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Every thought form bears the same color that it would possess if it had been retained in the body of the aura itself. But, as a rule, the colors are plainer, and less blended with others--this because each thought form is the representation of a single definite feeling or thought, or group of same, instead of being a body of widely differing mental vibrations.

Thus the thought form of anger will show its black and red, with its characteristic flashes. The thought form of passion will show forth its appropriate auric colors and general characteristics. The thought form of high ideal love will show its beautiful form and harmonious tinting, like a wonderful celestial flower from the garden of some far off Paradise. Many thought forms never leave the outer limits of the aura, while others are projected to great distances.

The Human Aura: Astral Colors and Thought Forms Audiobook by Swami Panchadasi

Some sputter out as they travel, and are disintegrated, while others continue to glow like a piece of heated iron, for many hours. Others persist for a long time, with a faint phosphorescent glow. A careful study of what has been said regarding the characteristics of the various feelings and emotions, as manifested in the auric body, will give the student a very fair general idea of what may be the appearance of any particular variety of thought form, for a general principle runs through the entire series of auric phenomena.

An understanding of the fundamental principles will lead to an understanding of any of the particular varieties of the manifestation thereof. Finally, remember this: A thought form is practically a bit of the detached aura of a person, charged with a degree of his prana, and energized with a degree of his life energy. So, in a limited sense, it really is a projected portion of his personality. In all of Nature's wonderful processes we find many evidences of that great principle of Action and Reaction, which, like the forward and backward swing of the pendulum, changes cause into effect, and effect into cause, in a never ending series.

We find this principle in effect in the psychic relation of mental states and colors. That is to say, that just as we find that certain mental and emotional states manifest in vibrations causing particular auric astral colors, so do we find that the presence of certain colors on the physical plane will have a decided psychic effect upon the mental and emotional states of individuals subject to their influence.

And, as might be expected by the thoughtful student, the particular astral colors manifested in the aura by the presence of some particular mental or emotional state exactly correspond with the particular physical colors which influence that particular mental or emotional state. Illustrating the statements in the preceding paragraph, I would say that the continued presence of red will be apt to set up emotional vibrations of anger, passion, physical love, etc.

Blue, of the right tint, will tend to cause feelings of spirituality, religious emotion, etc. Green is conducive to feelings of relaxation, repose, quiet, etc. Black produces the feeling of gloom and grief. And so on, each color tends to produce emotional vibrations similar to those which manifest that particular color in the astral aura of the person. It is a case of "give and take" along the entire scale of color and emotions, according to the great natural laws.

While the explanation of these facts is not known to the average person, nevertheless nearly everyone recognizes the subtle effect of color and avoids certain colors, while seeking certain others. There is not a single living human being but who has experienced the sense of rest, calm, repose, and calm inflow of strength, when in a room decorated in quiet shades of green. Nature, herself, has given this particular shade to the grass and leaves of trees and plants, so that the soothing effect of the country scene is produced.

The aura of a person experiencing these feelings, and yielding to them, will manifest precisely the tint or shade of green which is shown on the grass and leaves around him, so true is this natural law of action and reaction. The effect of scarlet upon animals, the bull for instance, is well known--to use the familiar term, it causes one to "see red. The sight of the beautiful clear blue sky tends to arouse feelings of reverence, awe or spirituality.

One can never think of this shade of blue arousing rage; or red arouse feelings of spirituality. It is a well known fact that in insane asylums, the use of red in decorations must be avoided, while the proper shades of blue or green are favored. On the other hand, the use of a proper red, in certain cases, will tend to arouse vitality and physical strength in a patient. It is not by mere chance that the life giving blood is a bright, rich red color when it leaves the heart. When one "feels blue" he does not have the impression of a bright or soft blue--but he really is almost conscious of the presence of a dull bluish gray.

And the presence of such a color in one's surroundings, tends to cause a feeling of depression. Everyone knows the effect of a "gray day" in the Fall or Spring. Again, who does not know the feeling of mental exaltation coming from the sight of a day filled with golden sunshine, or from a golden sunset. We find proofs of this law of Nature on all sides, every day of our lives.

