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Printing a 5 kg coffee table book is no simple matter. Moreover, only a handful of printing companies in Europe can undertake this work. We will also have to finance the manufacture of strong cardboard packaging so as to ensure that this beautiful book is shipped in the best possible conditions. The deadline for pledges closes on October 5, after that, two weeks are needed to finish the book followed by five weeks to print it.

This brings us to early December, and the books should begin to be shipped via trackable post all over the world. We will do our very best to ensure that the shipments are made between December 5th and 15th. Every day counts, so pledge straight away so that we can confirm our production timetable with the printer at the earliest possible date! It is during my military service at the French Airborne school military parachuting badge that I came across the 3 passions that would follow me for the rest of my professional life : Photography, scuba diving and elite units.

It publishes exclusively military non-fiction by Anglo-Saxon and French authors. I hope you feel the same as I do. The risks and challenges for this project are pretty low. The photos are already shot, the graphic design is almost finished and we should be ready to sent the files to the printer quite quickly if the project hits the goal. We won't be able to have it printed without your support! Nous ne pourrons pas le faire imprimer sans votre support!

Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. A set of 14 exclusive bookmarks with 28 visuals one for each unit that are not published in the book. Shipping not included. Port non compris. The signed book, early bird special offer! Limited to the first backers. Indulge yourself for Christmas! Le banquier French Edition. La Fille Inattendue French Edition. Six ans plus tard French Edition. Chasser les miracles French Edition. National Geographic Kids : Bizarre Janvier French Edition. Next page. Most gifted Previous page.

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