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There are far too many 'trigger's as well as instructions for how to purge. The author did not set this up as a 'how-to' guide but I can see how one struggling may pick up this book just to feel less alone. I'm now attempting to dep I don't recommend this to anyone who's actively struggling with an eating disorder whether it's anorexia, binge eating, bulimia, etc..

Now I realize that's complete and utter bs and am so sorry for all who have bought into this. It seems like such an ingrained societal belief that it's difficult to free oneself from the obsessive thoughts from years of dieting and body hatred. I'm on a mission to love myself no matter what my weight. We are beautiful in all shapes and sizes. Life is much more than a number on a scale. However, as an author Klein is candid, funny, and very adroit at returning to her past struggles through the lenses of her adolescent years. At times, just like a teen, I was annoyed by her and frustrated at her attitudes.

Yet, when I was growing up I'm sure I had quite a few not so likable beliefs. I admire her courage to appear 'warts and all'. I was struck by how young the 'thin' obsession began and am saddened that her parents encouraged it. Her mother clearly had issues herself that she passed on to her daughter. I hope the cycle ends with Klein but I fear it won't.

It's clear she's fighting though and I wish her the best. Aug 12, Liralen rated it it was ok Shelves: ed-etc , z , z , reviewed , nonfiction. I read this because I saw it at the library and have always found the idea of "fat camp" interesting if twisted and unhelpful, if the articles I've read are anything to go on. I'll let alone the actual "fat camp" bit, as I don't know enough about the subject to comment knowledgeably, but I'd probably advise others to let alone the book, too.

It wasn't so much that it was badly written as it was that it felt as though the author hadn't done much maturing since her teens. The tone too often felt I read this because I saw it at the library and have always found the idea of "fat camp" interesting if twisted and unhelpful, if the articles I've read are anything to go on. The tone too often felt A bit mean at times.

Insufficiently self-aware. It was discomforting at times, and not in a this-book-is-making-me-think way. I'd love to read another memoir about weight-loss camp - or an analysis of them; chances are that I'd get more out of that - but this just didn't do it for me. Original above review August , updated December upon re-read: Made me think more the second time around, I guess. The humour is still not to my taste, and I'm still uncomfortable with the number of digs at other people's expense.

But I do think there are some interesting points about how weight-loss camps are and aren't effective: that, for example, strict regimentation might work for weight loss in the short term but that it doesn't teach long-term self-sustaining strategies, or that social politics at camp can be even more overtly divided along weight lines than social politics in e. Jun 05, Tate rated it liked it. After reading SUAD, Stephanie's first book, which was so honest and at times shocking, and checking out her blog over the years, I was excited to read Moose.

She hasn't changed I found myself asking at times What would my mom say?? I have never been to fat camp, and I was never made fun of for my issues wit After reading SUAD, Stephanie's first book, which was so honest and at times shocking, and checking out her blog over the years, I was excited to read Moose. She is now living in Austin with her toddler twins, and I am hoping she writes about them next.

And that she is as honest as always!! May 18, Danielle rated it really liked it Recommends it for: People who have struggled with their weight, mostly adult but maybe very mature teens. Shelves: memoirs. Overall I think a lot of women can understand the struggles Klein faces with her weight. I think the important thing most of us need to remember is that there is no miracle cure. It's not easy and it's a lifestyle change to control our weight. There's no rule that says you have to deprive yourself, and in the end it's unhealthy too.

I like that Klein is very aware of herself and she writes with a style that allows for self mockery which is a style I enjoy in a memoir.

Jun 15, Jenn rated it really liked it. If you can get through the awkwardly sexual oddball first few chapters, it's a really great story. It begins and ends with a doctor telling her to gain weight for her pregnancy with twins which is not really mentioned at any other time in the book. The final chapters make the whole book worth it. I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever equated weight and body image to self worth and self esteem If you can get through the awkwardly sexual oddball first few chapters, it's a really great story.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever equated weight and body image to self worth and self esteem. Aug 13, Sarah rated it really liked it. This book isn't just about being an overweight kid. It's about how anyone gets through adolescence with a shred of self-esteem when it seems like everyone around us is trying to knock us down. I don't even like to repeat out loud the phrase that has been running through my head every day since JS said it to me way back in 5th grade - the fact that Klein could put all of her life out there for anyone to read about is amazing to me.

Very brave. View 2 comments. Jan 25, Marsha Laney rated it really liked it. This book reminded me so much of my own adolescent battle of the bulge. Stephanie, like all teens, craved acceptance and to fit in. It makes it doubly hard when you are over weight. The therapist her mother took her to at the tender age of 8, said you will never stop being a fat person. You may not look fat but you will still be fat. In my experience that is true. I enjoyed this book and am looking forward to reading more from Stephanie Klein.

Oct 15, Gio rated it it was ok. May 08, Tara D-K rated it it was amazing. Anyone who went to camp, or was a misfit will love this book. It's just such an honest story of adolescence. It wasn't as relatable for me as Straight Up And Dirty because I didn't go to sleepaway camp, but I did relate to the weight issues and her issues with her parents.