It is an interesting subject, which will repay the student for the expenditure of a little time and thought upon it. Speaking of the general class characteristics of the three primary groups of colors, all occultists, as well as many physiologists and psychologists, are agreed on the following fundamental propositions, viz. It is also universally conceded that the right shades of green combining the qualities of blue and yellow in appropriate proportions is the ideal color of rest and recuperation, followed by a stimulation and new ambition.

The reason for this may be seen, when you consider the respective qualities of blue and yellow which compose this color. It is interesting to note that the science of medicine is now seriously considering the use of colors in the treatment of disease, and the best medical authorities investigating the subject are verifying the teachings of the old occultists, regarding the influence of colors on mental states and physical conditions.

Edwin Babbitt, a pioneer in this line in the Western world, gave the general principles in a nutshell, when he laid down the following rule: "There is a trianal series of graduations in the peculiar potencies of colors, the center and climax of electrical action, which cools the nerves, being in violet; the climax of electrical action, which is soothing to the vascular system, being in blue; the climax of luminosity being in yellow; and the climax of thermism or heat being in red.

This is not an imaginary division of qualities, but a real one, the flamelike red color having a principle of warmth in itself; the blue and violet, a principle of cold and electricity. Thus we have many styles of chromatic action, including progression of hues, of lights and shades, of fineness and coarseness, of electrical power, luminous power, thermal power, etc. Babbitt, and then compare it with the occult teaching regarding the astral colors, and you will perceive the real basis of the science which the good doctor sought to establish, and in which cause he did such excellent pioneer work.

The result of his work is now being elaborated by modern physicians in the great schools of medicine, particularly on the Continent, in Europe--England and America being somewhat behind the times in this work. The advanced occultist also finds much satisfaction in the interest, on the part of physicians and jurists, in the matter of the influence of color upon the mental, moral and physical welfare of the public. The effect of color upon morality is being noticed by workers for human welfare, occupying important offices.

The American journals report the case of a judge in a large Western city in that country, who insisted upon his courtroom being decorated in light, cheerful tints, instead of in the old, gloomy, depressing shades formerly employed. This judge wisely remarked that brightness led to right thinking, and darkness to crooked thinking; also that his court, being an uplift court, must have walls to correspond, and that it was enough to turn any man into a criminal to be compelled to sit in a dark, dismal courtroom, day after day.

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This good judge, who must have had some acquaintance with the occult teachings, is quoted as concluding as follows: "White, cream, light yellow, and orange are the colors which are the sanest. I might add light green, for that is the predominant color in Nature; black, brown and deep red are incentives to crime--a man in anger sees red. The effect of color schemes upon the moral and mental welfare of persons is being recognized in the direction of providing brighter color schemes in schools, hospitals, reformatories, prisons, etc. The reports naturally show the correctness of the underlying theory.

The color of a tiny flower has its effect upon even the most hardened prisoner; while the minds of children in school are quickened by a touch of brightness here and there in the room. It needs no argument to prove the beneficial effect of the right kind of colors in the sickroom, or hospital ward. The prevailing theories, and practice, regarding the employment of color in therapeutics and human welfare work, are in the main correct. But, I urge the study of the occult significance of color, as mentioned in this book in connection with the human aura and its astral colors, as a sound basis for an intelligent, thorough understanding of the real psychic principles underlying the physical application of the methods referred to.

Go to the center of the subject, and then work outward--that is the true rule of the occultist, which might well be followed by the non-occult general public. The phenomenon of human magnetism is too well recognized by the general public, to require argument at this time. Let the scientists dispute about it as much as they please, down in the heart of nearly all of the plain people of the race is the conviction that there is such a thing. The occultists, of course, are quite familiar with the wonderful manifestations of this great natural force, and with its effect upon the minds and bodies of members of the race, and can afford to smile at the attempts of some of the narrow minds in the colleges to pooh-pooh the matter.

