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Sweet dreams, indeed! A whimsical writing instrument for your artistic kid and her creative pals to take to the streets. This trio includes two rainbow horns and one wrapped in gold but writes white. For the daredevil kid in your life, this book from five-time Guinness World Record Holder Colin Furze will have them experimenting and inventing. In this book, the popular YouTube-r brings readers through his craziest inventions of all time, and even includes 10 inventions kids can try themselves at home. Give your inquisitive kid a gift that will provide both entertainment and learning opportunities.

This boxed set for children ages 5 to 8 comes complete with games that help teach computer programming and problem-solving skills. Use OMY felt pens for easy removal in the washer so they can use over and over again. Bring a little bit of life—and light! All it takes is a little squeeze of the hind legs to illuminate this precious pup available in blue and green.

You can even consider it as a sculptural objet to give to your adult Jeff Koons-loving pal. Need a special something for a favorite friend who is now a new parent? Does your little one have every stuffed animal on the toy store shelves?

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Are the standard cheetahs, gorillas, bears, and aardvarks all old news? Flavia the flamingo is inches high and has long, lanky legs just like the real bird after which she is modeled.

Plus: The Koreatown killer and all those food references.

She can sit up straight on her feathered bottom and cross her legs, all while batting her very long lashes. Remember the days when you could cozy up in front of the fireplace or TV wearing footie pajamas? Always missing the second slipper in your pair? Or do you find yourself constantly out of clean, cushy socks? The solution to all of these scenarios lies in these innovative pajama pants. The seller offers them in kid and adult sizes, so the whole family can match. Of course your little champ is number one to you, but now he can have proof of his winning toddling skills.

Winter wardrobes, filled with dark grey and black hues, can get drab and dull, especially after wearing them for a few months. Let your teen switch things up with this customizable beanie. Depending on their mood they can velcro on a lightning bolt, a winking smiley face emoji, or they can wear it plain as a classic black beanie.

If they are feeling crafty, they could even pick up additional patches at the local fabric store and create their own unique look. To top it off, it looks equally awesome on teen girls and guys! Does your family have game night every week? The board games, pieces, and dice are ready to be personalized with stickers and colors. Love Chutes and Ladders? The kids can create snakes and ladders. Or they can try their hand at making their own versions of Parcheesi, backgammon, checkers, and more.

And since J. Crew is selling it, you know the games will look good no matter how much creative license your kids take.

And, of course, you can buy their holiday outfits at the same time you buy their present. Made of eco-friendly maple wood and BPA-free silicone, this chunky beaded bracelet is a safe, natural teether for little ones. The sleek, Danish design—smooth spheres, subdued tones, faceted pieces—keeps it from becoming an eyesore when worn on the wrist. Available in black or white, and surprisingly simple to clean: Wash this pretty teething toy in warm, soapy water and let it air dry thoroughly. Everyone should be toting around a doggone cute carryall like this one.

This drawstring cotton satchel measures just 12 inches by 12 inches, making it a manageable size for the kids in your life. Not a dog person? If you have a toddler who totes his doll everywhere around the house, this gift is a must under the tree this season. Perfect for make-believe mealtime or encouraging your little one to share.

Exclusively designed by Royce Nelson for Land of Nod. The Force will certainly be awakened within the kid who sports this astronomical knapsack. This stylish backpack will become the envy of the entire classroom, especially with its sparkly exterior that reminds one of a galaxy far, far away. Made of 3D molded nylon.

Comes in plain nylon, too. If you know a little book lover who enjoys curling up in their bed or on the couch and reading a good story, you should think about adding this one to their home library. Filled with delightful drawings that are visually engaging and inspiring, this bedtime treat, written and artfully illustrated by B. This seek-and-find activity book will be a pleasure to read night after night for both kids and adults. This warm, crocheted woolen hat has a fun fringe detail on top. Adds loads of personality to the ordinary puffy coat—and sparks imaginary play on the playground.

This seller offers the hat in six styles, including a dragon version. To buy: Available at garnethill. How many times do your kids beg to play I Spy on long road trips?

