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They were playing, interacting, fighting LOL. A woman was intently staring at them. She looked like she wanted to cry. I felt I had to explain "They are just getting to the age where they are bickering. I thought. I went ahead with my son's 15 month vaccinations. A week or so later he developed a rash on his legs. I took him to a dermatologist because it looked quite serious. She said it was "eczema Nothing worked He started screaming all the time. I remember at 16 months going to a theme park with relatives.

Our son screamed at the top of his lungs the whole day. He just seemed miserable. By 18 months that interactive, giggly little boy, spent his whole day screaming through the house, running from room to room as if in search of something. He'd carry a spoon around with him and open and shut cupboards. I thought I was losing my mind. He stopped sleeping. He opened and shut blinds until they broke. He shattered a stainless steel microwave door from the constant opening and shutting. He could no longer stand the car seat or a swing any vestibular movement. He unexplainably broke out in hives.

His eyes always seemed vasoconstricted. He would no longer look at us. When I called him, he always looked down. I told a friend I thought he was upset with me. I had previously had him in gym classes I have a Biology degree and was haunted by the realization that something was physically wrong with this child. We went to developmental pediatricians, neurologists, gastroenterologists, metabolic specialists I went through a horrible period of panic and crying. Then, I began to research.

The fact that my son had been prescribed an epipen for his constant allergic reactions made me think "What if something is wrong with his adrenal system You needed lots of Vitamin C and E to break down this catecholamine. I began giving both vitamins to him in high doses. Amazingly, he would make brief moments of eye contact. We noticed the rash came back whenever he had sugar, dyes or preservatives.

We removed those too and some prompted words began. We began Methyl B injections every three days. At the time I was charting our son's constant tantrums with an ABA therapist. On the third day right before the injection his tantrums spiked. The DAN! Tantrums subsided.

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We checked metals and my worst fears were confirmed. Heavy metal poisoning. At this time Jenny McCarthy had come out with her book and I felt surrounded by biomedical support. We began chelation. I met some recovered families. Hands down the best day of my life! Our son lost services from the state at 34 months. I am always working on better language, clearer speech I thank God every day I didn't give up. A few days ago my son said to his Grandma "Come on, Grandma Don't forget your glasses. I am so thankful. I have 4 children. My daughter Savanna is the 2 nd child and we knew right away that she was different.

We had a crisis situation when she was 8 years old and began therapy and learning about all her issues with a child pyschiatrist. It is sometimes very difficult to even get the right diagnosis after many years. At 15 when I noticed Savanna was not developing the way her other sisters were growing up I became concerned and knew it was more to meet the eye. I took her back to her doctor and I saw a pyschologist that did a complete testing and with much interviews from her imeadiate family realized that Savanna had Asperger's Syndrome, PDD and among other things a lot of anxiety.

Savanna is now 18 years old and we took a whole different approach with her and she is doing very well especially after we did more to help and to know the proper diagnosis and cope well. I believe in my view I could say she is cured from the tantrums and many challenges we faced, but I believe proper medication helped us a lot. She tells us the same and takes her medications on time and is very careful with her meds.

She is always asked if she is younger than her younger sister and she does not get upset with the question. She does act sometimes like a baby and we overlook it. We are very happy with the outcome of our hard work as a family and sometimes the not knowing is not being cured but the knowing is what we mean by them being cured so we can cope well.

I feel very much comfortable that she can aspire to be on her own if something happens and she is forced to be taking care of herself. She also points out when she feels that other kids may have some disorder and parents are choosing to ignore it. She loves reading to small children and keeping them happy. She speaks a lot more too. I do notice that after 7 pm she does not want to be bothered and likes silence.

She does not speak much at that hour and therefore we do not ask too much either. This is only if she is at home. IF she is in the public she will have a good time but wants to retire early. We have come a long way. My son had an obvious global regression after his MMR set at the age of I would like the semantic games to end, and research towards vaccines playing a role in a small subset of the population in developing or worsening autism. I want a portion of the energy directed towards answering the appropriate unanswered questions about the rising rates of autism and other chronic disorders — as much energy as is put into the prevention of infectious diseases.

