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I could not sympathize with the heroine. You may love this. Reading is subjective. I loved the premise and was excited to read this one, but I could not connect to the story or the characters. It is a story of honesty, acceptance and —ultimately— forgiveness. Through it all, both were genuine characters, and Sloane was funny and so gloriously sarcastic. This book is therapy and hope in pages.

After the epic failure that was Soundless , I was equal parts eager and See this review in its natural environment, Dani Reviews Things. After the epic failure that was Soundless , I was equal parts eager and wary to start a new book. I was on the precipice of falling into the River Reading Slump. Scarred rescued me. So first of all, why did I pick up Scarred in the first place? I am Proudly South African. A YA contemporary by a South African author? Yes, please! World-building Sadly for me, the book was set in Chicago, though I can see how this would make sense.

If it were set in South Africa, I doubt anyone would let a year-old girl live virtually on her own in a city. Just saying. I highlighted the following passage because I loved it in a weird way. Winters start cold and then get colder. When the sun shines, it does so with pallid weakness and it retreats like a coward to the coming of snow.

Tehehehe… so English… all the time… even in the summer… Please someone take me somewhere sunny and warm.


She moves to a new school and is faced with Luke, the guy she used to crush on before the accident. Except Luke — previously interested — is now repulsed by her and the big scar on her face. The plot twist is unexpected. I thought the pacing was appropriate given the development of the story and relationships. Any faster, and it would have been too easy. Any slower, and it would have been boring. Characters and relationships I loved the characters. Sloane She is a sarcasm queen. I like to think I am a sarcasm queen at times, too. Resting your cheek in your hand is also a good hiding trick, but I can confirm that it looks weird if you do it while walking or standing.

She stands up to bullies, even if it gets her in trouble. Out of context, some of the things she says could apply to any one of us. How many times could this apply to you? Question: Can I do this? Answer: Do I have a choice? But we do both have dodgy knees that click and lock! He is intelligent, hard-working and dedicated. He has goals for his future and volunteers in his free time.

He cares about his family, even when they treat him like rubbish. He is the Chilli King. About a quarter of the way through the book, it is revealed that Luke and Sloane are connected rather terribly. The rest of the book consists of them working through their issues — with themselves, with each other and with their families. The tension between them is clear, but so is the chemistry. I actually felt bad for them, feeling the kind of chemistry they did but faced with rather formidable obstacle in their way of happiness.

They're not meant for happy endings, at least not in the real world. I felt simultaneous sorry and put off by him. Writing All I can think is, trust a psychologist to explore the psychological effects of tragedy. While the story is not deep and depressing, there is heartache and anger and distrust.

But then there is also hope and moving on and love and humour and forgiveness. She brings out these in her characters and their connections. I felt like, through the book, I had my own kind of therapy.

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And so I got schooled by a motivational poster. It means that you let go of the hope that the past can be different. That being said, reading about forgiveness and accepting that it is the right thing to do does not mean that you instantly forgive someone, which this book demonstrates. So I will keep working on that and using Scarred as guidance.

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I know that feeling. When you just want to scream, but you have to keep the noise constricted beneath your throat. I read this chapter and just thought: yes, yes, this is it. This is how I feel. As for the writing style itself, I found the book easy to read, very clear and funny in all the right parts. I was actually astounded to discover it was a self-published book, as flow is something I think other indie authors sometimes struggle with. Can I also just say that Macgregor explained sub-tweeting to me?

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The shame! Overall Maybe this book was the right thing at the right time for me. The right narrator. The right balance of introspection and romance.

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The right dark and sarcastic humour. While also taking a peek at her previous two books, of course. We are all victims of victims of victims, each of us scarred by life. True dat. Apr 26, Aly rated it really liked it Shelves: This was intense and sad and pretty well written. Sloane was pretty brave, considering all the people at school making fun of her and her teacher being a condescending asshole. Plus, Luke was pretty harsh toward her too.

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I get that he was hurting from his own loss, but it wasn't Sloane's fault and she has no parents and is permanently injured. I like that she stuck up for herself and LJ, even though he was super creepy and mean. There were a few moments where I was worried who would live through This was intense and sad and pretty well written. There were a few moments where I was worried who would live through the book. He tried to kill people!

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  • J's stepfather, to make him so harsh? And what had been done to that person? We're all victms of victms of victms, each of us scarred by life. What make one person swallow their pain or turn it back on themselves, and another decide to take it out on the world? View 1 comment. Massive applause to Joanne Macgregor for this beautiful contemporary read. This is a book that could so easily have fallen into the trap of being a cliched version of boy-meets-girl, falls in love and manages to overlook her scar trust me, I've seen my fair share of those , but Scarred is a book that is filled with so many layers that mesh together beautifully.

    Dealing with issues of grief, bullying, gun violence and social structures in terms of both family and school, Scarred is a multi-facete Massive applause to Joanne Macgregor for this beautiful contemporary read. Dealing with issues of grief, bullying, gun violence and social structures in terms of both family and school, Scarred is a multi-faceted novel that tells the story of Sloane, a young girl who previously had everything going for her until the accident that killed her mother left her scarred, damaged, and unable to swim on a competitive level anymore.