But the average person is not familiar with the relation of this human magnetism to the human aura. I think that the student should familiarize himself with this fundamental relation, in order to reason correctly on the subject of human magnetism. Here is the fundamental fact in a nutshell: The human aura is the great storehouse, or reservoir, of human magnetism, and is the source of all human magnetism that is projected by the individual toward other individuals.

Just how human magnetism is generated, is, of course, a far deeper matter, but it is enough for our purpose at this time to explain the fact of its storage and transmission. In cases of magnetic healing, etc. In such instances the healer by an effort of the will sometimes unconsciously applied projects a supply of his pranic aura vibrations into the body of his patient, by way of the nervous system of the patient, and also by means of what may be called the induction of the aura itself.

The mere presence of a person strongly charged with prana, is often enough to cause an overflow into the aura of other persons, with a resulting feeling of new strength and energy. By the use of the hands of the healer, a heightened effect is produced, by reason of certain properties inherent in the nervous system of both healer and patient. There is even a flow of etheric substance from the aura of the healer to that of the patient, in cases where the vitality of the latter is very low.

Many a healer has actually, and literally, pumped his life force and etheric substance into the body of his patient, when the latter was sinking into the weakness which precedes death, and has by so doing been able to bring him back to life and strength. This is practically akin to the transfusion of blood--except that it is on the psychic plane instead of the physical. But the work of the magnetic healer does not stop here, if he be well informed regarding his science. The educated healer realizing the potent effect of mental states upon physical conditions--of mental vibrations upon the physical nerve centers and organs of the body--endeavors to arouse the proper mental vibrations in the mind of his patient.

Ordinarily, he does this merely by holding in his mind the corresponding desired mental state, and thus arousing similar vibrations in the mind of the patient. This of itself is a powerful weapon of healing, and constitutes the essence of mental healing as usually practiced. But there is a possible improvement even upon this, as we shall see in a moment. The advanced occultist, realizing the law of action and reaction in the matter of the auric colors, turns the same to account in healing work, as follows: He not only holds in his mind the strong feeling and thought which he wishes to transmit to the patient, but fix this in your mind he also pictures in his imagination the particular kind of color which corresponds with the feeling or thought in question.

A moment's thought will show you that by this course he practically multiplies the effect. Not only do his own thought vibrations 1 set up corresponding vibrations in the mind of the patient, by the laws of thought transference, but 2 his thought of the certain colors will set up corresponding vibrations not only a in his own aura, and thence b to that of the patient, but will also 3 act directly upon the aura of the patient and reproduce the colors there, which 4 in turn will arouse corresponding vibrations in the mind of the patient, by the law of reaction.

The above may sound a little complicated at first reading, but a little analysis will show you that it is really quite a simple process, acting strictly along the lines of Action and Reaction, which law has been explained to you in preceding chapters of this book. The vibrations rebound from mind to aura, and from aura to mind, in the patient, something like a billiard ball flying from one side of the table to another, or a tennis ball flying between the two racquets over the net. The principle herein mentioned may be employed as well in what is called "absent treatment" as in treatments where the patient is present.

By the laws of thought transference, not only the thought but also the mental image of the appropriate astral color, is transmitted over space, and then, impinging on the mind of the patient, is transmitted into helpful and health-giving vibrations in his mind. The healer of any school of mental or spiritual healing will find this plan very helpful to him in giving absent as well as present treatments. I recommend it from years of personal experience, as well as that of other advanced occultists. Of course the fact that the ordinary healer is not able to distinguish the finer shades of astral color, by reason of his not having actually perceived them manifested in the aura, renders his employment of this method less efficacious than that of the developed and trained occultist.

But, nevertheless, he will find that, from the knowledge of the auric or astral colors given in this little book, he will be able to obtain quite satisfactory and marked results in his practice. The following table, committed to memory, will be of help to him in the matter of employing the mental image of the auric colors in his healing work. Nervous System-- Cooling and soothing: Shades of violet, lavender, etc.

Resting and invigorating effect: Grass greens. Inspiring and illuminating: Medium yellows, and orange. Stimulating and exciting: Reds bright. Blood and Organs-- Cooling and soothing: Clear dark blues. Resting and invigorating: Grass greens. Inspiring and illuminating: Orange yellows. Stimulating and exciting: Bright reds. The following additional suggestions will be found helpful to the healer: In cases of impaired physical vitality; also chilliness, lack of bodily warmth, etc. In cases of feverishness, overheated blood, excessive blood pressure, inflammation, etc.