To put things into perspective, I am aware that most children who get vaccinated come through without getting autism, that we are not talking about a linear relationship. I have repeated myself again and again that I am pro-vaccine and encourage parents to vaccinate their children, unless it is contraindicated, as in our case of a child who regressed after same. The science is incomplete. Let's do the work suggested by Dr. Julie Gerberding, Dr. Bernadine Healy, Dr.

It needn't be the spin of the roulette wheel that it is now. Spin the wheel to see if your child has the genes to get autism from vaccines IWe need to start being straight with the public. As my earlier post said, stop suppressing and start addressing. There has been a spin using weasel terms like "autistic features" and "autism-like symptoms.

One more fact: autism is defined by symptoms, so if you have all the symptoms as described in the diagnostic manual, then you have autism. So there has been a shell game of semantics going on. Very few are being fooled by the shell game of semantics. Do the Vaccinated vs. My daughter diagnosed in with ASD was accepted at Harvard this week.

A national finalist in solo harp by the age of 14, she has no deficits related to her early childhood diagnosis unequivocally documented by U of Lou. Dept of Pediatrics. Her brother, one year younger was dx with high functioning autism and was more seriously delayed. He was accepted at 3 Ivy prep schools and wait-listed at 2 others last Spring in New England.

Not one rejection. He goes to Western Reserve Academy on scholarship this year. He has been a national AAU finalist in discus since Even here in good ol' KY since Wake up! My son is recovered from vaccine-induced autism using diet and biomedical intervention. I would not wish our experience on my worst enemy. But, I have seen firsthand that there is hope. It was a giant leap of faith for us to pursue what's considered "alternative" treatments but we have an amazing practitioner Dr.

Anyone who has gone down this path will tell you that it's not easy. There's no magic bullet. There's no quick fix. But recovery is possible. My son is the proof. Our child was diagnosed with autism at 2 years of age. Now two years later and 4 years of age, he is indistinguishable from his peer. Biomedical intervention fully recovered our child from autism. Jenny, thank you for spreading the word on this treatable and preventable disorder. Thank you Autism Research Institute for leading us down the right path.

And, a special thanks to Dr. James Neubrander DAN! I have no words to express my gratitute to Jenny. For years many parents are recovering their kids from Autism but nobody hears about it because they are not celebreties. In a culture that only listens to famous faces finally the truth about Autism can be heard. My daughter was diagnosed last year and thanks to Jenny being so outspoken my first thought was "I will recover her! If Jenny did it so will I. My daughter is making great progress and I have no doubt that she will recover sooner or later.

You have done so much to help the autism community and it is truly beyond words to express the appreciation of so many. JB, Jenny, Jim and Dr. Kartzinel — thank you for giving hope to so many families. And thank you to ALL of you for having the courage to speak out about vaccine injury and autism.

They knew children would be brain injured when this program was created. This is not some far fetched idea. Our children are sick beyond social difficulties as so often is only reported. Autism is a medical condition involving the entire body, not just the "mind". It's time our medical community step up to the plate and accept and treat the very real illnesses in our children.

It's time for transparent, independent research into autism triggers, including vaccines. King for airing this very important story.

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Too many of our children are affected. We have worked hard to see our own son, now 16, move along the spectrum to greater and greater healing. I thank God for the precursors to Dr. Kartzinel and Jenny McCarthy—Dr. Bernard Rimland of the Autism Research Institute. These children, and the heroes that speak for them—Jenny and ""Dr. Jerry"—also owe a debt to Dr.

It worries me that CNN publishes this blog item without challenge from scientists. The massive studies of immunization over the population do not confirm what is alluded to here. As one who served as a consumer advocate on both the National Vaccine Advisory Committee and the advisory group for the vaccine compensation program, I have read these studies. LKL assertions are not backed by documented facts - only by fear and suspicion. Finally, our health care system provides many procedures and pharmaceuticals that are not available in other countries.

This is why is is said we have technologically the best health care system in the world. Let's prevent those childhood diseases we can prevent, using our best tools - vaccines. I am not sure what Jenny is getting out of this. I beleave that she is in it only for the money. We love Jenny McCarthy for her courage and tenacity in spreading the word that there is so much hope for children with autism! Both of my children are vaccine injured and now on the autism spectrum. It is not a coincidence that they both got sick after their vaccines. It is high time the AAP figured out other excuses besides genetics and coincidence.