    A new start at a new school seems to be the chance of a lifetime, until she runs into Luke, a potential crush, who at first glance, seems absolutely repulsed by her. Here's where it gets interesting and where the backstory comes into play. It's clear Luke seems to have a good reason to hate everything Sloane stands for, but what this story so effortlessly capture is what happens when you make assumptions and only have one side of a story.

    The Sloane and Luke tread a fine line between attraction and antagonism, but the road to their romance is fraught with issues relating to both of their backstories and complications courtesy of drama from the mean girl tribe. Le sigh. One of the biggest things I wasn't expecting was the bullying element featured in this book.

    I'm not just talking about the standard bullying though; rather the kind of bullying that comes from teachers who pick on students in this case, an awkward, lumbering teen boy and who gets away with it. There's a shocking element tied in with this sub-plot that leads to shocking but unsurprising events that follow. I did find myself a bit frustrated that this issue was never resolved, but at the same time, I completely understand that realistically speaking, not all cases of bullying ever are especially in the case where adults are involved and really appreciated Joanne for showcasing the reality of this.

    The book is romantic, sad, but also gritty. Joanne has created two strong and resilient characters who each battle their own demons, but who eventually find a way to get beyond the past. I can't recommend this highly enough. It would be interesting to see a story arc with LJ the bullied teen in the lead. His backstory, and especially his role in the ending of the novel definitely makes me think that he could have a story of his own. Disclaimer: Review copy received from the author.

    This in no way affects my opinion of the book. May 15, Candyce Kirk rated it it was amazing. This author isn't afraid to touch subjects that are hard for people. Two people that suffered a tragedy get closer, but it's not as perfect as it seems. I can't say too much without giving any spoliers, but I couldn't put this book down. Sloane and Luke have to learn to deal with what happened in their lives. Certain events leave scars and they have to give it a place in the way they live now. There was also a twist in this book I did not s 4.

    There was also a twist in this book I did not see coming and I loved that the author added it if you read the book you will know what I'm talking about. It's not only the kids at school that leave imprints. Full review to come on thebookdutchesses. May 29, Nerine Dorman rated it it was amazing. What Joanne Macgregor does well is get inside the heads of young adults, and she does so admirably in Scarred.

    Some people carry their scars on the outside, and for others, though they may appear perfect from the outside, they carry their wounds deep within. Sloane Munster and here I was nearly groaning at her surname was in a horrible car accident in which her mother died. And since then she's been struggling to come to terms with not only the loss and their relationship had been far from per What Joanne Macgregor does well is get inside the heads of young adults, and she does so admirably in Scarred.

    And since then she's been struggling to come to terms with not only the loss and their relationship had been far from perfect but also dealing with the disfiguring scars that mar her body. Knowing how important outward appearance can be for young people, this is especially tragic.

    Uterine rupture: differences between a scarred and an unscarred uterus.

    Yet Sloane gets by. But there's more guilt to heap on top of things. She has the hots for Luke Naughton, the somewhat arrogant swimming star. But, as we discover, there are Reasons with a capital R why Sloane can't be completely honest with Luke about her past. So it's a dance between these two lovely, damaged souls and the push-pull of their attraction for each other in what is a very deftly handled teen romance with a side order of drama.

    But it's more than just a romance; it's also about how we discover ways in which we continue with life after tragedy, scarred but still alive, still trying to assimilate the fragments that remain.

    Healing Scarred Hearts - Addiction Impacts

    But Macgregor also treats other issues, such as school bullying, and how different people either fracture or become more resilient in the face of others' cruelty. So yes, there was a bit more going on in this book than your stock-standard YA read, and I commend the author for that and it's also the reason why I award her a full five stars.

    We are never whole again if we ever were to begin with but we have no choice but to continue, because life isn't fair. Okay, so far as reviews goes, I'm getting meta here, which is a bit more than I should be. The setting is generic USA-ville, though there is a part of me that would have wanted to see a more regional, local flavour to add a bit more dimension to the story but I understand why the author made the choice. Yet this is a solid read, and the characters have authentic voices, even if I wanted to shout at them to stop being so pig-headed.

    If you're looking for your next contemporary teen read, this is a goodie. Pick it up; it won't disappoint. A tragic accident left her scarred, a horrible loss keeps eating at her, and she's just broken. However, Sloane is also willing to move forward, thanks to the hard work of her psychologist. Unfortunately, her new high school is filled with a few unexpected complications; one of them being Luke.

    This book is a highly addictive read. The characters have been developed well, I enjoyed the plot, but mostly I loved the underlining message of the tale. Because it makes the reader think about the story long after it ended; and 2. Did I just ask for a contemporary YA sequel? Yup, I did. A lingering sign of damage or injury, either mental or physical: nightmares, anxiety, and other enduring scars of wartime experiences. Botany A mark indicating a former attachment, as of a leaf to a stem. To leave lasting signs of damage on: a wretched childhood that scarred his psyche.

    To form a scar: The pustule healed and scarred. To become scarred: delicate skin that scars easily. Louise Byrne was looking forward to her holiday in Bali with her husband Jesse and their three children when they visited the Indonesian island last month. The year-old stay-at-home-mum thought nothing of the risks after seeing several other children with the same tattoo, but was horrified when her son began suffering an extreme adverse reaction after returning home to Perth, Australia.

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