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See more on our visit to the Holocaust Memorial, right here. Officially, the largest palace in Berlin, Charlottenburg Palace was originally built over years ago. Around minutes from the bustling centre of Berlin, the palace is a great place to wander, especially through the gardens. Make sure to visit the Tea House and the Orangery in the palace gardens, they really are spectacular.

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Whether you get to visit the inside or not, Bellevue Palace is a grand sight to see whilst in Berlin. Checkpoint Charlie was the most famous crossing point between East and West Germany during the time of the Berlin Wall. Nowadays, the checkpoint has been redeveloped to show how it once stood. If you want to see the original building head to The Allied Museum for a more intimate look. Scale to the top of the Berlin TV Tower for some impressive degree views of the city or even for a little brunch! One of the best things about Berlin is the varied and diverse mix of foody delights that are around every corner, you can literally have any type of food that your heart or tummy desires.

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Make sure to try their Hummus plates and falafel balls. The French Cathedral is, arguably, one of the prettiest buildings in Berlin. Head inside for a wander around the building, whilst stopping for a bite to eat in the basement halls. Nearly years old, the column offers some pretty epic views across the city.

The New Church sits directly opposite the French Cathedral on the opposite side of the square. Head inside for a closer look at the gorgeous architecture and plan a trip to coincide with one of the many events and markets that operate within the Gendarmenmarkt beside the church. Make sure to visit the old and new church that now occupy the site. Looking for a cool place to stay, check out our post on the 11 best boutique hotels to stay in Berlin. Puppy Defender. Chocolate Fiend and Custard Lover. Dip, Cover or Wrap anything in sugar and I'm Yours! Email address:. We will be in Berlin the next week for one week stay.

This is our itinerary, could you please have a look at it? Saturday morning: Arrival in Shoenefeld. Getting to theing central Berlin by S-Bahn.

Berlin One Week Itinerary, Anything I'm Missing? Any Suggestions?

Check-in at 2p. Stroll around with our bags not big, though till 2p. Saturday p. Sunday, the whole day — Potsdam , San-Soussi Park and palaces, as many as we can manage to visit. Going to buy combi- ticket for 15 euros for all palaces of San-Soussi. Also, we would like to see Einstein Turm, if access is possible. We wish we could see other parks and palaces of Potsdam, but we understand that it is hardly possible if we have only one week in Berlin!

Tuesday p. Wednesday morning: Two museums of Kulturforum , perhaps Gemaldegalerie and Kupferstichkabinett;. Thursday morning: Two other museums of Kulturforum, perhaps Kunstgewerbemuseum ;. Thursday p.

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We know that some of the world-class museums are too huge to see it in one or two days, but for some of them it is enough only 20 minutes. So, here is the question - how big are the Berlin museums in comparison to, say, Louvre or British museum? Four museums per day? Are you serious? Well it's your trip and you have to know if you can cope with that. I couldn't. The only excuse for my plan is that there are two clusters of 8 main museums in Berlin , within those clusters 4 museums are so close to each other, which make me think that actually these four are the one big museum.

But I don't know how big are they, I can't estimate it now, that's why I ask my question. I think if you did one of the recommended walking or bike tours listed here on TA, on your first Sat.

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This would leave you with a bit more time for your museums. For me, that itinerary is not appealing at all. It is far too packed and too scheduled with musuems and leaves little time for simply enjoying Berlin and all it has to offer. We are going to Berlin for 4 days soon and it will be my husband's first visit. We are going to enjoy the afternoon of arrival just exploring our neighborhood area Mitte then the next door we have a private walking tour for 6 hours and the rest of the day free.

Day 3 we are heading to Dresden for the day. We all travel differently but I am not one that has a list and lots of things to check off. We do one must do generally in the morning and the rest of the day is ours to explore and discover. A few quick points first: S-Bahn not running, only regional trains from airport. No S-Bahn will also affect how you get to Spandau and Potsdam.

I also agree too many museums. If you are spending one day in Potsdam and visiting palaces i'd drop Charlottenburg and use that time for something else. Timetables, to extend yourday: Kulturforum Museums and also Bodemuseum and Alte Nationalgalerie have free entry after 6pm on Thursdays, and are open till 10pm.

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  • Pergamon open till 10pm Thursdays but not free. Thank you for your response, that's exactly what I wanted to know! Since you have already answered my questions several times on Barcelona forum, being a destination expert, and you were also very helpful there, I am very impressed! Information about Bruecke is invaluable, because we didn't know anything about closings.

    So we'll delete it from our list. And about Bauhaus Archive too - we thought we won't be able to see the permanent exibition, just the building itself, but its museum must be extremely interesting, and that's great that we can see it in the Gropius Bau. We are not 'museum robots'! Are BVG tickets valid on local trains or not? My question is, why split up the Museumsinsel and Kulturforum museums into different days? You will waste time getting back and forth. My itinerary has us spending a whole day at Museumsinsel; and another whole day at Kulturforum.

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    Many of the state museums are open until on Thursdays, so you may want to switch your museums around so you get to fit more in on Thursday. As others have pointed out, Bauhaus Archiv is "empty" right now, but you can get an audioguide or a guided tour english available of the building. See this topic more detailed info:. It's open daily Sans-Soussi is a more elaborate, lavish version of the same. Charlottenburg is a city palace, enclosed by regular parts of the city.

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    But it is still nice and a break from indoor time you plan in all the museums. On all local means of public transport. You can reach Spandau by U-Bahn, but not Potsdam. However there are frequent local trains to Potsdam and beyond , too.