Red has a tendency to produce renewed and more active heart action; while violets and lavenders tend to slow down the too rapid beating of the heart. A nervous, unstrung patient, may be treated by bathing her, mentally, in a flood of violet or lavender auric color; while a tired, used up, fatigued person may be invigorated by flooding him with bright reds, followed by bright, rich yellows, finishing the treatment with a steady flow of warm orange color.

To those who are sufficiently advanced in occult philosophy, I would say that they should remember the significance of the Great White Light, and accordingly conclude their treatment by an effort to indicate an approach to that clear, pure white color in the aura--mentally, of course. This will leave the patient in an inspired, exalted, illuminated state of mind and soul, which will be of great benefit to him, and will also have the effect of reinvigorating the healer by cosmic energy or para-prana.

Everything that has been said in this chapter regarding the use of color in magnetic treatments, is equally applicable to cases of self-healing, or self-treatment. Let the patient follow the directions above given for the healer, and then turn the healing current, or thought, inward--and the result will be the same as if he were treating another. The individual will soon find that certain colors fit his requirements better than others, in which case let him follow such experience in preference to general rules, for the intuition generally is the safest guide in such cases.

However, it will be found that the individual experience will usually agree with the tables given above, with slight personal variations. When it is remembered that the aura of the individual affects and influences other persons with whom he comes in contact--and is, in fact, an important part of his personality--it will be seen that it is important that the individual take pains to develop his aura in the direction of desirable qualities, and to neutralize and weed out undesirable ones.

This becomes doubly true, when it is also remembered that, according to the law of action and reaction, the auric vibrations react upon the mind of the individual, thus intensifying and adding fuel to the original mental states which called them forth. From any point of view, it is seen to be an important part of self development and character building, to develop the aura according to scientific occult principles. In this work of aura development, there is found to be two correlated phases, namely: 1 the direct work of flooding the aura with the best vibrations, by means of holding in the mind clear, distinct and repeated mental pictures of desirable ideas and feelings; and 2 the added effect of mental images of the colors corresponding to the ideas and feelings which are deemed desirable and worthy of development.

The first of the above mentioned phases is probably far more familiar to the average student, than is the second. This from the fact that the average student is apt to be more or less familiar with the teachings of the numerous schools or cults which agree in the axiom that "holding the thought" tends to develop the mind of the individual along the particular lines of such thought. This is a correct psychological principle, for that matter, even when those practicing it do not fully understand the underlying facts.

Mental faculties, like physical muscles, tend to develop by exercise and use, and any faculty may be developed and cultivated in this way. Another teaching of these same schools is that the character of the thoughts so "held" by the individual, effects other persons with whom he comes in contact, and, in a way attracts to him objective things, persons, and circumstances in harmony with such thoughts. This also is in accordance with the best occult teaching--from which, of course, it was originally derived.

I heartily endorse the facts of these teachings, and pronounce them fundamentally correct. And, in this connection, I may say that every healer may apply his own methods PLUS this teaching regarding the aura, and thus obtain greatly increased results. By the faithful, persevering, holding in mind of certain ideas and feelings, the individual may flood his aura with the vibrations and colors of such ideas and feelings, and thus charge it with auric energy and power.

By so doing, he gains the benefit of the reaction upon his own mind, and also secures the advantage of the effect thereof upon other persons with whom he comes in contact. In this way he not only builds up his individual character along desirable lines, but at the same time develops a strong, positive, attractive "personality" which affects others with whom he comes in contact.

I do not consider it necessary to go into details here regarding this phase of "holding the thought," for, as I have said, the average student is already familiar with the rules regarding the same. In a nutshell, however, I will say that each individual is largely the result of the thoughts he has manifested, and the feelings which he has harbored.