As always, Stephanie is embarassingly candid and you can't put her book down because you need to know what happened next. Jun 13, Nicole rated it liked it. Who could resist a good fat camp memoir? The thing is, she was one of the skinnier kids at fat camp, making her more of a Plastic. And she helped teach some other fat kids to make themselves throw up. Jun 12, Marty rated it it was amazing Shelves: readandloved , memoir , I liked this so much more than Straight Up and Dirty.

As a former fat kid, this really rang true and made me think. Definitely recommend. Sep 01, Lanette rated it it was ok. This was more like 2. Although it is about her experience at 'fat camp' while in her early teens, it is NOT something I would want my girls to read Jun 03, Heidi rated it it was ok. I finally got to reading this. I was dissapointed in this book, I had high expectations.

Nov 10, Shayla Raquel rated it it was amazing. I thought I wanted a chance to recreate who I was. Or to figure out who I was. Really, I just wanted to escape who I was. These readers really and truly missed the point, didn't they? Did you miss the point of this story? As someone who was bullied for years and years for her weight, much like Klein, I can assure you not all of us wake up one morning with an epiphany and think, "They were wrong!

I look great no matter what the scale says! Some of us grow up and remember every single word our bullies said to us—even where we were, what the bully wore, and what the season was. Some of us grow up, entering our thirties and watching the scale increase once again, so we refuse to let anyone take a photo of us for social media because we can't bear to look at our five chins on the screen. We are still the same humiliated children from our past, only with careers, homes, and families.

When I read this book, I truly felt the pain that Klein went through. I could empathize with her. The dieting, the Frans of the world, the fat camp I didn't go to a fat camp; I went to a regular camp where, when I asked for butter during lunch, a young boy snickered and said to me, 'I don't think you need any butter with those rolls.

I remember my pound, year-old friend looking at me, while I weighed twice what she did, saying, "I am so fat. I need to lose weight. I really and truly do. Maybe not everyone gets your book and what you were trying to say, but for those of us who experienced similar things you did, please know your book is everything to us.

We needed this. I am so grateful you shared your story—the good, the bad, and the ugly. Even during the tough parts, there was still lightheartedness, humor, and hope. Jun 01, Jenny rated it did not like it. A memoir about the author at age 12 being sent to fat camp, a seven-week camp devised to help shed pounds.

Not sure how this ended up in my to-reads, but I saw it the other day in a Little Free Library and remembered the cover as being on my to-read shelf. I gave up on this book after reading pages. I likely could read the rest of it, but who likes being ill and not having something you like to read, at least a little. I really did not like the author and how she portrayed herself or her fa A memoir about the author at age 12 being sent to fat camp, a seven-week camp devised to help shed pounds. I really did not like the author and how she portrayed herself or her family. Jul 11, Jodi Hawkins rated it did not like it.

I have renewed this book 2 times. Sharing the stage with everyone else helps work out the bugs. The unemployment rate was the second-lowest in the country and below the national average of 5. With year-over-year employment increasing by 9, jobs since last March, this marks the eighth consecutive month of strong job gains for the province, the news release said. The job gains were primarily full-time employment with full-time jobs up 9, from a year ago; part-time jobs increased by positions.

Jobs in the private sector increased by 11, during the same time period. On a seasonally-adjusted basis, there were 3, more jobs compared to this past February, an increase of 0. Other March highlights include: Saskatchewan recorded record-high levels. The pair will be stopping in Moose Jaw on Apr. They spent part of touring and due to encouragement from their fans, decided to extend the tour into and visit some places they missed along the way. Both parents and children — and even grandchildren — are sure to enjoy the show, said the pair, as they encourage those in the audience to sing along as they please.

Photo supplied with their music. And so we had two generations for the most part. And then as everybody grew up, the children became parents, the parents became grandparents and there. The pair have not recorded anything new for about 20 years, so having the new music they have now available is worth checking out. The last thing Tereen Mowrey wants to do is find herself stranded in the wilderness this fall on the evening of September 5. Including members of his family. Kroll-Goodwin said before explaining the Rescue program and how it helps give participants a chance to experience what being a STARS aircrew technician is like.

Friendly Mother and Daughter staff working as a team to get you a quality product at the best price! On Sunday April 28th, at p. On Easter morning you might find a basket full of surprises. So we need chocolate. A skin disease 6. Church alcove Chills and fever Shade of white Website addresses Lean Embankment Defeat decisively Lubricate Lift bridge Auspices Record abbrev.

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Strike heavily 9. Prized A moderately quick tempo A measuring instrument Scarlet Fill in the blank squares so that each row, each column and each 3-by-3 block contain all of the digits 1 thru 9. Need a little help? The hints page shows a logical order to solve the puzzle. Use it to identify the next square you should solve. Or use the answers page if you really get stuck. Can you find the hidden words? They may be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, forwards or backwards. Tall woody plant Umpires Data Plague Snouted animal Murres Hoodwink Six-stringed instrument Doing nothing Lascivious look Collude Ribonucleic acid Hone Small portable bed Cleansing agent Coral island Devil tree Historical periods Bites Wings Headquarters Misled Capable of being penetrated Press Colored part of an eye Featureless After-bath powder Awestruck Alleviated Spindle Being In the days before commercial cake mixes, homemakers crafted cakes with precision and attention to minute details.

