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Log in using your social network account. Please enter a valid password. Keep me logged in. Try Independent Minds free for 1 month See the options. A haunting sunset in the Deep South, where ghost stories are in abundance. Discover the haunted Deep South: Voodoo, the talking dead and ghosts of the past.

Bloody Mary in her living room in New Orleans bloodymarystours. The Deep South is dotted with cotton fields. Enter your email address Continue Continue Please enter an email address Email address is invalid Fill out this field Email address is invalid Email already exists. I would like to receive news on where to go and what to know, every Saturday by email. Update newsletter preferences. Norton, in speaking of this ghost and its uncanny visits, said the house was haunted, and continued:. Norton, while hunting for the silverware supposed to be buried in his cellar, dug up two rusty Revolutionary swords and several pieces of ancient coin before the hand was unearthed.

It was W.


Heap, a philanthropist, who came to Denver from Paterson, N. He carried a sled, a train of toy cars, clothes, rubbers, candy, and many other presents for the destitute Harris family. Heap learned that Mrs. Harris, in desperation, had told her little boy that there was no Santa Claus for poor children.

He rose from his bed and in his automobile drove to the shopping district, where he himself made the selection of gifts for the family. The automobile could not penetrate the deep drifts of snow in the lower part of town, so Mr. Heap, staggering under his burden, walked to the Harris door, two blocks away. Leaving the gifts with the mother, he said:. I think if he can get out into the open, with plenty of warm clothes, he may be cured partially of his ailment.

History of Ghost Stories

A violent coughing spell seized the philanthropist, who was half carried to his motor car by Mrs. He was hurried home and specialists were summoned, but it was too late. He was dead. Wedge, a science teacher at the boys school attached to the Benedictine Abbey of Fort Augustus, which stands at the head of Loch Ness, told The Sunday Express that he had not seen the baby monsters but several of his pupils had and the baby monsters were three feet long.

Johnson, Bangor, Me. Later in the day the new guest ordered a course supper, two courses of pickles and one of crackers. Johnson remained in the place until yesterday, eating nothing except crackers and pickles. He had frequent conference with the cook, who was the only person about the hotel whom he would notice.

What Is a Ghost?

Johnson went to the cook yesterday morning, telling him he had a new receipt for pickles which he desired to have made up. Opening his shirt Johnson disclosed a wallet hanging about his neck by a ribbon. Around it tape was rolled, the ends being held in place by red wax seals. These Johnson broke, and from the wallet he took a paper and began to read:. Take some cucumbers When quite green, From the garden While unseen. Soak them long In salt mush. Add your spices.

Watch them rust. For same days Let them lie; Take them out. In slices fry. At this Johnson became angry, and retired to his room. To the proprietor went the cook. The proprietor spoke to the policeman on post, Baxter, of the Tenderloin Station House. A Bellevue Hospital ambulance later took Johnson away, on the ground that he was afflicted with dementia.

For a time he was unwilling to go, inquiring defiantly:.

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  8. Don promises to become as celebrated an attraction as the horse Clever Hans, which startled the zoological savants of Europe eight years ago with his alleged mathematical feats. His alleged elocutionary power came to light early this week as the result of reports from the United States that Prof. Alexander Graham Bell had succeeded in teaching a terrier to speak. It was declared that Germany not only possessed a dog with similar gifts but a dog which had been talking for five years, in fact, ever since he was six months old.

    The gamekeeper, Ebers, affirms that the dog began talking in without training of any kind. The New York Times correspondent has caused inquiries regarding Don to be made through trustworthy authorities at Hamburg. He is assured that the dog is an unqualified scientific marvel. Michael the Archangel, in Matthews Street, this city, to lay a ghost which is driving the Italian residents of White Street, West Orange, into superstitious frenzy.

    Ghostly rappings, hand-clappings, and other supernatural demonstrations have been heard and experienced since Monday in the store and rooms occupied by Frank Petro and family, who keep a grocery store in one end of a big frame tenement house just across the Orange line. The neighbors assert that the ghostly demonstrations are caused by the restless spirit of the murdered man. Michael, was called in last night.

    He prayed and sprinkled holy water in the rooms where the noises were heard. While he was in the house there were no demonstrations, but as soon as he had left, the family and neighbor aver, the noises were recommenced with redoubled frequency and violence. Petro, who is a big, hearty man of intelligent appearance, says he does not believe in ghosts, but does not know what else to think.

    At midnight last night, he declares, he heard a noise as if the front doors of his store, which were fastened with a heavy bar set in staples, had been thrown wide open and the bar flung to the floor. He tried to get out of bed to investigate, but was held down by some invisible power, which pressed upon his chest and made it impossible for him to move.

    The store doors were locked as usual this morning, but a box of macaroni, which had been placed upon a top shelf, stood on the floor in the middle of the room, with a handful of long straws lying across the top in the form of a cross. A Times correspondent heard the noises to-night and made a thorough investigation of the rooms and cellar without ascertaining their cause.

    He says he went last night into the room where most of the noises are heard and begged the spirit to make itself visible. It did not, but as he rose from his knees after praying three unusually loud knocks sounded just under the place where he was standing. Petro and his family say they have not slept for three nights. They went out to stay with friends to-night, and intend to move out of the house to-morrow. Tenants in the other end of the house have heard nothing of the noises. They anointed the billygoat with blood and honey and the scrapings of church bells; they used the proper pine fire; they described a circle of the prescribed size; and they uttered every one of the Latin incantations stipulated for such goings-on.

    We love you, Larry. Safe travels. Just tragic news of the passing of the great Larry Cohen. I was first introduced at a grindhouse shocked by It's Alive. He was charming, warm and I treasured our friendship. RIP Larry Cohen, a true original. For so many fun high concept genre romps with ideas bigger than the budgets, for so many truly inspiring cult movies, I thank you Larry.

    We lost another Master. Another hero. They're masterworks only he could make.