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I went to the Things Remembered store to engrave a golden metal plaque with the name DAD in all capital letters and the date June 20, under it. I was moving back to Rhode Island for the summer again and decided I would give it to him on Father's Day in person. When I handed him the heavy gift to open. He ripped the wrapping paper off and removed the glossy mahogany box from the packaging. I was touched at how he ran his fingers over the plaque, tracing the letters.

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This was a man unused to showing his feelings, and I seemed to force the issue at every turn. It was as good for him as it was for me. Schuster, come look at what Kara got me for Father's Day. Schuster was his housekeeper. We hugged, and I could feel his gratitude in my own heart. Even though he didn't say much, I watched his eyes widen looking at the word Dad. After holding the box on his lap for a long time, he carefully placed it in a prominent place on the coffee table in his study.

We finished our Father's Day with some our favorite Oreos and milk, and I snuggled in the nook of his arm, soaking up the warmth and safety I always felt when having cookies with Dad.

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I was the only one of his children in town to share the day, and it seemed representative I'd finally found what had always been missing in my life. When he came to pick up my father for work, and I showed him the box, now a solid symbol of the new phase in our relationship. Dad got a big redo on fatherhood with me. He had made mistakes by not always making things special for my brothers, but with each special occasion I was teaching him how to show his heart.

As I taught him how I needed to be loved, he learned how to show love to my brothers, too. As the years went on, I think he tried to make up for his mistakes with them by showing up for Tracy's races, doing a business deal with Stuart, or taking Hunter, Peter's son to see a B when it came to town. I learned he was just as hard on himself as anyone else could be, and he needed to feel unconditional love before he felt safe enough to open his heart. Somehow my key worked. I'd unlocked a part of him that he'd needed to find, all the while discovering my true identity in the process. I would go on to spend 17 more Father's Days with my Dad.

The Winstons "Color him Father" My Extended Version!

I wish it could have been a hundred more. I have learned forgiveness is a tunnel to love and the title Dad is so much more than a name. As I watch my two children with my wonderful husband today, I am so grateful they have what I was searching for.

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