They will only turn more parents away by trying to sweep this under the rug. History will point the finger at them for gross incompetence in this epidemic. It's unfortunate that one has to be a celebrity to be able to discuss this topic — and that we confer on celebrities the assumption of medical expertise in scientific and medical discliplines where their insight is at best wasteful and more often damaging. What he needs is lifelong care — I'd like to hear the discussion focus on how we can make sure that these disabled loved ones can be partake in community life and have some security once parents become old or die.

There's nothing quite like being terrified of your own death for fear of the fate of your adult disabled child. I wish the discussion would focus on this enormous challenge faced by 'regular parents' with true, for real, autistic children. There are mainstream doctors that specialize in autism that are now starting to treat children who have regressed into autism as if they have a form of mitochondrial disorder. I was told that they are doing this with the belief that these kids have a form of mito disorder that is untestable doesn't show up in a typical mito test.

It proves that they are looking at the children's immune system function being related to their regression into autism. They are perscribing them mito cocktails and are seeing them improving. This is similar to how DAN defeat autism now doctors treat their patients. I believe recovery and healing is possible. I have seen children lose their label. The brain is the biggest energy using organ in the body.

If the system isn't working well, the organs are affected. Thank you JB for starting Generation Rescue. Thank you to Jenny McCarthy for being such a voice to so many. Thank you to Jim Carey for supporting this important cause.

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Thank you to Larry King for allowing this information to be aired! Thanks to Larry King, and a few other media outlets, this topic is becoming front and center. People need to understand that this epidemic is out of control. People need to understand the CDC is not wanting or willing to do a vacinated vs. They know what they did and are doing to our future, and they just want to push it under the rug. Admitting fault is an option for them. So, the CDC continues to pollute our next generation. They will never admit they screwed up.

And, if their studies were to ever show biomedical interventions do work, or the vaccinated vs unvacciated population shows less or no incidence of Autism in unvaccinated kids, they would pad the results to their favor. The truth can never come out becasue the American people would never trust them again. Can't do that for heaven's sake — who would pay for their mansions?

They are wrong and our killing our future. God help us! And thank you Larry King, our voices are far more clear when given a platform. I am not anti vaccine, I vaccinated, that is the problem. We need to rethink the number of vaccines our children are receiving, and to discontinue the ridiculous ones like for chickenpox Our son is recovering from the silent world of autism thanks to the great work of his M.

Our son was nonverbal until we began biomedical intervention. Regressive autism is treatable. I am the mother of an eighteen-year-old son recovered from high functioning autism. He was given an incorrect vaccine at age 8 mo. Seven vaccines, two shots containing mercury and a dose of Tylenol to shut down his glutathione. Inject toxins and then shut down the body's detox system Too many, too soon! Five years of biomedical intervention including diet, supplementation, chelation, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and I have my son back. We don't need "autism awareness".

I HAD a nephew who was autistic with a seizure disorder and some degree of mental retardation. He was 36 years old when he died in circumstances similar to those of Jett Travolta. What we can never be sure of is whether his treatment at the hands of ignorant, arrogant police officers contributed in any way. Over four years he had become increasingly frustrated and aggressive after having been fired from his job of eight years and never truly allowed to again become productively occupied despite the thousands of dollars his Provider received each month while we bore the expense of his daily living since he lived at home.

As his medications were being adjusted in an effort to improve his behavior my suggestions of counseling were ignored and private insurance paid for his meds he would loudly vent his frustrations. This he did on the street outside our home one day and the cops were called. They followed him into the house, beat him, broke furniture, and he ended up in the hospital where it was confirmed he was not a drug addict. Yet the cops continued to insist he must be on street drugs. One cop insisted on charging him months later with property damage and terroristic threats although he basically expressed himself in a repetitive two-word "sentence".

His family was not allowed to be with him at the police station even though he was terrified of the police and would go ballistic. He later complained his chest hurt. We do not know if he was tasered or hit or thrown or fell. As a student in high school the police would be called if he became aggressive. They would tie his ankles and wrists together behind his back like an animal, throw him in the back of a vehicle and transport him like that to the hospital.

We were never told. My mother just happened to be at the hospital when they arrived and realized it was her grandson. He must have been so terrified, unable to question or understand. While trying on numerous occasions to get the police to understand autism, the police chief later initimated he could end up being shot if he could not control himself.