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Now you can take this version of the timeless game, based on the best-selling book series, indoors for family game night. Pick a card and hunt down an item from the card on the game board. There are eight different game boards so your family can play over and over without repetition a great bonus for your own level of enjoyment.

This is the ideal match for your puzzle-loving kid. The ball takes a regular 2-D maze and gives it a new spin literally! The ball comes in three different challenge levels easy, medium, and hard and will engross the most Nintendo 3DS-obsessed kid. We bet it will even capture the attention of other family members. You delight in covering your baby with hugs and kisses. And they are easy to clean when they get dirty.

When he gets too old for rattles you can repurpose these as Tic-Tac-Toe pieces. The hand-made rattles are a luxurious pick for your little one. Have a child or tween obsessed with outer space? Each one of these handmade lollipops looks like a miniature planet ready to be licked away into oblivion. These candies are too far-out to be relegated to hiding inside a gift box.

Tuck one under the ribbons on each of her gifts or stick a few in her Christmas stocking. Each set includes the sun and nine planets yes, Pluto is once again a planet in this set. Each different planetary body comes in its own gourmet flavor—marshmallow for the sun, cotton candy for Earth, and key lime for Jupiter. With these beautiful, untreated natural wood blocks. They are a huge step up from the old-school alphabet blocks you had as a kid.

The white letters and numbers on each side of the blocks are in a modern sans-serif font. Best of all, the blocks come in a linen drawstring bag, which makes clean up so easy that even a toddler can do it with help, of course. These blocks are so pretty, though, you might not mind keeping them on display on the coffee table for some impromptu educational play.

Toddlers everywhere will enjoy this twist on classic wooden blocks. Instead of letters, these eco-friendly blocks feature numbers. To make it easier for little learners to understand what concept a number represents, the blocks are illustrated with images of hands and fingers that match the numeral. After playing with these blocks your kid will surely be able to tell people she meets her age by holding up her fingers. And really, what is cuter than a 3-year-old holding up three fingers when asked her age?

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Any child who likes to play dress-up with your old clothes will love this one-of-a-kind paper doll. This is no cartoonish mermaid. Instead, this enchanting girl is a print from an original full-color drawing. She comes with her requisite mermaid tail, along with several different outfits. The items require hand-cutting to get them ready for play, so a grownup might need to be on hand before starting on this project. But once you see the finished product you might decide she deserves to be framed for a bedroom wall instead of being handled by little fingers.

Your daughter is her own unique self: She wears a cape instead of a coat, she sketches instead of doing arts and crafts, and she longs for a pet squirrel instead of a dog. These sweet plush cotton dolls each have their own kooky sense of style, which they express with fun accessories, like a comic book, laptop, or messenger bag. The inch dolls fit with most standard doll furniture. Available in four different personalities, with one that will hopefully be a good match for your special girl. As much as you love to kiss those little baby toes, now is the time of year to keep them snug and warm.

These recycled cotton-polyester blend socks and coordinating hat sets are a cute and eco-friendly way to keep baby warm. The hats are made to fit newborns and up to six months old, but the socks will fit up to 18 months of age. The stretchy socks are great for year-round use, and the hats will keep baby cozy through spring. The sets come in seven machine-washable stripe and color options. Future architects and visionaries will delight in this easy-to-use tool that makes models and monsters out of thin sticks of plastic. Melted inside the pen and cool to the touch within seconds, these sticks can be transformed into works of art by kids from ages 8 to !

Trace an existing image to make it come to life in 3D, or build a freehand model of the Eiffel tower or an imaginary alien—the possibilities are endless. At first glance this doll might seem like an ordinary doll. It has a soft cotton body with yarn or fabric hair, a printed face, and embroidered details. In addition, for every doll purchased another doll is donated to a less fortunate child in a hospital, shelter, or orphanage throughout the world.

But your child will mostly like how good it feels to hug his new doll. Three doll styles are currently available.

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The reversible, cotton canvas cape measures 19 inches long from the back of the neck and has a Velcro closure at the neck. But it will make her feel like she is invincible, which is perhaps the best superpower anyone can hope for. Choose from pink, blue, or yellow theme.

