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Thus, for two opposite reasons, both in West and East the most widespread, well known, familiar, and close tradition — Christianity — has remained the most unknown, mysterious, and closed, all the while as Traditionalists rather well mastered Islamic metaphysics, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, and even some archaic cults.

One should not be mistaken as to the simplicity of such a study.

For René Guénon the question of initiation was of fundamental

The near complete absence of references to Orthodoxy among Traditionalist authorities makes this task extremely difficult and risky. Nevertheless, without claiming final truth on this matter and all the while leaving the way open for alternative pursuits, we will try in this work to understand the metaphysical nature of Orthodoxy and, as follows, arrive at a formulation and recognition of the essence of Christian metaphysics.

Search form Search. Alexander Dugin. Translator: Jafe Arnold. Serbia and Orthodox Christianity. Challenges of Modern Traditionalism. See also. View Low Resolution. View High Resolution. Martin Lings speaks about the esoteric ideas of "primoridal perfection" and "union with God", which are common to all religions, and the need for him to act upon what he had learned.

Martin Lings speaks about his early life and the confusion that resulted from the conflict between his university eduction and his religious education. Noted traditionalist author Marco Pallis responds to a previous issue's correspondence on reincarnation. Calmeyer's correspondence, summarized in the phrase that "human birth is a rare and correspondingly precious opportunity. This is a transcript of a lecture given in the autumn of at the Prince of Wales Institute in London and sponsored by the Temenos Academy.

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Christian Metaphysics: The Essence of the Problem

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Guénonian esoterism & Christian mystery

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Bookseller Trade. A Platonist by formation, he has been strongly influenced by GuEnon and Eastern metaphysics. But his deepest inspiration derives from unceasing meditation on the Christian faith, which led him to undertake the present searching critique of 'GuEnonian Christianity'. A religious philosopher, he strives to hear the reverberations awakened in human thought by revelation.