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The Beatles: the birth of the band

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Regardless of the number of tracks used on the multi-track master 4, 6, 8? It would be nigh impossible to recreate their original decisions even if all the parts were available to remix. Pre-ordered mine yesterday from Amazon UK for incl. Today I see my invoice says Last week I pre-ordered the deluxe Dylan box set for pds — my invoice now has that at 83 pds. Same thing happened last year with the Pepper box which I think I ended up paying around quid. Thank you Paul for all the excellent info that your site provides. I hope no one is thinking of getting it or showing support for it, otherwise the format is dead.

Got my Pepper box last year from them at similar savings with no problems. After reading a few other comments I wonder if a white vinyl version will suddenly pop up in the mix. I would certainly go for that. Type Beatles in the music search heading then look for heading of coming soon on the left column. There was a Sgt. Pepper picture disc about six months after the boxset last year — so watch this space, I guess….

Lay off Paul over the widget issue. Now, use this information, however you want; but Amazon US refuse to budge on the price. I, though, have the screenshots to prove they screwed-over US Beatles fans trying to pre-order from Amazon. So, to underscore this point, no one missed-out on anything in the U. Ask Paul. I sent him all the screenshots yesterday afternoon p.

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I will provide them to any SDE poster who thinks they can negotiate a better deal for us! I see you had a listen, Paul. Was that in surround? If so, any preliminary thoughts on THIS 5. I scored it at One theory, might be that they honored it for Prime members? At any rate, Paul has said ad nauseam on so many releases, the price will most likely come down. Stepping forward here as well. Thanks, Paul! Good to see there is not much duplicated from Anthology 3, apart from the 7 Esher recordings obviously.

I agree, Stuart. Definitely on bright white vinyl, not translucent. Both full deluxe version and 3 CD versions ordered, very happy about this for me a much much better than album than Sgt Pepper. Do we need people saying which one is best, i am pleased with any true album they have made getting a SDE version and will be pleased for people that want that album.

Shm-cd version now available for pre order on Amazon j. How much better is this remix compared with the remix? Is this remix telling us that those remixes from could have been better? Has the technology improved that much in the last 8 years? For me the content in the set is a little bit disappointing or selfish. I wished more takes that show the creative process of each song better. I wish we had studio discussions in between takes. A six CD-set to expand a 2-disc album, does not sound like too much material given to fans.

Also I wished video material included in the blu-ray disc. I will buy it because I have to have it. For those who order from Amazon, the price that counts if the price at the release day? It could be lower than the preorder price. Thanks Paul for the good work. Whatever people think of the idea of going back and remixing, it will sound considerably different. I hated Sgt. Peppers remix. Bass was so loud that i think it was made to please Paul McCartney.

Walls almost came tumbling down when listened in full volume like i used to do. That was about 1hr 40mins into the show. Thanks anyway. Glad to see the vinyl is kept separate again. Great news. The White Album in its various formats occupies the No. Not a fan myself but The Beatles will always sell.

I have never been much of a fan of the White Album too much filler for me , but you have to hand it to them — they know how to put together a comprehensive deluxe edition! Makes me wish I was a Beatles collector then again, perhaps not — I might be bankrupt by now! In terms of outtakes and session rehearsals I find that these are easily obtainable on You Tube. Three CDs of sessions, 5.

I imagine that will come a little while later much like the single disc vinyl and picture disc release of the Pepper remix.

The Beatles' The White Album will be reissued this November to celebrate its 50th anniversary

No complaints about anything, just happy that in we are getting new Beatles releases. Thanks Paul for your diligence, got both deluxe and x4 vinyl from amazon. Thanks for the news, Paul! On discs 4, 5 and 6 — more outtakes. Surely they could have included more.

On the Blu-Ray disc: — a new hi res transfer of the original stereo mix the stereo masters are Esher Demos. No 20 min. Helter Skelter. No video New mix — no original stereo mix not really understanding the point of these remixes when the originals are near perfect. They skipped Magical Mystery Tour! Please get your facts right. Then Amazon changed the prices. I cannot thank you enough for what you do, Paul, breaking the news and providing price comparisons. I have saved a bundle as result. Chill out, Richard.

Beatles Books Review Part 1

Paul does a fantastic job of describing these products. Do you expect him to manually check the various Amazon websites every ten minutes and manually update all of the prices listed on this site? Richard needs to calm down. Pepper albums seem destined to never get the archival treatment. You are missing the point…. The obvious one to start with was Pepper. There is no evidence to suggest that they are not going to go back and do albums like Revolver and Rubber Soul etc.

But for now they are going with the 50th anniversary releases which will probably keep them busy for the next few years. Thinking of upcoming 50th anniversary releases, I would LOVE to get brand-new heavyweight vinyl releases, on colored vinyl, of the red and blue albums that were released in If those releases are indeed celebrated for their 50th anniversaries with colored vinyl and maybe more , I have to wait another five years.

Then for Pepper 60th release and so on. Abbey Road also had a green vinyl release back then too not sure why green. I know because I have them all. They already did a box set for MMT a few years ago. The only way is to ship to an overseas address and use a mail forwarded. Alternatively, wait until AmazonAU adds the item probably after its release, given previous experience , wait to see if AmazonAU makes it available via the AmazonUS shopfront within AmazonAU, order from somewhere like jpc.

Only UK is the same! I thought the re-mixing idea was, like Sgt Pepper last year which I love , was to re-mix as if it was recorded today — drums, bass, vocals bang centre, everything else floating either side. Will they ever go backwards in time? Revolver or Rubber Soul. Pre-order placed on Amazon. This release was simply unimaginable 6 months ago, yes I am aware that the track listing and remixing were finished well before then.