Not included: a jar of pickles and a pint of chocolate ice cream for parents experiencing serious cravings.

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This is a great non-electronic gift for mini gamers. The limited edition craft crate has everything your child needs to build a manual pinball machine. Since she has the ability to change around the parts, your child can also make the game easier or create more challenging courses to stump an older sibling or mom and dad. This kit is best for children between five and eight years old. Whether you wear a pocket protector or not, this handmade onesie is for anyone who loves nerd culture. Write on, wash off. Color in, wash off. Capture the heart of your budding cartoonist with this drawstring backpack that comes with 10 wash-out colored markers.

Your child can draw his latest characters on the backpack and then use it to carry his books or gym clothes to school. The backpack measures 13 inches wide by 17 inches tall. These pajamas are a study in contrasts. What they will do is keep small scientists and sci-fi fans warm and cozy as they are ferried to faraway galaxies in their dreams. Made in India from percent cotton.

For the little kid who loves nothing more than dressing up in fancy dresses or elaborate costumes, this sparkly headband will make her heart skip a beat. The wool is then spun and felted before being cut and sewn into itty-bitty food-themed booties that are sized to fit 6- to month-old babies. Beside these tacos, the artisans make booties in the shape of bananas, strawberries, corn-on-the-cob, eggplants, hot dogs, and so much more. The wooden poles keep it sturdy for story time, tea parties, or playdates, and they are sure to love having a place all their own for imaginative play.

The zipper-free door makes the tent a good option for younger kids, too. For all future Master Chef wannabes, an international play kitchen is a must. Bring on the chopsticks! He would make a great companion for kids who like to have a pal join them on their adventures to story time at the library, playdates at the park, or just running errands to the grocery store with dad. Owen is inches tall, which makes him the ideal size for carrying and cuddling.

And his eyes and nose are made of cotton embroidery instead of plastic so Owen is safe for babies and toddlers. Instead of a needle and ink, this wooden machine uses crayons or pencils. Your child can pretend to create tattoos on paper or coloring books. The set even comes with temporary tattoos so your kid can show off his or her ink. The sparkly gilt heart makes this tote stand out in a crowd. The antique-brass hardware is well made and the cotton canvas is rugged enough to stand up to being tossed into the trunk of your car every weekend.

Zips up to ensure none of her valuables are lost on the way. But these cotton jammies will help send pint-sized pepperoni-pie lovers scrambling for cover. After all, very few kids can resist a pizza party…with no napkins or manners required…in the dark…in bed! Anyone with toddlers knows the challenges of matching little legs and big tables for art projects and crafty creations. Either the chair is too short, the table too high, or both are too unstable. Out come the high chairs and boosters! Feel free to talk to him at any time; he is a really approachable person who will always do his best to resolve any situations that might arise.

Maribel is a co-director of the school. She is responsible for the day to day running of the school. She develops, implements, and oversees all of the policies, programmes, and procedures at Channel School. She is a friendly and happy member of the team who always makes everyone feel at home. But Maribel is more than just the School Director, she is also a Designated Safeguarding Person, this means she is available to help all students with any concerns or problems they may have.

Maribel is also a first aider.

Matt is the Transport Manager at Country Cousins. He manages all the minibuses, coaches, and drivers who go to the airports to meet students. He is a cheerful, helpful member of the team who is equally happy helping out in the office, driving minibuses, or playing football with the students. If you have any questions regarding your travel Matt is the person to talk to.

He can tell you where you should be, and when. Matt is also first aided. Her job is to find the right homestay for our students. She brings a very valuable experience working with children and her cheerful and outgoing personality fits perfectly with the rest of the team. Alicja is the Director of Studies at Country Cousins. She manages the teaching department, overseeing teachers, checking student levels, and ensuring the curriculum is exciting and relevant.

She is always looking for innovative and fun ways to make lessons interesting for international students.

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Alicja is an experienced teacher, teacher trainer and director of studies and has worked in four different countries. She is often inspired by her teacher friends living all over the world.