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Sign in. When Miriam Beiler, a first class quilter, narrowly avoids an accident with an Englischer who asks her for directions to a nearby high school, will this chance meeting push Miriam and her Amish community to an ultimate test of faith? What happens next will forever change this peaceful Amish community and test the faith of all involved. Dale Mayer. Scattered Petals Texas Dreams Book 2. Amanda Cabot. A Place of Peace. Amy Clipston. Naomi's Gift. A Home For Hannah. Patricia Davids. Bethany The Ballet Fairy. Daisy Meadows. Shelley Shepard Gray.

When the English Fall. David Williams. My Son's Ex-Wife: Aftershock. Shelia E. Rainy Day Friends. Jill Shalvis. Plain Peace. Beth Wiseman. A Simple Spring. Rosalind Lauer. Big Sky Daddy. Linda Ford. Die Before Nightfall. Shirlee McCoy. Patience Amish Romance. Ruth Hartzler. The Restoration. Wanda E. A Child Under His Tree. Allison Leigh. Her Fear. A Miracle for Miriam. Kathleen Fuller. Bluest Eyes in Texas: Book 2. Road to Salvation. Ruth Price. Scream Street Rampage of the Goblins. Tommy Donbavand. Amish Widow's Story. Samantha Price. Courting Miriam. Substitute Daddy. Dahlia Rose. The Socialite's Secret.

Carol Marinelli.

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The Big Beautiful Amish Woman. Linda Castillo. Beverly Lewis. Christmas in Apple Ridge. As she discovers him every day in her life, not only in her good days but also in her very bad days, The apostles in general and the Apostle Paul in particular stressed the importance of studying and teaching sound doctrine. Although there are many important subjects in the Bible, in this book, we have chosen to highlight some that we consider to be very important.

We are all lost and found at some point in our lives. In this first book, Boo Bear gets lost in the park and tries to find his way home. He ends up getting into some sticky situations and meeting a few unexpected park creatures, even a new friend! Although he may seem down on his luck, God has a beautiful and creative plan for Boo Bear's life. What do you think it is? Find healing from betrayals, traumas and transgressions.

This study has been a powerful resource in sharing my story and laying down my burden and healing. Yellowstone National Park is a place of wonderment. From geysers, like Old Faithful to the Artist's Paint Pots of boiling, bubbling mud, there is nowhere else on earth like it. Animals abound such as bison, deer, elk, bears, and wolves in Hayden and La Mar Valleys.

Hiking, horseback riding, and exploring are favorite pastimes. Untold adventure awaits the four cousins in Yellowstone! Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? That was the question that was posed to me when I began my journey of transformation. We all experience pain in one way or another. Pain comes in the form of betrayal, loss, abuse, and so much more. In order to transform our lives, we need to fight the demons inside of ourselves. Satan whispers in our thoughts, telling us all our faults in order to k This book of poetry exists to inspire faith and hope in the power of God and the love of Jesus Christ.

It is one man's testimony of the unfailing commitment that is given to each and every person, no matter their circumstance or history. There is a story of tragedy and how a family chose to respond to it with acts of love and kindness to those in need. It is filled with love and commitment to duty In a world full of good and evil, right and wrong, the powerful and the weak comes a tale of a struggle as old as time itself.

Full of high adventure, love, and intrigue, it will be sure to grip you and never let go. For the past two years, their world has changed for the worst. However, nobody knew what darkness was about to come upon them. The order of Malaki was betrayed and the Dark Ki People get excited discussing bucket lists. It's fun to plan out-of-the-ordinary events or travels. Obviously, a bucket list contains special things we'd like to accomplish before we are gone.

Hence the term "bucket list" because we want to do this or that before we kick the bucket. That's okay, but how often do we think about something we'd like to do to please the Lord before we're gone? Nineteen years after he was charged with murder, Giovanni continues to fight with the courts to prove his innocence. In , Vega was indicted for allegedly causing the death of another human being. An all-white Jury found Vega guilty in , sentencing him to life in prison. Since the beginning, Vega has maintained his innocence and after his conviction, the medical examiner who performe Graduation from high school in was a turning point for Ann, the author who was known by her middle name during school years.

