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LeapFrog: My First LeapPad - Leap To The Moon

Simple experiments on the effect of gravity on weight, lift and buoyancy can be modelled by measuring changes in weight in a variety of masses when placed in fluids such as water. This would also be useful when learning about famous scientists and their work like Archimedes and Newton. How big is one giant leap?

He has ranged restlessly across the surface of his world; he has traveled back into the primordial oceans; he has learned to fly through his now familiar skies. For the past seven years, he has probed the vacuum of space, soaring as high as miles above the earth.

One Giant Leap For Mankind: Anniversary of the Moon Landing

This month, fulfilling the yearnings and predictions of untold generations, man will attempt to propel himself across , miles of emptiness in a bold voyage toward a shining and beckoning target: the moon. Before December ends, if all goes well, he will circle the moon and look down from his spaceship at lunar craters and "seas" as little as 70 miles below.

The U.

Achievement Guide for One Giant Leap

If you weren't born when the first crewed moon-landing mission launched — or you want to relive the experience — check out USA Today's two augmented reality apps that will bring you step by step through history. USA Today will publish an eight-day "live" broadcast of the Apollo 11 mission between July 16 and 24, coinciding exactly with the moonbound mission's real-time milestones 50 years ago. You can follow the broadcast on the Launch app, which is available in the App Store for Apple devices or on Google Play for Android.

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The newspaper will also offer an augmented reality app on the USA Today app. Starting July 9, the app will show off the mighty Saturn V rocket , the foot meters behemoth of a booster that brought crews of three people to the moon's neighborhood.