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She belongs to a race known as the Time Lords, who have the ability to cheat death by regenerating into a totally new and different person. Where have I seen Jodie Whittaker before? Who is Ryan Sinclair? He is a young warehouse worker from Sheffield who suffers from dyspraxia, a co-ordination disorder which means, among many other things, he struggles to do relatively basic tasks like riding a bike. Throughout the course of the episode, he will encounter the Doctor, and get caught up in an alien plot.

Where have I seen Tosin Cole before? Tosin Cole is perhaps most recognisable as — series regular Neil Cooper from Hollyoaks. Schoolboy struck down by ME during football match labelled 'lazy teen'. Most Popular. All Real Life.

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  1. A journey in life - musings of a doctor, husband, dad, grandad, brother, and friend?
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  4. Jodie Whittaker plays the Doctor.
  5. Wilfred Mott | Tardis | FANDOM powered by Wikia!

British man hits out at 'money-making' visa system after wife's ordeal. Woman feared she'd lose home after waiting weeks for Universal Credit. The i newsletter. Wilfred adjusted to this life, joining in the shanty singing in the kitchen. He was upset when all non-English residents were forcibly deported to "labour camps", noting this had happened before in his life.

Grandad's Thermometer Reading

Wilfred set up his telescope behind the house at Leeds; it was there that he and Donna first noticed the darkness spreading over the night sky, eating up the stars. It was this sight that finally convinced Donna to find Rose Tyler and go with her. TV : Turn Left. Wilfred had a positive attitude. Even in a crisis, he turned to good war-time spirit. He was a strong patriot, loyal to Queen Elizabeth and his beloved England. He also had a good relationship with his granddaughter Donna Noble and encouraged her companionship with the Doctor, even keeping it a secret from his daughter, Sylvia , for a time.

TV : The Sontaran Stratagem. Wilfred also proved a loyal companion to the Doctor, from searching him out when prompted to by the mysterious woman , to giving the Doctor his gun and prompting him to kill the Master, as well as serving as a gunner when the ship they were on was under attack. He convinced the Vinvocci to take him back to help the Doctor.

Harry Potter star wants to follow his grandfather's footsteps and become Doctor Who

He also showed a willingness for self-sacrifice by saving someone trapped in a radiation booth and being willing to die there so the Doctor could live, saying he was an old man who had had his time. When the Doctor brought Donna back with her memories erased, Wilfred was devastated as he felt she had grown into a better person after her travels with the Doctor and even tried to get him to talk to her, remarking that he needed her when the Doctor admitted he had done wrong whilst travelling alone.

However, he didn't share his daughter's hard feelings against him for wiping her memories, and promised to look up at the sky every night on Donna's behalf. He developed a paternal relationship with the Doctor, trying to comfort him when he began to cry during their conversation and wanted him to be happy and to have someone to make him laugh. He was also willing to give up his life to let the Doctor live.

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This relationship was picked up by others, with the Master sarcastically referring to Wilfred as the Doctor's father. Wilfred admitted he would be proud to have the Doctor for a "son" and the Doctor said he'd be honoured if Wilfred was his "father". A trained soldier, Wilfred survived the Second World War without killing anyone.

Being proud of his service, he wore a Parachute Regiment pin on his signature red hat. He still kept his service revolver as a memento, which he later gave to the Doctor to use against the Master. He also proved to be a proficient gunner when he shot down some of the missiles that the Master had fired at the Vinvocci's spaceship.

Grandad dies after doctors 'failed to look at blood test' and sent him home - Birmingham Live

TV : The End of Time He momentarily blinded a Dalek with a well-placed paintball shot to its small eye stalk, although the Dalek recovered its vision almost instantly. Unlike so many others who had spent years searching, Wilfred and the small gang of pensioners whom he commanded found the Doctor within only a few hours of his arrival, much to the Doctor's bewilderment.

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  • A journey in life - musings of a doctor, husband, dad, grandad, brother, and friend.
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  • Multi-adventures reference the rare instance when a companion is shown or stated to have multiple adventures with the Doctor but only appears in a single story.