Therefore, the rule is to manifest and exercise the faculties you would develop, and inhibit or refrain from manifesting the ones you would restrain or control. Again, to restrain an undesirable faculty, develop and exercise its opposite--kill out the negatives by developing the positives.

The mind produces thought; and yet, it tends to grow from the particular portion of its own product which you may choose to feed to it--for it not only creates thought, but also feeds upon it. So, finally, let it produce the best kind of thought for you, and then throw that back into the hopper, for it will use it to grind out more of the same kind and grow strong in so doing.

That is the whole thing in a nutshell. The second phase of aura development as above classified , however, is not likely to be familiar to the average student, for the reason that it is not known outside of advanced occult circles, and very little has been allowed to be taught regarding it. But, the very reticence regarding it is a proof of its importance, and I strongly advise my students to give to it the attention and practice that its importance merits.

The practice, thereof, however, is extremely simple, and the principle of the practice, moreover, is based solely upon the facts of the relation of color and mental states, as shown in the astral auric colors, as fully explained in the preceding chapters of this book. In order to intelligently practice the development of the aura by means of flooding or charging it with the vibrations of psychic colors, it is first necessary that the student be thoroughly familiar with the scale of colors related to each set of mental states or emotional feelings. This scale and its key is found in a number of places in the preceding chapters.

The student should turn back the pages of this book, and then carefully re-read and re-study every word which has been said about the relation of mental states and auric colors. He should know the mental correspondence of the shades of red, yellow, and blue, so thoroughly that the thought of one will bring the idea of the other. He should be able to think of the corresponding group of colors, the moment he thinks of any particular mental state.

He should be thoroughly familiar with the physical, mental, and spiritual effect of any of the colors, and should moreover, test himself, psychically, for the individual effects of certain colors upon himself. He should enter into this study with interest and earnestness, and then by keeping his eyes and ears open, he will perceive interesting facts concerning the subject on every side in his daily work and life.

He will perceive many proofs of the principle, and will soon amass a stock of experiences illustrating each color and its corresponding mental state. He will be richly repaid for the work of such study, which, in fact, will soon grow to be more like pleasure than like work. Having mastered this phase of the subject, the student should give himself a thorough, honest, self-examination and mental analysis.

He should write down a chart of his strong points and his weak ones. He should check off the traits which should be developed, and those which should be restrained. He should determine whether he needs development along physical, mental, and spiritual lines, and in what degree. Having made this chart of himself, he should then apply the principles of charging the aura with the color vibrations indicated by his self diagnosis and prescription.

The last stage is quite simple, once one has acquired the general idea back of it. It consists simply in forming as clear a mental image as possible of the color or colors desired, and then projecting the vibrations into the aura by the simple effort of the will. This does not mean that one needs to clinch the fist or frown the brow, in willing. Take away the obstacle of Doubt and Fear--then the Royal Command performs the work of setting the will into operation.

This, by the way, is an important occult secret, of wide application--try to master its all important significance. The mental imaging of colors may be materially aided by concentration upon physical material of the right color. By concentrating the attention and vision upon a red flower, for instance; or upon a bit of green leaf, in another instance; one may be able to form a clear, positive mental image of that particular color. This accompanied by the willing, and demand, that the vibrations of this color shall charge the aura, will be found to accomplish the result.

Have something around you showing the desirable colors, and your attention will almost instinctively take up the impression thereof, even though you may be thinking of, or doing something else. Live as much as possible in the idea and presence of the desirable color, and you will get the habit of setting up the mental image and vibration thereof. A little practice and experience will soon give you the idea, and enable you to get the best results. Patience, perseverance, and sustained earnest interest--that is the key of success.

Among the very oldest of the teachings of occultism, we find instructions regarding the building up and maintenance of the protective aura of the individual, whereby he renders himself immune to undesirable physical, mental, psychic or spiritual influences. So important is this teaching, that it is to be regretted that there has not been more said on the subject by some of the writers of recent years.

