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Multi-Purpose Business Card Template in PSD

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QR Codes on business cards: the basics

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Style Your QR Code

QR code business card by Meadowlark Creative. Report as spam. QRs are just another channel. If you are looking for functionality besides design just take a look. We make advanced business cards where you can include all you online activities besides traditional contact info. The cards can be also viewed with a mobile via a qr code or short url included in the front and followed by your contacts. That means that your card promotes your activities informing your followers when you do things like posting on your blog, adding a new video to your youtube channel, etc.

Or you can just grab your QR and short url and use any design you want for your cards, then you obtain the same high tech cards as with our default design. In a few days we are adding better support for company logo and a few more details added to the cards. As a side comment if you put a QR code on a card please reserve enough space for it. For example iPhone 3G has no autofocus so the code size is vital. I think the QR code is a good idea, however I think there is a down side for it. Not everyone can look it up. You want something than everyone can see and that is mainly yor contact details and what your business is about by a picture or something else.

SFG Certified Instructors - Visual aids and QR codes on business cards

So wait I know that people keep wishing for QR codes to have a purpose, but this isn't one of them. The use of business cards in Korea has a two fold use. As Korean's use honorifics to address each other, not names, the business card shows who the senior person is, thus letting each person know what honorific to use. Having a QR code would be totally pointless in this situation.

The other use of business cards is, of course, their traditional use of giving contact information. Nice idea eventhough this idea unapplicable in some countries.

What is a QR code on a business card?

However i got an idea too for this business card culture. Moe its not all about taking you to a web site. I have put a We code oh my card which enters my email, phone, address and website to there contacts so they don't have to type all that info. QR codes are a huge fail in NA I don't want people looking at my website on a mobile phone I want them looking at it on a 24" monitor. Am I missing something? Maybe there are some cultural differences in Korea but I thought nobody in the US knew what a QR code was, let alone put them on business cards. Just reprinted my cards on recycled paper and the back is dedicated to the QR code!

Even the Botzen website has a QR code on it so that people with mobile devices can scan the screen of a friends computer or mobile device and instantly access the website!

QR Code On Business Cards: Create QR Codes for your Business Cards for Free Online

Forum Frenzy. Design Business. Reader Projects. Reader Submitted. Keep in mind that much more than web addresses can be scanned. For example, you could:. Have you used a QR code yourself in a promotion? What sort of results did you get?

Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below! About the Author: Sherice Jacob helps business owners improve website design and increase conversions with website reviews and SEO copywriting.

5 Genius Examples of QR Codes in Marketing

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I agree to receive an email that'll allow me to claim my prize and a series of emails that will teach me how to get more traffic. There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later. Creative Ads for Apps Even though QR codes in marketing are just starting to gain traction, there are still companies and individuals making their message loud and clear to early adopters.

Both QR codes take you directly to download the app, and are a great showcase for both ad creativity and self-explanatory promotion of the apps themselves: Instagram and Angry Birds QR codes highlight their respective apps while taking users directly to the download page 2. Speak Your Mind Cancel reply Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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