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But one thing is constant: they are constantly trying new things and I always say yes. So if you are looking for a new publishing home, here are the top 10 things I think every writer should know about Amazon Publishing:. Like every rule, this has an exception. First of all, Amazon is a bookstore—the largest in the world by far. It will be prominently displayed there and marketed through their many channels. But you have to be okay with this being the exception and not the rule.

Now they call it the Big Five, but they are not counting Amazon. It is clearly in their leagues, from editorial to production to overall units sold. You are not self-publishing. Other than the marketing channels, everything about the Amazon experience can be found in a big publishing house. This is the second question I always get asked. And by that I mean the New York Times. Based on sales, Hidden should have been 2 on the e-book bestseller list for many weeks. This is changing too.

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The Wall Street Journal now does include Amazon Pub titles, and maybe the others will change eventually. When I get my statements from my other publishers, I still often have to speak to my agent to understand them. And yeah, they are monthly, not every six months. At the end of September I will receive the royalty statement for August. Real time reporting! You read that right.

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If you are published through Amazon you can get daily sales data for most sales through their author central portal. I just hope we keep front-of-mind the fact that storytelling started as a communal action, and we live in an age when the community is no longer restricted by geography or even time. Thanks, Matthew. Thus, I keep editing and re-editing them until there will be no novel or stories for children remaining. Born with a twin, I suppose I never really learned to easily venture out on my own and am a basically shy person.

Always having had my assignments completed in high school and college the day after they were assigned, I am not a procrastinator so believe it is the shy gene that has me stuck with my stories!! Hi Virgina!

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Six hundred plus followers on Twitter, for example! I notice you use a pen name your website goes to Virginia Pike. That might help you get over that hump?

Thanks for the encouragement and the smile your comment caused to spread across my face …seems to be my first gift of the holiday season! I am anxious to read your future posts. I have been a DIY Indie authir and publisher for decades. Your surname strikes a chord as I have been a movie buff all my lfe. Thanks for commenting, Warren!

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You might find the germ of your tribe is just waiting for you! Good advice. One place I disagree with is rejecting building an audience. They want to read a book and, if they like it, read more by that author. The best marketing a writer can do is writing the next book. Thanks for replying here, Terry!

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Every member of the community will find their own comfort level, naturally. As far as writing more and more good books, well, no one can or should disagree with that! I want a community. Thanks for the response, Matt. I got that. I was disagreeing with your advice to outright reject the marketing advice to build an audience.

That said, I agree that much of the advice on how the gurus suggest doing so is wrongheaded. I submit that the vast majority of readers are an audience and it is worthwhile to build their interest in you as an author. Most have no interest in a conversation. I also agree that engaging those wanting a conversation is very worthwhile. My disagreement is quite narrow and perhaps pedantic. Sue me. My thought is your phrasing was too exclusionary. To reject the entire line of advice. I say to keep the concept of building an audience as part of what you as a writer need to do, just reject most of the ways the gurus advise to do it.

Building an audience is critical to a writers long term success, be it commercial or hobby. Those loyal readers will keep coming back again and again, while telling others of you. Nora Robers is a good example of this. Like her books or not, she writes well for her audience and each new book builds that audience. Reject most of the advice on how to build an audience, but not the idea that it is worthwhile to build it. But do build your audience. Build that long tail. My thing is: if one works from the perspective that one is building a community, the audience building for those who just want to be an audience takes care of itself.

All communities include an audience since some members of the community will prefer a more one-way relationship with the creator.

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Not all audiences are communities, because some creators never approach their readers as members of a community. I would never suggest to sacrifice your productivity in the interest of connecting with your community. Online is my only option — there is bound to be a piece of time every day in which my brain works — and I love interacting with the people who read. I can live a week on one good comment! A community is what I want.

I have joined the groups which are natural for me — and contribute to them — on Facebook. If by some huge random enhancement in the medical community, I get an infusion of energy, I know where I would put it all. Put another way: is there incentive for readers on that site to make the leap over into your community? The post makes a lot of sense, though I would think that finding such a community is the real challenge. Thanks for the comment, Gregory! You already have one, I assume, among your friends and family.

Some of those people should be I hope! Think of it as finding friends. I hope to help children to enjoy stories so they want to read them.

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