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Jesus promised His Apostles the gift of the Holy Spirit because He knew that after His death, the Apostles would live in troubling times see John You can have that same sense of calm and peace Christ gave to the early Apostles.

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Receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit gives you direct access to amazing blessings, insights, and comfort. The first step to receiving the Holy Spirit is accepting Jesus as your Savior and being baptized in His name.

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Through His priesthood authority, you can then receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. You are then promised to have the constant companionship of the Holy Spirit—as long as you remain worthy—to guide and comfort you throughout your life. Search search. November 28, Why is it so important to live worthy to have the Holy Spirit with you? The Spirit teaches us to pray.

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It is through the Spirit that God brought about the salvation of the world. The Church Fathers explain that Pentecost is the conclusion of the story of salvation.

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  4. It is on this day that the church was founded; it is the birthday of the church, and it is something wonderful and joyful. And while we celebrate the church, it is important to know that God does not only live in the church building, but he lives in the church of your heart. However, you need to open your heart to God. He does not impose himself. He does not barge in.

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    I welcome you, Jesus Christ. Stay with me inside of my heart. We need to bring God with us into our homes, and to pray with our families there.

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    I challenge you to make this commitment in your life: to pray intentionally with your family. It will not be easy. You will have to make sacrifices.

    Come Holy Spirit—A Powerful Prayer to Welcome the Holy Spirit into Your Day

    You will have to turn off the TV; turn off that wonderful movie, to pray together. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to his Apostles, but you, too, are his disciples and you are sent by Jesus with the Holy Spirit to go out into the world. Pray to the Spirit to be a witness to Jesus, that he will give you the words you need to witness to your friend, your colleague or your friend at the supermarket.

    Sometimes, we put more trust in our insurance policies than in God. This is our problem, but we must fix this problem, because God wants us to grow in faith, love and joy, and be his witnesses.

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    So often, we judge each other.