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But reading books that are right for your current level will sharpen and add to your existing vocabulary.

Insatiable (The Lover) - Darren Hayes (HD)

You can even learn a lot of words without looking up the definitions, simply through context. Similarly, reading is great for improving your grammar , as it allows you to see grammar in context as opposed to just hypothetical examples. This will keep the experience challenging but enjoyable.

Whether or not you find a premise interesting is a matter of taste, but these works all offer a high level of engagement. Two of them fall into the category of classic mystery.

The Life and Loves of Marguerite Duras - The New York Times

Others have strong elements of suspense, or masterful language that encourages continued reading. This is a strange little book written almost entirely in dialogue. Tach, an obese, misogynistic monster of a man, is an unpleasant yet highly entertaining character. He makes a game of avoiding questions about his personal life and driving away his interviewers, among whom a contest develops to see who can dig up any interesting information on the novelist.

I had to include at least one French piano drama.

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File this away for further investigation as you progress. The protagonist of this drama, Simon Nardis, is a former jazz pianist and alcoholic who had to give up both habits to stay on the straight and narrow. In a single night, he breaks with years of abstinence and returns to his two loves. For this reason, I came to think of it as something along the lines of a trashy romance novel. I was surprised to find it was a lot better than that. It retains the fast pacing and quick gratification of a romance novel, but reads more like a soap opera condensed into novel form, and draws you in with charisma and personality.

This novel by Simenon introduces Commissaire Maigret, who appears in many more novels and stories. By many, I mean more than a hundred. The prose in this novel is still a little rough compared to the easy, relaxed pace Simenon developed in later works, but it familiarizes you with Maigret and Simenon in a story that takes the detective through a variety of locales in different social strata. This collection of three mystery stories is a nice sampler to get you acquainted with another French detective, Commissaire Adamsberg, who appears in several Vargas novels.

Vargas is a historian who incorporates her knowledge of history into her books, creating rich, eccentric characters who have the education necessary to make her plots play out in a satisfying way. For this reason, you may find Vargas comforting. She creates characters who are armed with unexpected facts that end up applying to real-life situations. This is a classic that is part of any basic education in French literature. Set in French colonial Vietnam, it tells the story of a young girl from a French family who becomes romantically involved with an older Chinese man. The plot is narrated from the detached point of view of a woman who is now much older and reflecting on the events related.

The writing is hypnotic and simple to read. Another classic, this is a sparse moral and psychological drama. Stein, and her film India Song. She was also the screenwriter of the French film Hiroshima mon amour, which was directed by Alain Resnais. Duras's early novels were fairly conventional in form their 'romanticism' was criticised by fellow writer Raymond Queneau ; however, with Moderato Cantabile she became more experimental, paring down her texts to give ever-increasing importance to what was not said.

She was associated with the Nouveau roman French literary movement, although did not definitively belong to any group.

Her films are also experimental in form, most eschewing synch sound, using voice over to allude to, rather than tell, a story over images whose relation to what is said may be more-or-less tangential. Marguerite's adult life was somewhat difficult, despite her success as a writer, and she was known for her periods of alcoholism.

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She died in Paris, aged 81 from throat cancer and is interred in the Cimeti re du Montparnasse. Her tomb is marked simply 'MD'. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Compare all 7 new copies. Book Description Gallimard, Condition: Neuf. Seller Inventory More information about this seller Contact this seller.

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