The Human Aura Astral Colors and Thought Forms

The trouble with many of these recent writers is that they seem to wish to close their eyes to the unpleasant facts of life, and to gaze only upon the pleasant ones. But this is a mistake, for ignorance has never been a virtue, and to shut one's eyes to unpleasant facts does not always result in destroying them. I consider any teaching unfinished and inadequate which does not include instruction along protective lines. Physical auric protection consists in charging the aura with vital magnetism and color, which will tend to ward off not only the physical contagion of ill persons, but, what is often still more important, the contagion of their mind and feelings.

The student who has really studied the preceding chapters will at once realize that this protection is afforded by filling the aura with the vibrations of health and physical strength, by means of the mental imaging of the life-preserving reds, and the exercise of the mind in the direction of thought of strength and power.

These two things will tend to greatly increase the resistive aura of anyone, and enable him to throw off disease influences which affect others. The aura of the successful physician and healer, in the presence of disease, will invariably show the presence of the bright, positive red in the aura, accompanied by the mental vibrations of strength, power and confidence, and the absence of fear. This in connection with the Auric Circle, which shall be described presently, will be of great value to healers, physicians, nurses, etc.

Of practically the same degree of importance, is the charging of the aura with the vibrations of mental protection, viz, the vibrations of orange, yellow and similar colors. These are the colors of intellect, you will remember, and when the aura is charged and flooded with them it acts as a protection against the efforts of others to convince one against his will, by sophistical arguments, plausible reasoning, fallacious illustrations, etc. It gives to one a sort of mental illumination, quickening the perceptive faculties, and brightening up the reasoning and judging powers, and finally, giving a sharp edge to the powers of repartee and answer.

If you will assume the right positive mental attitude, and will flood your aura with the vibrations of the mental orange-yellow, the mental efforts of other persons will rebound from your aura, or, to use another figure of speech, will slip from it like water from the back of the proverbial duck. It is well to carry the mental image of your head being surrounded by a golden aura or halo, at such times--this will be found especially efficacious as a protective helmet when you are assaulted by the intellect or arguments of others. And, again, there is a third form of protective aura, namely protection of one's emotional nature--and this is highly important, when one remembers how frequently we are moved to action by our emotions, rather than by our intellect or reason.

To guard one's emotions, is to guard one's very inmost soul, so to speak. If we can protect our feeling and emotional side, we will be able to use our reasoning powers and intellect far more effectively, as all know by experience. What color should we use in this form of auric protection? Can anyone be in doubt here, if he has read the preceding chapters? What is the emotional protective color? Blue controls this part of the mind or soul, and by raising ourselves into the vibrations of positive blue, we leave behind us the lower emotions and feelings, and are transported into the higher realms of the soul where these low vibrations and influences cannot follow us.

In the same way, the blue colored aura will act as an armor to protect us from the contagion of the low passions and feelings of others. If you are subjected to evil influences, or contagion of those harboring low emotions and desires, you will do well to acquire the art of flooding your aura with the positive blue tints. Make a study of bright, clear blues, and you will instinctively select the one best suited for your needs.

Nature gives us this instinctive knowledge, if we will but seek for it, and then apply it when found. The aura of great moral teachers, great priests and preachers, advanced occultists, in fact all men of lofty ideals working among those lower on the moral scale, are always found to be charged with a beautiful, clear blue, which acts as a protection to them when they are unduly exposed to moral or emotional contagion. Ignorance of the occult laws have caused the downfall of many a great moral teacher, who could have protected himself in this way, in times of strong attack of low vibrations, had he but known the truth.

The individual who knows this law, and who applies it, is rendered absolutely immune from evil contagion on the emotional plane of being. But no occult instruction on this subject would be complete without a reference to the Great Auric Circle of Protection, which is a shelter to the soul, mind, and body, against outside psychic influences, directed, consciously or unconsciously against the individual. In these days of wide spread though imperfect, knowledge of psychic phenomena, it is especially important that one should be informed as to this great shield of protection.

A little perseverance will enable you to create this on the astral plane, and, though unless you have the astral vision you cannot see it actually, yet you will actually FEEL its protective presence, so that you will know that it is there guarding you. This White Auric Circle will be an effective and infallible armor against all forms of psychic attack or influence, no matter from whom it may emanate, or whether directed consciously or unconsciously. It is a perfect and absolute protection, and the knowledge of its protective power should be sufficient to drive fear from the heart of all who have dreaded psychic influence, "malicious animal magnetism" so-called , or anything else of the kind, by whatever name known.

