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How the Witches Love to Pluck!

BATS - The Sleep Of Reason Brings Forth Monsters

Tall Tales. Prick and Posterity.


The Lions of the Law. Grace's Final Irony.

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Veterans of Heroic Wars. The End of the Witches. The Apotheosis of Elena.

Fuendetodos, Zaragoza (Spain), 1746 - Bordeaux (France), 1828

The Dark Night of the Soul. The Nightmares Awaken. Michael Swanwick is the Hugo-bedizened science-fiction writer who single-handedly has reclaimed the short-short story from the dustbin of history, with Puck Aleshire's Abecedary , Writing in My Sleep , Picasso Deconstructed , and, of course, the Periodic Table of Science Fiction, , now playing on SciFiction.

Cigar-box Faust and Other Miniatures , a collection of much though far from all of his short-short output is forthcoming from Tachyon Publications in winter of Francisco Goya , hardly a new light on the artistic horizon, is well known at age for his paintings, and for his fantastical and satiric etchings, of which Los Caprichos , the sequence of eighty etchings featured here, may be the most famous.

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The Sleep of Reason Produces Nightmares 2. Elena's Heart 3. The Sentinel 4. Death and Elena 5. The Child-Buyer 6. Prick the Donkey 7. The Children of Utopia 8.

The Sleep of Reason: James Bulger Case

Spontaneous Human Combustion The Godmothers The All-Devouring Concerning Elena and a Certain Mouse Silly Old Clown The Education of Young Prick The Nightmare Court The Forge of Witches Dirt The Sorrows of Young Grace The Clyster of San Bernardino True Love The Beer of Eternity Witches and Nightmares Spanking Elena on the Street Prick in Love Grace in the Bordello Trolls The Homunculus Death in Venice Grace and Elena A Sad Story Slander Wicked Grace A Sad Story Continued Witches' Orgies The Miser A Sad Story Concluded The Nightmares in Concert Elena By Herself The Picadors' Club Grace Violated Paint Your Goat Elena's Day of Rest Prick Among the Demons A Close Shave Grace at the Gallows The Donkey Method The Morning After The Rookie Nightmares and Witches Capitalism for Dummies Prick the Warrior Poor Little Girls Elena's Little Secret The Stone of Folly The Empress Herself Grooming Your Nightmares Prick the Physician Grace and Nightmares Haute Couture Elena's Playful Side Worshipping the Scarecrow Your Family in a Nutshell The Parrot with a Golden Beak This is the best known image from Goya's series of 80 aquatint etchings published in known as 'Los Caprichos' that are generally understood as the artist's criticism of the society in which he lived.

Goya worked on the series from around and many drawings for the prints survive. The inscription on the preparatory drawing for this print, now in the Prado Museum in Madrid, indicates that it was originally intended as the title page to the series. In the published edition, this print became plate 43, the number we can see in the top right corner.

Nevertheless, it has come to symbolise the overall meaning of the series, what happens when reason is absent. Various animals including bats and owls fly above the sleeping artist, and at the lower right a lynx watches vigilantly alerting us to the rise of monstrous forces that we are able to control when sleep descends. Not on view.

The Sleep of Reason: An Anthology of Horror by IronSpike — Kickstarter

Public Domain. Date: Medium: Etching, aquatint, drypoint, and burin. Classification: Prints. Credit Line: Gift of M. Accession Number: Essays Francisco de Goya and the Spanish Enlightenment. Timelines Iberian Peninsula, A.