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More up icon. Reuse this content About The Economist. A gamble on the rains The South Asian monsoon, past, present and future A story of famines and trade, science and cupidity. Spinning out of control? Breaking the nuclear deal ratchets up the conflict between Iran and America. Battle of the big beasts Joe Biden struggles in the Democratic primary debate.

Oncology In fighting cancer, look to what other animals do. Subscribe now. Each week, over one million subscribers trust us to help them make sense of the world. Subscribe to The Economist today or Sign up to continue reading five free articles. Classified ads. Customers for the Silverado — like those for competing Ford and Ram trucks — also can order plenty of creature comforts, such as heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheels and the latest infotainment technology.

Five Things You Didn’t Know about “Truck Night in America”

Lifestyle buyers are even more willing to spend the money, especially those who buy a truck to haul boats, RVs or horse trailers, said Brinley. His travel and accommodations to the Chevy press preview in Bend, Oregon, were paid for by General Motors. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services.

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US and China agree to continue talks. Here's a timeline of how Politics read more. Joe Biden loses support of top financier after segregationist Trump offers to meet Kim at demilitarized zone that separates What to watch in markets in the week ahead The monthly jobs number is always important, but this time it could be even bigger news, since it may actually help tell us how much the Fed will cut rates this summer.

Market Insider read more. G leaders sidestep trade protectionism in communique Group of 20 leaders stopped short of denouncing protectionism, instead calling for the need to realize a "free, fair, non-discriminatory" trade environment in a communique Turkey's Erdogan says no setback in missile deal with Russia; World Politics read more. Here's what every major bank believes will happen at the Trump-Xi Markets read more. And since it's full of all those fancy batteries, let's be sure to include voltage inverters for running gear at the job site or my camper at the campsite.

Fathers Who Cook; Food Trucks Roll Across America

To that end, please, load the thing up on batteries. I'd say a range minimum of miles unloaded is a worthy goal to start with. It is a truck after all, so it should be able to carry a lot of batteries, correct? Make it so. Put them in the sidewalls of the bed. Under the seats. In the headrests. Just pack in enough range that I can drive it most of the day down the interstate or to the coast or the mountains without worry.

Then, include a small gas or better yet: diesel charging engine option for charging on the go. See how small and quiet you can make it.

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If the frunk has to go, I understand, but in truth, does it need to go there at all? At least there'd be an engine where I expect it to be, I guess. It doesn't have to drive the wheels, it just has to charge the batteries and power the motors so I can limp into the nearest charging station if need be. In time, battery technology will improve and greatly extend ranges for all electric vehicles and at some point, the backup plan could go away, but I'm a prepper so I like backup plans.

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My current turbodiesel is pretty analog, but it still has a digital heart. Otherwise, it's pretty old school.

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The heat controls are on sliders. The dash isn't digital. I know that in due time, we'll just talk to our vehicles and they'll whisk us away to distant destinations in total comfort and safety, and we'll all just get used to it as we have to most of life's comforts.

Keep 'em. One thing I can't do with my truck is make it better and keep it stock at the same time. Sure, I can chip it, lift it, paint it and swap out the stereo, but that's all very expensive and I'm still making payments, so I'm keeping it as is except the stereo. But with an electric truck, a whole world of invisible improvements becomes possible. Make batteries modular and the design of the chassis flexible enough so that if I want to add more range later or some great new battery tech comes along , adding in more juice or swapping out battery packs can literally be done at the Jiffy Lube.

I could add a bigger battery to my camcorder easily enough 20 years ago and it worked just the same except better; this is not a new idea. Make it easy for consumers to make improvements as new and better tech becomes available. Same for drive options.

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Give the folks who got on board early and invested in electric vehicles a way to improve their truck with as little fuss as possible. Make motor placement modular so I and some other truck lovers can drop in a second motor over Cokes and jokes in my garage one evening. I know how to change out my batteries in my current truck, you know how to make doing so safer and easier in the new breed of machines. Enable the consumer.