Ann was experiencing a lot of conflicting thoughts and emotions during that day. There was the excitement of graduation, yet there was a great sadness about leaving those friends who she saw daily during school years. What about the future? She was working at a c When Robin Phillips reluctantly accepts an invitation to attend a revival service with her best friend, she has no idea that her life will be turned upside down.

Robin will learn that "we walk by faith, not sig If you can imagine the end of the world, Busilmin is it. Busilmin brings the definition of isolated to life. It is this isolation, this remoteness, that defines existence in the depths of the rainforest. Death is life. Life is death. Survival is the bridge. It is into the heart of this seclusion that Mission Aviation Fellowship chooses to fly; into depths of this need that we conveyed ou The Christian church has become lukewarm.

God is calling his people to repent and turn from their wicked ways, then Jesus will hear from heaven and heal their land. Jesus will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and turn the hearts of the children to the fathers. The time is now to have a spiritual awakening.

We find truth in fantastic stories.

It's time t As a mother of seven, Jaime understands that some days are just plain overwhelming. Join her as she walks you through some of her family's most unforgettable and hilarious memories. You'll be inspired to laugh at the chao Like most people, I wanted a happy and peaceful life. Having a soul mate and being loved would make it all complete. In the sixties, I found myself in a homosexual lifestyle. I was happy; I was loved and loved back.

Along with my partner, I filled my life with things we enjoyed, like softball, bowling, camping, and being outdoors. These things all brought a degree of happiness, but there was no pe Life Quotes by Bethran contains ninety personal quotes from Bethran Akpuchukwu, which address many topics or issues of life that one may be dealing with. If you approach this book with an open mind and heart, then this book could literally change your life forever Have you ever wanted to do in-depth studies on the truth in God's Word, but you didn't know where to start?

Or are you a new Christian who is looking for a solid foundation into the fundamentals of Christianity and even learn about some of the more controversial and difficult topics? Or maybe you are a non-Christian who is just looking into what Christianity is all about. If you fit into any of th In this book, Sara has it all according to worldly possessions. She has the love of a wonderful man, more money than anyone needs in their lifetime, and the job she had work so hard and always dreamed about having.

Sara had all this and still kept a kind heart and wanted to give back to the world. She would help anybody in any way she could. Sara had it all, yet she always felt as if something was If you are trying to figure out what this Christian journey is all about, you need to read this book. This book starts with Genesis and ends with Revelation giving you a clear understanding of your Christian walk. In this book, you will read about the greatest love story ever told which is the love God has for us.

You will learn the importance of the blood of Jesus. There is a section in th The Little Book is the Manifesto. Good thing to know from The Little Book: The everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ is God's grace with good news of the sending of the Promised Messiah into the world to die for our sins. And the fulfillment of the Abraham's covenant and promises, which deal with God's politica Larry has come to understand that there are two basic ways that the Bible can be taught. The first is the most prevalent. It consists of telling the Christian the things that he or she should be doing and the things that he or she should not be doing, sometimes accompanied with relatively meaningless ways of doing or not doing these things.

The second way to teach the Bible is to teach it by revea The favor of God is a beautiful thing! It is written in the. Revelation: Written in Layman's Terms, Volume 2, covers chapters 20 to 22, along with the continuation of the Tribulation Period in detail. It also contains the chronology of the Second Coming of Christ, the battle of Armageddon, the one-thousand-year millennium, and finally, eternity the ages to come! Life for me began at age forty, when I became a believer in Jesus.

I had been "churched" as a child, but with little understanding of how the Old and New Testaments fit together, let alone how God connected to me. But on January 22, , my husband and I walked into a new church. When the pastor, Ron Mehl, said, "My words mean nothing unless the Holy Spirit is here and runs you through wi In Appalachia, the mountains seems to be a place where you can sense the presence of God. In the Bible, it says many times that Jesus went up to the mountain to pray.

The people that are raised in that area seem to have a desire to serve the Lord. Our life is a battle between God and Satan for our souls. It's a fight between our flesh, which is the mind, and the spirit, which is our soul. Peace, Beauty and Joy: Come to the Paradise! Shining and beautiful, he reaches out to us in dreams and visions. He gives us words, images, instructions, and adventures on a need-to-know basis. His greatest desire is that we know him and his fathomless love for us. Through the years as a pastor's wife and teacher, Marjorie has written lessons for Bible studies, the classroom, and speaking engagements.