My main concern is that without education and sensitivity training in various subjects, including autism, innocent citizens, especially Black males will continue to be abused by the police. Please use your forum to highlight this need for police training, not just the diagnosis, causation or treatment of autism. The average citizen needs a voice. The son of a celebrity would never have been treated this way and certainly not encouraged.

Good luck to each of you as you continue to care for your loved ones. I pray that prevention and cure will soon be obvious. How can anybody in their right mind think it is ok to shoot a vaccine into a newborn baby that is made up of virus,human and animal dna, formaldehyde, gelatin, thimerosol, aluminum AND plant it all in a base of genetically modified yeast.

It does not take a Harvard education to figure this one out. Vaccines are toxic It is time to start reverting back to the days of medicine when homeopathy was used to innoculate children exposed to deadly virus and disease. If this form of medicine was so wrong ,why was it in all the doctors medicine bags who were the founders of Boston University Medical Center.

Every child I know who has not been innoculated is extremely healthy and very bright. Gee, is this a coincidence? I am a pediatrician and I want to say that the various Autism Groups have helped with bring attention to Autism. But in terms of vaccines and the groups attempts to blame vaccines as a cause of Autism has really done a disservice to public health in general. Even though good studies have been out stating that vaccines are safe, the groups maintain that they are not safe and continues to place inaccurate information on vaccine safety.

It is as if some groups continues to proclaim the world is flat when good scientific evidence states that the world is round. Thanks, Larry, for featuring this topic in your popular forum. My son was diagnosed at age two and a half. Thanks, Jim and Jenny and J. Handley, how is the methyl mercury in your soy products any safer than the ethyl mercury which has been absent from scheduled pediatric vaccines since ?

I have a child that is on the autism spectrum. He is very intellegent, verbal, loveable and tries really hard to learn social skills. I don't believe that you can completely cure a child on the spectrum now a days but when they finally can prove that cause, that may change. They may get enough therapies in their lifetime that they can function well in society. I would like to ask that people keep in mind that our children are a certain way because of their diagnosis and that if they were to be "cured" that it might change their general personality. My grandson was diagnosed with autism at 19 months of age.

We struggled trying to accept this and all that it meant. We knew nothing about the bio medical interventions and people in our generation believed what the doctors told us. I have now attended conferences and read many books and done a lot of research. But the most telling evidence is the remarkable improvement that Jack has made through the tough road of gluten free cassein free diet, supplements and therapies. My daughter is a hero — she has saved a life. My daughter has Asperger's, a high functioning form of autism.

When she was four years old we discovered bio-med therapies for autism. She had been screaming non stop for over two years by that point and our family was in deep crises. Within two weeks of being treated with bio-medical interventions her constant screaming subsided. How many children are drugged and institutionalized because no doctor bothered to look into the bio-med therapies available to help them? My daughter's behavior truly seemed psychotic before she was put on methylated B- 12 by a DAN! She is doing well now, but she still has her struggles with anxiety and with social issues.

Parents, there is so much help available for kids with autism. Don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise. Autism is treatable. Bio-medical treatment with therapy works. As a mom i was lost before Bio-medical treatment and therapy , today however my daughter Geni is singing " what a wonderful world" by Louis Armstrong. Indeed its a wonderful world after bio-medical treatment and therapy. Although I do not have any autistic children, I do have 2 autistic nephews and I am forever grateful to Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey for using their lives to better this world.

I myself got chronic fatigue syndrome and severe depression and bipolar from mercury mercury in the flu shot and in my amalgam fillings. This is about toxins, toxins in our environment are destroying the lives of so many children and adults alike. For kids it turns into autism and for adults its is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, Alzheimers, Parkinsons, depression, bipolar, many mental illnesses, and Multiple Scerosis just to name a few!! Mercury, Lead, fire retardant materials, household cleaning chemicals, plastics, pesticides in our foods, and horrible chemicals like chlorine and fluoride in our water are all killing us all slowly and causing horrible autoimmune diseases and autism at epidemic rates.

I know many people who have recovered from autism as well as many other horrible illnesses that I mentioned above just by chelating and getting rid of the toxins in their lives and in their homes and eating clean organic foods and pure clean water!! Wake up people, mercury and toxins are destroying the human race, this is a real epidemic!! And we need the medical community and our government and insurance companies to hop on board and get with the program that alternative doctors have known for many years!

