichigo Hakusho wo Mou Ichido", a commercially successful song recorded by the folk duo BanBan.

She also gained po. The manga was published by Kadokawa Shoten and serialized in Monthly Asuka magazine on June 24, The English translation is published by Viz Media; its the first volume released on November 4, A turn of mysterious events causes her to lose the choker, and in turn gain four coloured cards. With the help of her teacher Narumi Itsushi, she is introduced to the Rose Rhode Knights, four knights that emerge when called by a kiss on their respective cards: red, black, white and blue.

As the Rose Princess, sh. Claudia Razzi born March 30, is an Italian voice actress. She is well known for providing the voice of Francine Smith in the Italian-language version of the animated series American Dad! She works at C. This article lists the complete discography of Steve Lukather. Larry Carlton 29[4] - - - El Grupo Live feat.

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  • Sakaguchi is originally from Osaka Prefecture. Filmography Television animation Big Windup! Career Yajima first joined Hello! Project in as one of the fifteen children chosen from the Hello! She debuted the same year in the movie Koinu Dan no Monogatari, taking on one of the main roles as an antagonist. The following year, she joined the first of the kids' groups, ZYX, which released two singles. In , Berryz Kobo was formed, with the intention of rotating the girls throughout the unit. Yajima did not make the original pick, and the idea was eventually dropped. The remaining girls eventually ended up forming Cute in Despite not being the oldest, Yajima still became the group's leader, after Erika Umeda turned down the role.

    The group did not make its official debut until late in , with their first official single released in February Aside from. Giovanni "Nanni" Baldini born August 13, is an Italian voice actor. For example, he is well known for providing the voice of the character Stewie Griffin in the Italian-language version of the animated sitcom Family Guy. He is also well known for providing the voice of the character Donkey in the Italian-language version of the Shrek film series as well as voicing various characters in the Italian dub of the Robot Chicken segments.

    He works at C. Cine Dubbing, LaBibi. His older siblings are also voice act. Backing tracks of the album were mainly played by the instrumentalists of The Mops, and they were arranged by the group's guitarist Katz Hoshi. Hoshi continued working as an arranger for most of Inoue's studio albums released in later years.

    Japanese-language surnames

    Danzetsu is best known by "Kasa ga Nai" which was released as the second single from the album. Bank Band, the charity project formed by Mr. Because of his bre. She is also a singer under the name Nanami. She is represented by the agency Nanami office. Carol Jacobanis is an American actress and voice actress.

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    She is mostly known her voice roles in the English dubs for Japanese anime. She has also appeared in live-action television and film projects. In the mid to late s she was the lead singer in the New York based musical group Primrose Hill, and made several guest appearances at the Loser's Lounge concert series.

    The album contains the songs that were already known through the commercial tie-in with television programs or advertisements.

    Japanese male singer-songwriters

    Like "Gallery" which was recorded by Yoko Oginome and released as a single in June , some of the materials were previously interpreted by other performers. It was initially featured on the theme song for an award-winning film adaptation of Fujiko Fujio A 's manga Childhood Days based on Hyouzou Kashiwabara's novel Nagai Michi. She's voiced Rui Kisugi for the new animated City Hunter movie, taking over from fellow voice actress Toshiko Fujita, whom she had a sister-like rela Folders related to Keiko Toda: Japanese film actresses Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Japanese video game actresses Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Japanese musical theatre actresses Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.