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For more information please see our page on the latest updates. Wood pellets boilers can be automated, this means that with a suitable hopper it is possible to leave the boiler alone other than for cleaning. This is often the most suitable choice for most families. These hoppers can be of various designs. Some for internal and some for external use. The below hopper is an example of a large external hopper on a larger property. The advantages of external hoppers are that you can get a delivery from a tanker that fills the hopper up for you.

Larger hoppers mean that the tanker makes less stops, so you get a discount. Customers with available space also use internal hoppers. These are quicker to install, and therefore the cost can be less. Typically these are made of canvas and held together by a steel frame. Customers who have their own wood often ask about log boilers.

If you want to claim the Renewable Heat Incentive then the boiler needs to be accredited. This in turn means that you need.

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As boilers get larger chip is more common, and there has been a recent trend to look for factory waste, alternative fuels such as crops and recycled wood which is cheaper as fuel. These boilers are subject to a harsher burning environment, and need to have some protection in their burn chambers such as porcelain or concrete.

In addition additions may need to be made to the flue systems to reduce emissions to within acceptable standards. Tipsgrove haa extensive experience in managing engineering projects from homes, to small organisations to factories. Due to our experience of a number of different types of boiler, we can help you decide which one would benefit you most rather than sell you a single solution. Heat can be from a number of different types of technology.

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Our 30 years experience of civil engineering means that we are very comfortable digging! This suits planning heat networks, ground source heat pump loops, or simply linking different buildings with pipework. Our interest is in using existing resources within a business. Often this helps choose a heat technology such as biomass, or even whether it is a particular sort of fuel that you may have access to. Equally it may be that your ground or your processes may be able to benefit from a heat pump.

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  4. Our surveys are not just questions on a tablet, but we really investigate and find out the best solution for you. We have been able to turn pharmaceutical waste into fuel using a specialist boiler. This was done through using a specialist boiler and testing the fuel. The benefit is that this reduces fuel costs to below 1p per kW. Contact us to see if we can do the same for you.

    Skip to content. Biomass boilers Herefordshire. Wood Pellet boilers for Domestic properties Wood pellet boilers are larger than most gas and oil boilers. Worked required? New boiler New central heating system Please specify the type of installation that you require. We care about your safety Privacy and Cookies Policy. Please enter your e-mail e.

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    Please enter a phone number. Back It only takes a minute! Title Ms. Please choose your title. Please enter your first name. Please type your last name. Please enter your address. Please enter your postcode. Marketing consent. Biomass Boilers Installation. Types of Biomass Boilers Biomass boilers are differentiated based on the type of wood they use: chips, logs or pellets. Wood chip boilers : these systems are usually not recommended for domestic use unless you need a system larger than 60kW. That is because the fuel delivery costs and large storage needs make it inconvenient for most households.

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    Wood log boilers: this is a great solution for people who have waste wood on their property and would like to put it to better use. However, keep in mind that you would still need to store the logs and season them for a long time usually a year before they can be used as fuel. These systems need more care in terms of preparation and cleaning but are the most sustainable choice for those who can supply their own wood. Wood pellet boilers: these are the most popular systems for average sized households. They are more compact than other biomass boilers, but they still need more storage space compared to regular boilers.

    However, with the right adjustments, it can be suitable for many homeowners. Pellets are a great fuel option because of their easier transportation and lower costs. Find a local supplier to minimise expenses and carbon emissions. Read More: Grants for Biomass boilers Request Quotes on Biomass Boilers The exact price of a biomass boiler depends on a variety of factors, such as the type of boiler, the size of the household and the number of rooms.

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