This is her first attempt to write a summary like this one. There are many people who either don't have the time or don't take the time to learn more about their Bibles. This summary is designed to give the reader a condensed knowledge of each book of th Having lost his parents at an early age, the young bird Jerry finds himself the odd man out at a small pond.

Looking for purpose and at his lowest, he meets a red bird who reveals that there's more to him than he even knew. Only by looking up and finding this Red Bird does Jerry find out what it is that God made him for! This book is for every woman who has felt that getting married over a certain age is hopeless. The truth is that for every one of you, there is another woman out there who has done it! This book was written to give hope to the many women I have met through daily life and travels. So many women were asking me questions about my personal story of getting married after the age of fifty.

It actually s On December 30, , declaration of highly disputed presidential election results triggered widespread violence across Kenya. The height of the violence was on January 1, when attackers who were unleashing murderers' violence on supporters of the presidential candidate who had just been declared winner meticulously planned and torched down Kenya Assemblies of God church full of women, childr On the open road is a wonderful place to learn and enjoy the great outdoors.

The awe-inspiring sight of all the domestic and wild animals is an incredible experience. God has created a planet that is sometimes beyond our expectations Seen as a modern-day guide to life and faith, Unscripted is about the journey one takes to self-discovery. Written through the eyes of author, Asaya A.

Azah, this book is a collection of writings, covering topics such as the art of saying goodbye, the truth behind sex, and facing the difficult reality of faith burnout. This collection will not only answer questions few dare to ask, but it w Would you hike through a scary, creepy spider patch for a friend?

This is the story of "A Rock and a Hard Place. The school bells are ringing and all the kids in Mrs. Bagby's class are cheering, "Hooray! Let the summer fun begin! Sista Me is thrilled because her favorite cousin, Joshy, will be visiting from Jamaica. She has a lot of Everett Quinn, a homeless man, befriends Brian Sanchez, a troubled young teen who has no father.

As they become good friends, the boy turns his life around through inspiring stories and motivation from this down-and-out homeless man. But not until the homeless man is attacked and in a coma do we find out that he is much more than what he appears to be. And is that other voice of Everett's w Do the words regular and usual illustrate your life?

Are the words "fine" and "good" your response to polite questions? What if regular was really remarkable and the unbelievable could be found in the usual? So many people fail to see the incredible worth of their lives. Finding the Extra in Your Ordinary will help you see the true value of your life and the difference you are making in the wor Sometimes, things just don't feel right.

Clara, the church bookkeeper and secretary sensed her church was in trouble. She prayed to God for help for both her and the church. The cause of all the troubling items came from sources you would never expect. God answered Clara's prayers, but it took twenty-one days to rectify the horrible mess created It all started with just God and darkness.

But God is so full of love that He wanted to create the universe, allowing Him to share His love with everything He created. Explore the way God created it all and how He was thinking of you from the very beginning of time. God Created It All and Me! What pain can a heart endure before it ceases to beat? What horrors linger in the mind that cannot be forgotten? What soul cannot be redeemed?

Rachel Stoltzfus

Where can love be found in a world so full of foulness? This story travels through these questions and many more. Come take the journey with June as she navigates through life's toughest choices in search of the love we all long for Life can offer opportunities at the most unusual times, even with a simple request to drive a car and your life is changed forever. The question arises, how do you create a family vacation and conference center out of land that was once homesteaded?

You need to construct not only the roads but install all the infrastructure, build the buil Rejected to Accepted is a book for people who have longed for a loving and healthy romantic relationship but have not been able to encounter the "happy ever after" they have desired. After experiencing domestic violence, a series of failed and unhealthy relationships, the author was left wondering, would anyone ever love her? Rejected to Accepted explores the personal struggles and triumphs This book is a series of incidents recalled at random from my twenty-seven-year career as a city of Austin's professional firefighter.

I worked at many fire stations with many different crews. I started out at Station 8, and in less than three months I was transferred to Station 1, the Central Station, or headquarters.

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I worked there for seven years. While at Central Station, I work The modern-day teacher, with the vast amount of material available, from an unlimited number of sources, makes the day of using one text obsolete. Technology has made the teacher capable of producing materials for their class a matter of judgment and choice. Teachers, old and new, can use a useful guide to help pending chaos. For the new teacher instant help would to some extent eliminate the long Finding Lorey is a marvelous story about friends coming together to brave the perils of the wide open Pacific Ocean.

