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The Tree of Salvation.

Passion fruit // Passiflora Edulis

For me, this is the tree of eternal salvation: from it I am nourished and satisfied. Through its roots I deepen my roots; through its branches I expand; with its sap I am drunk; through its spirit - coming as a delightful breeze - I am made fruitful. Under its shade I have pitched my tent, and fleeing from great heat I find a refuge filled with dew.

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Through its flowers do I flourish, with its fruits I delight and I take them freely because from the beginning they have been allocated for me. This tree is food to satisfy my hunger, a spring for my thirst, a dress for my nakedness; its leaves are the spirit of life and never fig-leaves cf Gen This tree is my protection when I fear God, my crook when I stumble, my prize when I fight and my trophy when I win.

What Do Passionfruits Like And Dislike?

This tree the straight path and narrow way. This tree of a heavenly size, rises from the earth and reaches the heavens, squeezing itself between heaven and earth like an eternal plant, as a buttress of all things, as the hinge to the universe, as a support for the entire world and a cosmic link; which keeps together changeable human nature, nailing it with invisible nails to the Spirit, so that, as subject to the Divinity, it is not separated from her again….

The Chalice of Suffering. Although he fills the universe, the Lord got rid of his clothes to fight the powers of the air, naked. And for an instant he cried out asking for this chalice to be taken away from him cf Luke , so as to show us that He is truly man. But recalling his mission and wishing to fulfil the plan of salvation for which he had been sent, once again he cried out aloud: Not my will but your be done Luke Truly, the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak Matt As he fought a victorious battle in favour of life, his sacred head was crowned with thorns, thus blotting out the ancient curse on the earth and eradicating with his divine forehead the multitude of thorns produced by sin.

After then drinking the bitter and acidic gall of the dragon, he poured out the sweet springs which flow from him. The Lord wanted to destroy the work of the woman and to counter her who at the beginning had come from the side of Adam, as a carrier of death. He opened his sacred breast, and from it flowed blood and water, complete signs of the spiritual and mystical marriage, of adoption and regeneration.

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It has been written that, He will baptise you with the Holy Spirit and fire Matt : here, water as baptism in the Holy Spirit, the blood as baptism in fire. The Two Thieves. Two thieves were then crucified with Him. They carried within themselves signs of the two peoples: on of them was converted through gratitude, sincerely confessing his offences and having pity on his Sovereign; the other, on the other hand, rebelled because he was thick skinned, showing neither gratitude nor piety towards his Lord and persisted in his old sins. They also are a sign of the two sentiments of the soul: one of them is converted from his old sins, strips himself naked before his sovereign and thus obtains mercy and a reward, through doing penance.

The other one has no excuse, because he does not want to change, and remains a thief until the end.

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  6. When the cosmic battle ended, winning everything and for everything, the cross became implanted, without being raised like God or prostrated as man, as the end of all things, as a trophy of victory, carrying within itself a triumph over the enemy. The best time to plant a passionfruit vine is in the spring season. Before planting, prepare your soil by incorporating compost and chicken manure to an area around one to two metres wide. Dig a hole twice as wide and just as deep as the root ball, gently tease the roots, plant the vine and water well.

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    Passionfruit vines can also be grown in large pots as long as they have an adequate support structure. Water deeply a couple of times a week, depending on weather conditions and climate. Remember to spread your watering over the entire root system, not just around the stem of the vine. Feed your passionfruit vine with well-watered-in citrus food or a chicken manure twice a year, in spring and autumn.

    Tamarind, Guava, Rose Apple & Passion Fruit Photos

    Ensure you spread the fertiliser over the entire root system. Avoid over-feeding or using fertilisers that are high in nitrogen, this will encourage leaf growth at the expense of flowers and fruits. Flowers usually appear in mid-spring before fruiting in early summer. Your first fruit will appear around six to eight months after planting but have patience — the best crop will come in around 18 months.

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    They can also be picked off the vine when their colour is fully developed and come away from the vine easily. The best time to prune a passionfruit vine is in late winter or early spring. Cutting the vine back by about a third will encourage vigorous growth and more fruit.

    How To Plant Passionfruit And Tamarillos

    The passionfruit vine can be propagated from cuttings but is best grown from seed. Not fruiting: A common complaint of passionfruit growers is a lack of fruit. There are a number of factors that could be to blame, but poor pollination is the most common. The essential work of bees can be impacted by changes in weather such as consistent, heavy rain, and fluctuating temperatures. Over-fertilization can also cause your vine to grow but without flowers and fruit. Fruit dropping: If your passionfruit is fruiting but the goods are dropping off the vine, it could be due to irregular watering, fungal diseases or fruit flies.