It is also a protection against psychic vampirism, or draining of magnetic strength. The Auric Circle is, of course, really egg-shaped, or oval, for it fringes the aura as the shell cases the egg. See yourself, mentally, as surrounded by this Great White Auric Circle of Protection, and let the idea sink into your consciousness.

Realize its power over the influences from outside, and rejoice in the immunity it gives you. The Auric Circle, however, will admit any outside impressions that you really desire to come to you, while shutting out the others. That is, with this exception, that if your inner soul recognizes that some of these desired influences and impressions are apt to harm you though your reason and feeling know it not then will such impressions be denied admittance.

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For the White Light is the radiation of Spirit, which is higher than ordinary mind, emotion, or body and is Master of All. And its power, even though we can but imperfectly represent it even mentally, is such that before its energy, and in its presence, in the aura, all lower vibrations are neutralized and disintegrated. The highest and deepest occult teaching is that the White Light must never be used for purpose of attack or personal gain, but that it may properly be used by anyone, at any time, to protect against outside psychic influences against which the soul protests.

It is the armor of the soul, and may well be employed whenever or wherever the need arises. Throughout the pages of this little book have been scattered crumbs of teaching other than those concerning the aura alone. Those for whom these are intended will recognize and appropriate them--the others will not see them, and will pass them by. One attracts his own to him. Much seed must fall on waste places, in order that here and there a grain will find lodgment in rich soil awaiting its coming. True occult knowledge is practical power and strength. Beware of prostituting the higher teachings for selfish ends and ignoble purposes.

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Health Magnetism. Peculiar appearance of Prana Aura. How animals follow trails of Prana Aura particles. The tiny electric sparks, and vibratory movements. How one may perceive the vibrations of Prana Aura. Chapter III. The Astral Colors23 Each mental or emotional state has its own astral hue, tint, shade or color. The combinations of Olive, Russet and Citrine. Black and White, and how formed. Key to the Astral Colors. The Red Group. The varying reds of vitality and health; the shades of love; high and low; the crimson of sensuality; the scarlet plane of anger and passion.

The Golden Yellow of Intellectual Attainment. Chapter V. The Aura Kaleidoscope39 What the astral body is composed of. Also the etheric double. The ever changing clouds of aura coloring. Placid scenes and furious storms of the Aura. Opalescent effects. The pearly color of the etheric substance. Chapter VI. Thought Form47 What a Thought Form is and what it is made of.

How Thought Forms are created. How Thought Forms travel. How Thought Forms affect persons. Why some Thought Forms are semi-living, elemental forces. Various forms and classes of Thought Forms. Chapter VII. Psychic Influence of Color 55 Action and Re-action. Effect of Color on Mental States and Emotions.

Jane Roberts. The Honeymoon Effect. Bruce H. How to Hear Your Angels. First You Sigh. Beth Johnson. Power of the Soul. Ian Eshey. Affirmations and Thought Forms. Linda Stein-Luthke. Prayer - The Art of Believing. Manifest Anything You Want in 30 Days. Vickie Emanuele. Practical Mental Influence. William Walker Atkinson. The Astral World. Rabindranath Tagore. Oscar Wilde. Thought Vibration. Rudyard Kipling. Magus Incognito. Moppet, The Tale of Tom Kitten and more. Beatrix Potter. Indian Tales Mobi Classics. The Wild, Wild West. John Richard Stephens. Verses The Kybalion. The Power of Concentration.

Theron Q. Reincarnation and the Law of Karma. American Notes. Hans Christian Andersen. From Sea to Sea. Letters Of Travel Mobi Classics. Rewards And Fairies Mobi Classics.

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      Soldier Stories. Many Inventions Illustrated. A Series of Lessons in Raja Yoga. Actions and Reactions. The Wisdom of William Walker Atkinson. New Thought: Its History and Principles. A Song of the English.