In order to save their home, the Great Barrier Reef, which is dying from a disease, they have been told by wise old Rusty that Lorey has the magic to restore the Reef to its lively old self. Irene Wiggle is an ordinary girl with ordinary feelings. Sometimes she feels inadequate. Sometimes she feels like she wishes she were somebody else. But sometimes she realizes that she is happy just being Irene. Read to find out what is special about Irene Wiggle, and then think about yourself. What makes you special? What is it about you that is truly unique?

Let's see if you can find out why you Pray Like a Pro is an incredible prayer tool in the hands of every believer from the beginner to the seasoned prayer intercessor. There is no greater prayer example to follow than the prayer that Jesus, Himself, prayed and then gave to His disciples.

The Lord's Prayer is more than a prayer to recite. It is an in-depth study of strategic and effective communication that combined with faith will pro It is the third book in a series of twenty-six. The goals of this series are to indicate that in perceived imperfection, there is still grace and perfection; to teach the alphabet and increase vocabulary; to show a love for animals while teaching facts of each; to show that the imagination is a wonderful thing to use; and to The Warrior Inside details the life events of Jeanette Golden.

As a very young girl, Jeanette was caught in a web of poverty and sexual and physical abuse. In spite of her situation, her warrior spirit gave her an inner strength and tenacity to survive. She was determined to be an overcomer and fight for her destiny. This is the story about six organizations who have different stories but ended up in the same place.

Helping those who can't help themselves! Cries of the Heart was inspired by a friend telling me to write down my thoughts, feelings, and prayers. I was going through a very hard time, separation and divorce. The writings inside Cries of the Heart are my cries, discussions, longings, and praises to and with Jesus, my Lord. I was asked to publish the "prayers," so others can read them and know that they are not alone in what Satan has no real power over Christians. He only has doubt. So what if the garden of Eden were underwater, Lucifer tweaked the Ten Commandments, or faith was found in whatever was the acceptable behavior of the majority?

Waiting for the Comeback is a thought-provoking, inspiring, and sometimes controversial look at what we humans are accepting as today's norms. At a time when evil seems to There are many ways for a young boy to grow into a man. Randal Gritzner took his own unique path. His personality and character were influenced by many people. Many of those people offered good Christian influence, and some offered influence of less positive nature.

Randal's parents were strong Christians with exceptional work ethic. Having all four strong Christian grandparents liv Maybe you've never stopped to think about what you really believe. This book takes you through one man's journey of spiritual discovery. David Senften's story describes how foundational and soul searching that experience can be, how revealing it can be to look directly into your own heart and become aware of exactly what y Over two thousand years ago, a man named Jesus of Nazareth lived, preached about love and forgiveness to his friends and followers, ultimately was crucified on a cross, died, and rose on the third day.

It is a story that has been told and retold for millennia. But what do we know about what was happening in the shadows of Christ's cross? The overtly obvious and seemingly malicious maligning of our Founders by many Americans within our systems of education, government, and media is being performed with a greater intensity at the passing of each year. This constant, incessant, and relentless barrage of misinformation and falsehoods about their beliefs, character, and intentions is not only blatantly unjust on its face, it is being d This memoir is about the experiences of this young boy, probably here by accident, stumbling through life, facing many challenges, making probably every mistake possible, learning at an early age the power of God and prayer and then realizing, finally, that so many people, many he never knew, were in his corner, pulling for him to succeed.

Mary Eleanor Wolfe was one of the most delightful people I've ever had the good fortune to know. I can still hear her lilting chuckle and see her sparkling blue eyes! Mary was a prolific writer. Her love for children and vivid imagination makes her, in my mind, a modern-day Hans Christian Andersen.

She wrote an entire collection of timele Am I Too Little for God is a story written from the perspective of a young three-year-old child, Matthew. He talks about a Sunday church praise and worship service. What he observes about the people, how they respond, and how he feels. During the conversation he has with his parents about his observations, he asks his parents the question "Am I too little for God?

