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To play the routine, tap the 3 vertical dots in the upper right. Remember, the point of a routine is to set it and forget it — so you use routines for things that repeat, not for one-time tasks.

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Hopefully Amazon will update this soon. This will take you back to the New Routine tab where you can add an action. This light blue circle indicates how far away from the location you are when the routine triggers. You can also pinch to zoom out on the map if you really want to be able to increase the radius.

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You might want a fairly large radius, for example, if you use a location-based routine to trigger changing the temperature of your thermostat or something else that can take a little bit of time. This will bring you to a tab where you can name the location and save it. You could set the routine to run only on Saturdays and Sundays between 4pm and 8pm, for example. With this new feature, you can have Alexa start reading you news and weather or even play your favorite morning music just by dismissing your Alexa alarm.

Add any of the below 10 types of actions to your Alexa routine. Remember, you can add multiple actions to an Alexa routine that kicks off based on one of the 3 triggers described earlier specific time , Alexa voice command or location. My favorite Alexa routine turns my lights on every morning at am to help me wake up.

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B option 1. I have my living room lights in an Alexa group so I can easily turn them on and off together. D option i. Toggle Power on or off. D option ii. If you selected a smart light or another adjustable smart device like a thermostat in step C, you can adjust multiple settings. There are lots of reasons you might want to play music as part of a routine.

Perhaps you want music to turn on when you arrive home or to help wake you up in the morning this is one of my favorite uses!

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