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Welcome to Thomas More University Cheerleading!

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We thank you for taking the time to visit our site! Thomas More University's cheerleading squad is made of some of the University's most visible students. They are open to accepting recruits at all levels of cheerleading experience for their game team, and welcome anyone who wants to help cheer for the Saints. Spots on their competition team, however, are very competitive and acceptance depends upon try-out scores.

Then you can work your way up to head coach through a variety of different teams until you find where you fit.

Different Mentorship Roles: Cheerleaders, Coaches, and Critics

You certainly need to consider the amount of time it takes to be a cheer coach of a successful team. Practices should be anywhere from hours per week, plus game days, plus community service outreach, plus summer camps, etc. It is generally a job with little pay but high reward. Someone who is insanely patient, always willing to have a smile on their face and bring their team up when they need to be brought up.

Someone with a drive and desire to not only make their girls great cheerleaders, but great human beings.

Former N.F.L. Cheerleaders Hope to Quicken Change by Shedding Their Anonymity

The team and community outreach aspects of cheerleading can help make these girls better people on and off that blue mat. Having choreography skills is also a huge plus.

Cheerleading - Wikipedia

At the end of the day, dealing with teenage girls can be incredibly dramatic, emotionally strenuous and completely difficult. I know I am shaping these young women to be better versions of themselves so that when they leave high school and they leave my cheer program, they will be set to be kind, generous and giving young women. Part-time Cheer Coaches are generally paid on an hourly wage basis, while full-time Cheer Coaches are generally paid on an annual wage basis.

We put together this list of resources to help you continue exploring your career as a Cheer Coach. Positive Coaching Alliance — This organization is based on the idea that positive reinforcement and the teaching of life lessons through sports can change and improve the culture of youth sports. Next, visualize all the people that are out there excelling in one or more of these areas. Lastly, consider recognizing that these are the persons that you should be seeking to engage as a mentor. Perhaps you already personally know who you're wanting to ask to be your mentor, or possibly you will need to have an introduction be made, but please know that not all mentors are the same.

Partner Stunt Progressions

Some mentors are cheerleaders, coaches, or critics. Sometimes you could have one mentor who will wear multiple hats.

Former East Cheer Coach: 'I Didn’t Do Anything Wrong’

The Cheerleader Why is it that we deeply remember what our middle school bully told us, but easily forget the compliments that were also told to us today? Variations of "I am not good enough" roam through our conscious thoughts, irrespective of positive feedback. As leaders, and as humans, we are always doubting our abilities to undertake the largest, and even the smallest of challenges. Yet, our ability to quiet the negativity must herald our ability to rise above our challenges, and to succeed.

We need individuals in our lives who are there to help us assert our identity, and remind us that we are more than what the world tells us that we are. You are born with potential, and it is your personal responsibility to turn that potential into talent. The world depends on it.

Chadwick Gillenwater-Offutt, my cheerleader. The Coach Coaching involves helping an individual use what they already know to solve the problems before them. Coaching enables someone, and does not train someone. Coaching develops an individual, rather than imposing on an individual. Coaches do not blur their assistance with personal values and beliefs.

Instead, having someone to ask the hard questions without suggesting next steps helps the mentee to realize how to use their innate wisdom to solve their own problems, and develop their own plan or map. You already have what it takes to help you address many of the problems you face.