This book tells some of his journey that. The title chosen for this book originally appeared in a short story which has been reprinted in this. Grown-ups make new years resolutions every year! Why can't children make resolutions too? This year Amy decides to make her own holiday resolution and her best friend Andy decides to help her out.

Even the town superhero joins them to help keep the resolution. The three soon realize that Amy's resolution has changed a lot about their favorite holidays! In chapter , it states: "Blessed is he that 1 readeth, and they that 2 hear the words of this prophecy, and GOD Has Need of You GHNOY is a book of inspirational messages written to encourage, enlighten, inspire and motivate believers and non-believers alike, who are struggling to trust or continue to trust our Heavenly Father GOD, through intense trials, tests, tragedies, and heartbreaks in life. Some people even struggle to trust HIM in good times.

He is excited to spend a perfect summer day with his mama. Unfortunately, many problems pop up along the way: a traffic jam, snack-stealing seagulls, a thunderstorm, and more! How will this blooper-filled day end? This amusing and endearing story reminds us to encourage one another through challenging days. Somzoas Megini has never been normal a single day in his life. He was born with purple eyes, and there's a dragonfly detective that lives inside of his imagination that communicates with him. When Somzoas thinks he's embarking on a regular New Year's vacation with his friends to Mexico, many strange things begin to happen all around him.

Without any choice at all, Somzoas finds himself in a new di God Loves My Skin was written to promote confidence within all children. This life is a challenge to each of us, though it may come to us in different ways. The adolescent wants to be liked, to fit into the crowd. He struggles with being himself yet feels the pressure by his peers to conformity.

The teenager seeks personal significance and meaning. And moving into adulthood, the challenges may change by degree, but they are ever present. The JJ book series is a storybook devotional that tells the stories of a young Christian named JJ who is learning what it means to be a Christian. As young readers see JJ learning about his faith, they will gain tools that will help build theirs and show them how they can live out the teachings in the Bible. The discussion questions at the end of the book will help parents engage their young ones She is the epitome of what every Christian woman strives to be.

This study is intended to define each trait that makes up the character of this amazing woman. It also provides a practical guide on how to become this woman. With advice from multiple Godly married women and guidance from the Scriptures, I invite you to join me in the journey The value or significance of anything, including life, is found in its meaning. An innate desire to matter which comes from our souls, naturally, causes us to question our value; yet we live in a society where the value and sanctity of human life has increasingly diminished.

Slowly, our hearts are becoming desensitized to acts of terrorism, chemical warfare, In a far faraway land, there was a secret.

A Simple Faith (Lancaster Crossroads Series #1)

It was a secret because you couldn't see it with your natural eyes or hear it with your natural ears. This secret carried with it all the wonders and answers to the universe, and it looked for anyone who wanted the truth of this here world. For some children, they dedicated their whole life to knowing all about it. For others, the simplicity of cheap toy Since I had already completed books on two Persons in the Trinity, I decided to complete a "trilogy of the Trinity. The first was a review of what the whole Bible says about the Holy Spirit.

I named it The Spirit of Scripture. The second was a devotional study of the book of Hebrews and has turned out Courage is the master keythe power to your success in life. It's the means through which great people winsucceed. It's the ability that turns on your talents and spiritual gifts.

Let the gay life commence Audiobook

It propels them into actionto work and bear their intended fruits for you, to affect the lives of others and, finally, to glorify your Maker. This book challenges the reader to use God's eyes, not their own, when measuring a persons' worth since it is God who is their true Creator and Author and Finisher of their life Ally's daddy is a fireman, and Ally and her little brother Carter loved going to the fire station where they were allowed to sit in the big fire trucks.

One day, things changed when her beloved forest caught fire, leaving it badly burned. It was a hard reality for a little girl, but she learned that God makes the forest new and that she could be made new too! I sincerely wrote this true story of my childhood life that I may be able to encourage a child or a parent to write about their childhood experiences. Especially if there is something that might be troubling to them. I had a very adventurous childhood with my parents, siblings, and friends.

All I wanted to do was please my parent Holy Collisions is a rollercoaster ride through heaven and hell and each page can't come fast enough! Through the eyes of a child Teresa Laughlin depicts her childhood as different, dangerous and supernatural. Monsters are real and walk among us.