Excited to get the box set. Now if only that could have been located….. Revolution I Take 18 will probably be the track that appeared out of the ether on the internet 8 or so years ago, and which was bootlegged at the time. The fact that the book is not included with the vinyl, which is the most expensive the formats, really makes no sense. While these deluxe editions are great, albums like this one and Sgt P are so engrained into my DNA after so many careful listens over the years, that I can listen to any track on demand in my head and seldom listen on a device.

That said, I would have loved expanded editions of Rubber Soul and Revolver…. Hi, Just purchased from France. Better than USA price of Thanks Paul. Genuine question, who actually wants these albums to all have the same sound? Pepper was mixed differently to The White Album, they are supposed to sound different. And in the case of the latter, pretty much each track sounds different to the last. You can hear the personalities in the lyrics, the mix, the arrangements. Homogenising that will surely remove that charm.

The Giles Martin stereo remix of Sgt Pepper was crap. To me Sgt Pepper is meant to have the quirky stereo mix which sounds weird on headphones. To be fair the outtakes and book were very nice. I hope Giles Martin proves me wrong. Although this album has some of the best music ever made the album does have some rubbish piggies, honey pie, do it in road. This box set looks pretty good. I agree.

DVD is 20 years old, Blu-ray is 10 years old. Or you can skip to 4K which is the new standard for video with 4 times the video resolution of standard Blu-ray. But the key thing is they can play Blu-ray music discs as well as video. Best of both worlds. Almost 50 dollars the super deluxe version on iTunes! Unlike some others, I am happy with the 3-CD set containing all of the Esher demos. I feel the demos are the single most important unreleased item in the entire Beatles vault. Not only because the demos contain several tunes that were never recorded or put on the White Album, but the demos have never all been released on any one bootleg that I am aware of, and certainly there will be a big difference in sound quality.

Some of the tunes have radically different arrangements, keys and lyrics. I would be missing out on some terrific artwork, however. Those songs were recorded and in 2 cases released before the Fab 4 left for India. They are not from the White Album sessions. Gary; pretty sure the 27 minute Helter Skelter will not be included. Many other sources over the weekend have stated this.

I have mixed feelings about that. I guess someone had to decide that the 12 minute version was enough, then move on to other tracks. YouTube has about everything ripped, but not this after an instant search. Of course there were indulgences on the original release number 9, yer blues and others but the many songs that were up to standard on the record really do sound like ragged demos compared to the finesse of the albums before and after. Be interesting to hear if the new mixes improve things. Given up trying to order from HMV as the site is so cumbersome.

A great box. But this issue will have a far more better sound quality. A must have. It being remixed in stereo and 5. I missed my window for the cheaper order this AM due to work. Amazon UK has it for I went that route. I really wanted the mono mix to be included with the super deluxe edition. The Beatles in Mono rocks! I am disappointed in seeing the box size different than Sgt. If anybody at Apple is reading this I would pay more for the box size to match my fantastic Sgt. Peppers box AND the mono mix. The White Album should have all the bells and whistles. It is a very important album for all to have.

I also agree with the other commenters here that Hey Jude and Revolution should have been included in the super deluxe edition. Another missed opportunity. Stupid question time. If i order this through Amazon France will the book etc be in French? Roll on the Abbey Road box set. More on Rollingstone. On another note, the Rutles LP gets a vinyl reissue on 5th October. Also included in the package is the original page inch booklet and a new inch two sided lithograph featuring a photo of the band on one side and the original press release on the other.

Heh, heh! Will the Rutles ever get back together? God, I hope not Mick Jagger. Considering the Sgt. And no video whatsoever? Have you checked? No vinyl in there. Oh well, I might have to buy it from Beatles. This looks great. It would appear I might be in the minority with regard to the Esher Demos. I was never a fan of the handful that showed up on Anthology 3. That seems excessive. In my opinion, it should be selected sessions on that disc, and the demos should be exclusive to one disc of the SDE. Although I expected news of this Beatles 5.

Looks like there are no 5. Regardless, this may be good news in and of itself, as more Beatles 5. Hi Paul……. Yes I pre-ordered from Amazon. It also comes with a touque, t-shirt and guitar pick in a tin. Great packs! Not perfect due to some of us would be interested only in the Blu-ray, but at least the vinyls are not there in the same pack increasing a lot the price. So happy for the new and happy for the different optional packs. I think during the Anthology 3 release Maca commented that. Lots to digest here. Also,a bit strange that the mono mix is only on blu-ray, when it was a separate disc in the Pepper box.

I guess they had to draw the line somewhere in terms of number of discs although Crimson fans will be familiar with many, many more. Daft not to order it at that price. May not stay that cheap so get it now before it goes back up! May even get the free mp3 rip as well eventually! But considering the amount of material included in the super deluxe box set and being a Beatles fan i might go for it like a lot of people. But I agree with your premise that The White Album has some less essential tracks mixed with the mostly masterpieces. Curious to hear what you would leave off London Calling.

I mean, I have a few ideas but curious to hear your choices. Song in the Key of Life? It has some stinkers. Alas, no video. Must have been too hard to secure the rights to those films. Otherwise, awesome..!! Blakey; very informative response, thank you Sir! I thought that was the reason.

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Thank God for YouTube..!! My gripes: 1. My praise: 1. Everything else looks alright. Already pre-ordered. But, thankfully the SDE white album has been re-mixed, and not simply remastered by Giles, includes a 5. What a great collection of material i have most of the esher demos but not all and as for the sessions i have very little material which is exciting for me as most of it will be new to me. Seems like the 3CD release is the answer — it has all the important content from the SDE, and is really cheap now. Wow properly done no mixing vinyl with CD plenty of outtakes, and hopefully a better 5.

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