The suspected cause of autism is caused by abnormalities in brain structure or function. Brain scans show differences in the shape and structure of the brain in children with autism versus neuro-typical children. Remember an illness is always on a continuum, meaning that some people may have an extreme case and others less severe.

Also, Autism was a check-all tag. If a child was deaf, it could have easily been DX autistic I think Jenny and Jim are being irresponsible for giving parents of children with autism false hope. I have no doubt that Evan is a changed boy I recently went to a regular G-I doctor who told me my son has Autism Entercolitis, but there was nothing to be done. She stated this was just something that happens and he will be this way for life.

He is still not eating, but making little progress daily. This is all I can hope for. We have appts with the DAN Doctors.

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There type of medicine is attached to hope! I am such a fan of Jim and Jenny! Hope can cure a lot and I believe these two people have given hope to many many parents across this country. Keep it up! God Bless both of you and your family. I absolutely believe everything Jim and Jenny are saying. Parents have to take control of their own children's health. What a shame. Many not all but many of our health care professionals today are nothing short of criminals. Jim carrey is right. If Autism is due to vaccines like Jenny thinks, why is there a predilection for boys.

Don't we think that it should occur in both sexes equally. I think there is a genetic link which could be carried on the X chromosome. My son Marcus was diagnosed with Autism at three years old. I have one question. My pediatrician says the children need to have all of the vaccines in order to get into school so opting not to get them is really not an option. What do you think? My son IS recovering from Autism!

You are giving some families false hope! Some kids can't recover, they can make progess but it is a part of who they are. I applaud you for speaking on such an important topic. Jenny is a pioneer by confronting a very difficult subject with huge success. Do you have information about the rate of autism in other countries and if they use other vacines? It didn't work for him. He is working with the local birth to 3 program and is on a waiting list for the waiver program. He has made great gains since taking him off the GFCF diet.

I've been working with children diagnosed with autism for the past six years working with parents teaching behavior intervention in Orange County. Hundreds of families I've worked with have said the same thing. Keep up the fight. Thank God fo people like Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey for having the courage to stand up for whats right and face down the greedy corporate drug companies and call it like it is.

The government mandated vaccines have tripled the quantity of the vaccine since and put more kids at risk for autism. It continues to go unchecked because there is money being made, bottom line. That is the way our whole world works and it is getting worse and worse everyday. Corporations should have term restrictions just as any other powerful person would. My son is 15 years old.

We tried the casein-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, gluten-free diet. He was on multi-supplements including Vitamin B shots. We did that religiously for 18 months and started chelation. There was no "oh wow" effect so we stopped. He is high-functioning but still autistic. Any suggestions? My son's can prove it! The Dr's just don't get it at all. If it's not a pill, how can it work!!!

I thank God every day for our DAN! What we need now is the government to pay for all this! It is tooo expensive, and all of this is the governments fault. The government won't admit it, because they don't want to pay for it! Our son is autistic and and is recovering from biomedical treatment. The Govt at least owes us the research to look into this.

One of the most controversial treatment methods, a detoxification treatment called chelation therapy, has been gaining acceptance among some doctors and parents. Based on the theory that exposure to heavy metals, particularly the mercury preservative in some children's vaccines, is behind some cases of autism, advocates claim chelation is an effective treatment. Combination treatment Because it's so difficult to match the child to a treatment, desperate parents often experiment with multiple therapies at the same time.

An estimated 30 percent of parents try alternative therapies like special diets, vitamin treatments or other non-traditional methods on their children, according to a study from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Many parents also enroll their children in music and vision therapy or programs like horseback riding and yoga to help develop motor skills. Unfortunately, doctors can't yet predict which children will benefit from a particular program or whether a child will ever fit into a regular classroom.

Even with treatment, about 25 percent of children never develop language skills, according to researchers. On the other hand, about 25 percent are able score in a normal range for their IQ and to function in public school. Federal law requires public schools to provide special education classes for children with autism, although programs vary from state to state and some parents prefer private treatment, especially for their younger children. Yet because of a lack of scientific evidence supporting certain therapies, parents often find themselves battling health insurers for coverage or suing school systems to provide home-based instruction.

