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Obtained keywords can be checked in the respective NPC's affinity menu and it will provide a certain amount of affinity. Increasing an NPC's affinity will give you rewards based on their karma expertise, such as longbow skills from Lire Eruel or equipment from Ensher Renhart. After certain periods of time usually around one hour after using it , a prompt appears allowing chasers to track a certain NPC's whereabouts.

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After doing so, the mission map will highlight a dungeon or pvp mode where that particular NPC will more likely to appear. From Kurtzpedia, the KurtzPel wiki. Jump to: navigation , search. There are 5 levels of affinity, which are: Lv. Hero Chaser Activity After certain periods of time usually around one hour after using it , a prompt appears allowing chasers to track a certain NPC's whereabouts.

A prompt on the top left of the screen will appear when it is available.

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Talking to Ensher will allow you to select a certain NPC to track. Navigation menu Personal tools English Create account Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion.

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During that time I have experimented with a fairly wide range of the available features and only rarely have I run into any issues, and generally those are quite minor. The basic workflows for correcting images shot as RAW files are straightforward and smooth, and using both the internal tutorials and a variety of online ones for guidance I have successfully attempted some fairly complex tasks involving masking, channels etc.

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That it manages to perform complex image processing tasks so smoothly seems little short of remarkable to me. After using the iPad version i was very hopeful. Having migrated assets from a project i was doing in Adobe Photoshop on an art board 9 feet high and 10 feet wide i was able to very intuitively use selections and masking to paint photo layers into my canvas.

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Adopting this workflow from photoshop Affinity seemed at the time very capable of being an app I could use to make drafts of projects before sending to photoshop or illustrator. Even when scaling projects down the program is buggy and unresponsive. Glitches are very common. Even as i write this i am reminded of why i did not install this on my second iPad Pro I use these for a multitude of reasons, the absolute main feature of this I was looking for an app that takes advantage of both the ppi and minute processing power of this device for professional use.

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Few apps can elegantly take advantage of these previously mentioned features. I am a professional freelance designer who uses a myriad of devices and screens for a number of different reasons. Will report back if anything changes.

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The app has been acting buggy throughout the typing of this lengthy and toastfully roasted review of this trash app. Can you please post on our support forum with more information on the issues you've experienced including information on your workflow. A member of our team can then assist you. App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.