Her monster, her betrayer and her Judas was her father! The Way to the Kingdom of Love and Peace is based on a true story of survival through disease, abuse, and divorce. Donna Marie lost contact with her biological dad growing up. She started writing one Father's Day when she came across some old letters she received from her dad that he sent to her when she was a young adult. She shares these letters with you along with the trials she faced on her jo This story is about three brothers: my eldest brother, Dennis; middle brother, Luther; and me Seth , Rickey as I am known.

Though we have nothing in common, we did work together on various projects, and many times we would travel around the western part of the United States at different jobsites. My brothers would frequently go to bars after work, and I would go to my room. We would have no deali This workbook is a combination of the wisdom I have gained through my twenty-five-plus years as a.

It is eclectic in that it is a mix of several techniques and ways to. Today, our world is a scary hyperconnected place. Thanks to the internet, we know more than we ever did when our world was limited to our town and local news. At any given time, we can witness tragedy anywhere in the world through a device in our pockets. It seems more than ever the cable news network's sling drama and fear This takes a toll on our psyche.

More Americans today are being diag Nate the Gnat is a story about an adventurous little gnat that just doesn't seem to fit in. In fact, he loves to daydream about being anything but a gnat. He's convinced that God wants him to be something completely different. Follow along with Nate on his adventure through the breathtaking mountains, meadows, and forests of the Blue Ridge Mountains as he tries to find a new identity with t This book was written primarily to autonomous Christian churches and those who serve and worship at them. Many areas covered were reflection of the author's views based on his fifteen years of pastoral experience.

Major emphasis was placed on church order. The author wants to make the church aware of what should be the process of calling a pastor, instituting a system of discipline, how to The cover photograph can change your life forever. Discover why! However as intense as these events were, I can assure you that "A Crown for Jesus" is a lot more about You and everybody on our God's great earth than it is about me. If you doubt that, then just look at the amazing picture I took of His spectacular The book tells the story of the life of John Woodin and his adventures into a world of journalism, television news, and drinking.

It begins the first time he had a beer at thirteen and goes through dozens of humorous anecdotes and funny stories of his life in newspapers and broadcasting, and bars. Emily Janette was an entrepreneur.

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She had an egg business with a large flock of beautiful chickens. They were all shades of brown, black, and white. And some were speckled in shades of white, brown, and black. The hens produced many eggs that Emily Janette took to market. On a crisp sunny winter day, all was going well. The chickens were out getting exercise and pecking around for bits of Thomas brought the first century birth of Christianity alive by blending Biblical truth, and human history as seen through the eyes of one young girl on her journey of faith.

As Esther's story continues, we follow this now young woman, along with her husband, Anthony and their adopted son, Nymes, on their mission to bring the Word of God to Anthony's Little Joey is a hunting dog who is going to take you on an exciting trip into his world where both man and dog communicate in normal everyday language. Little Joey is a dog who is proud of the accomplishments of parents and grandparents, perhaps a little too proud.

Little Joey believes he should be "top dog" without ever having to work his way up through the ranks, and it is this attitude that ge This idea first came from watching and hearing televangelists on Christian broadcasts after I had been saved. I was blessed to have a pastor and a church family that embraced me and poured themselves into my life with teachings and testimonies that enhanced my walk with Jesus immensely. I often wondered who were there for the people who received Jesus over the television waves or in large conventi Gray Rinehart. Shane Morris.

James L. Jes Drew. Jill Williamson. John Olson. John Otte. Joshua Johnston. Josiah DeGraaf. Kaci Hill. Kat Heckenbach. Katie Morford. Katie Clark. Kerry Nietz. Keven Newsome. Kirk Outerbridge. Kyle Robert Shultz. Lacy R. Lars Walker. Laura VanArendonk Baugh. Jagi Lamplighter. Marc Schooley. Marian Jacobs. Marion Hill. Mary Weber. Matt Mikalatos. Merrie Destefano. Mike Duran. Morgan Busse. Nadine Brandes.

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Nathan James Norman. Paeter Frandsen. Parker J. Patrick W. Rachel Starr Thomson. Rachel Marks. Ralene Burke. Randall Allen Dunn. Randy Ingermanson. Randy Streu. Raquel Byrnes. Rebecca P. Robert Mullin. Robert Treskillard. Ronie Kendig. Sally Apokedak.