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So here's what you can do!

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Now, you can go with the typical approach, writing a story of the adventure, either from Geralt's perspective, or that of Dandelion. For extra points, you can even write from both perspectives, so we can see the differences in both sides! Yes, you can even draw what happened!

The Dandelion Adventure (Ajay Saggar)

This will have to go along with a story, as just a painting won't tell the clearest story, but you get bonus points for adding one! Yes, Dandelion is after all one of the most famous bards! No need to write music for the song, and rhyming isn't a must, but try to keep some rhythm so it can still be called a song, poem, ballad, etc.

And as always, the more of the things above you do, the better your chance at winning!

Dandelion Adventure – Chronicles of a Thoughtfully Designed Life

If they are of a high quality, of course! Despite many people saying they'd participate, only two of them actually did.

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Despite the two entries were amazing, I'd have been happier if there were more. This honestly need to change, but it can't just come from us and two others. We need the whole community to put in some effort Anyways, on to the winners:. First is The Saviour by Margarethe! As always, I hope to see some amazing entries to this challenge!

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Go wild, witchers! Love the dandelion shots. They are really great and I never though of photographing them in a series like this before. Like Liked by 1 person.

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Quitting her job and walking miles of the Camino de Santiago in 30 days. The move paid off — she returned home a different person and subsequently convinced her husband that they needed some additional adventure in their lives. It was the best decision she said she made.