Show discussion. Autism: The Hidden Epidemic? Inside the autism treatment maze No single approach is best for every child Below: x Jump to discuss comments below discuss x Next story in Autism: The Hidden Epidemic? Read responses from our readers related. Discuss: Discussion comments. Expand Collapse. View all comments. Structured behavior modification methods that work with small children are often useless with a high-functioning older child with normal intelligence.

Recovered from Autism - A Young Man's Story

I was lucky to get headed on the right path after college. Three other high-functioning autistics were not so fortunate. One man has a Ph. He needed somebody to steer him into an appropriate job. Teaching math did not work out; he should have obtained a research position that required less interaction with people. The other lady has a degree in history and now works doing a boring telephone-sales job.

She needs a job where she can fully utilize her talents. Both these people needed support after college, and they did not receive it. The third man did well in high school and he also sits at home. He has a real knack for library research. If some interested person worked with him, he could work for a newspaper researching background information for stories. All three of these people need jobs where they can make maximum use of their talents and minimize their deficits.

Another autistic lady I know was lucky. She landed a graphic-arts job where she was able to put her visualization talents to good use. Her morale was also boosted when her paintings received recognition and were purchased by a local bank. Her success with the paintings also opened up many social doors. In my own case, many social doors opened after I made scenery for the college talent show. I made myself an expert in a specialized area. High-functioning autistics will probably never really fit in with the social whirl. My life is my work.

If a high- functioning autistic gets an interesting job, he or she will have a fulfilling life. I spend most Friday and Saturday nights writing papers and drawing. Almost all my social contacts are with livestock people or people interested in autism. Like the Newson et al.

I have little interest in novels with complicated interpersonal relationships. When I do read novels, I prefer straightforward stories that occur in interesting places with lots of description. The mentor needs to be somebody who can provide support on several different fronts. Employment is only one area. Many high-functioning autistics need to learn about budgeting money, how to make claims on health insurance, and nutritional counseling. As the person becomes more and more independent the mentor can be phased out, but the mentor may still be needed if the autistic loses his job or has some other crisis.

At age 2, I had all the typical autistic symptoms. I was referred to a speech therapist who ran a special nursery school in her home. The speech therapist was the most important professional in my life. At age 3, my mother hired a governess who kept me and my sister constantly occupied.

What are evidence-based treatments?

My day consisted of structured activities such as skating, swinging, and painting. The activities were structured, but I was given limited opportunities for choice. For example, on one day I could choose between building a snowman or sledding. She actually participated in all the activities. She also conducted musical activities, and we marched around the piano with toy drums.

My sensory problems were not handled well. I would have really benefited if I had had an occupational therapist trained in sensory integration. I went to a normal elementary school with older, experienced teachers and small classes. Mother was another important person who helped my recovery. She worked very closely with the school. She used techniques that are used today in the most successful mainstreaming programs to integrate me into the classroom. The day before I went to school, she and the teacher explained to the other children that they needed to help me.

As discussed earlier, puberty was a real problem time. I got kicked out of high school for fighting. I then moved on to a small country boarding school for gifted children with emotional problems. This is where I met Mr. Another extremely helpful person was Ann, my aunt. I visited her ranch during the summer. In high school and college, the people that helped me the most were the creative, unconventional thinkers. The more traditional professionals such as the school psychologist were actually harmful. They were too busy trying to psychoanalyze me and take away my squeeze machine.

Later when I became interested in meat-packing plants, Tom Rohrer, the manager of the local meat-packing plant, took an interest in me. For three years I visited his plant once a week and learned the industry. My very first design job was in his plant. I want to emphasize the importance of a gradual transition from the world of school to the world of work.

The packing plant visits were made while I was still in college. People with autism need to be gradually introduced to a job before they graduate. The autistics I discussed earlier could have excellent careers if they had a local businessperson take an interest in them. During my travels I have observed many different programs. It is my opinion that effective programs for young children have certain common denominators that are similar regardless of theoretical basis.

Early, intense intervention improves the prognosis. My governess was sometimes mean, but her intense, structured intervention prevented me from withdrawing. She and my mother just used their good instincts. Good programs do a variety of activities and use more than one approach. The effectiveness of different types of programs is going to vary from case to case. A program that is effective for one case may be less effective for another.

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Decreasing self-stimulatory behavior with physical exercise in a group of autistic boys. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 10, This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website.

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