Many a well-mixed cake has been spoiled in the baking. Add onehalf the sugar gradually and continue beating. Then add water, remaining sugar, lemon extract and egg whites that have been beaten until stiff. Add flour mixed and sifted with baking powder and salt. Bake 25 minutes in a moderate oven in a buttered and floured shallow pan. Add egg well-beaten, sugar, milk, fruit dredged with two tsps.

Put into a well-buttered bread pan, cover and let rise one and one-fourth hours. Bake one hour in a slow oven. Cover with frosting. Mix and sift flour and baking powder.

The Evening Moose

Add alternately with milk to first mixture. Bake 30 minutes in a shallow pan. Spread with a chocolate frosting. The Wild Animal Park is wild no more, after city council voted to change the name of the area to better reflect its Aboriginal history. Councillors Brian Swanson and Heather Eby were opposed. Eby uses the park hundreds of times a year, and has done so for the past 29 years, she explained.

She pointed out the Wild Animal Park has had its name for 90 years. He also pointed out that the park was known in the community as the Wild Animal Park for 90 years. Tolmie thought it was important to understand the historical context of the area and the opportunities available in that park. Renaming it is a launching point to discuss the historical stories of that area.

The parks and recreation department received a request from the South Hill Community Association and Tatawaw renaming sub-committee to rename the Wild Animal Park, according to a report from city administration. Research indicates Aboriginal people lived in the area since the s, with the park containing many archeological artifacts, the report explained. A map shows where the Wild Animal Park is located and its entrance. Jaw acquired the property from the provincial government.

He was crazy excited. Arnold is normally Uber new word of the month excitable at the best of time but was now over the top. He was tore-up something awful. Said he knew that. Said it was the GST he was mad about. I told Arnold to calm down, sit quiet and I made us a pot of tea. Then we talked about what had him all upset.

While I made tea the Misses snuck out the basement door to took off to Moose Jaw. Sipping on his syrup tea — Arnold puts four spoons of sugar in his tea — I asked Arnold to begin. The flood gates opened. What bothered him more than anything was the GST. And a Tax. Imagine this. The RM charges a Tax on the farm. I was never good with high finances, but paying taxes on taxes, on taxes seems like taking advantage of folks.

I could be wrong but charging GST on the Carbon Tax is taking money from well-meaning folks what wants to save the planet. An apron is a garment worn over other clothing to cover mainly the front of the body. Grandmas apron was to protect the dress underneath because she only owned a few dresses and because it was easier to wash aprons than dresses.

Aprons used less material and were simpler to sew. The apron would be worn right side out and when it was soiled, she tied it inside out. She could wear it two weeks before she had to wash it. Now for the nitty-gritty. Her apron served as pot holders for removing hot pans from the oven. They were made from cotton and. From the chicken coop for carrying eggs from the nests, half hatched eggs and fuzzy. Indoor and outdoor advertising, vehicle graphics, banners, posters and displays, labels, decals and apparel heat transfers.

The chickens and turkeys would perch on the cloths-line and grandma would dust off the line before hanging out the laundry to dry. I questioned- what about the mud and the poop? When company came, those aprons were ideal hiding places for shy kids. I was one of those shy kids. When I found out it was Uncle George, I took to hiding again.

When the weather was cold, grandma wrapped it around her arms. The big old aprons were used for waving fans and wiping many a perspiring brow, while bent over the hot stove or working outdoors on a hot summer day. Chips and kindling wood were brought into the kitchen in that apron to light a new fire. From the garden, it carried all sorts of vegetables. After the peas were shelled, it carried the pods back to the garden patch for compost.

Mmmmm good. The apples that fell off the tree went into Apple Crisp. When unexpected company drove up the road, it was surprising how much furniture that old apron could dust in a matter of seconds. The apron pockets held such treasures for grandkids like me. Sometimes it was a sparkling pebble she found in the yard to add to my collection. Often it was a coin or two for a treat when we went to town.

I really was excited when there was a single earring after losing its mate.

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There were treasures untold. When dinner was ready, grandma walked out onto the porch, waved her apron and the menfolk knew it was time to come in from the field to eat. She flipped the apron as a weapon, when grandpa teased and pinched her bottom. Grandma seemed to like that for she turned her back and chuckled. I knew that they loved each other. I Remember: Grandma used to set her hot baked apple pies on an open window sill to cool.

Yes, she used her apron as pot holders. We were playing in the farmyard and would spy the pies cooling there. If they were cool enough, they dug in with their fingers to taste-test. Not me, because if Grandma asked, I had to tell her the truth. I wanted a big piece of her pie. Today there are no window ledges, so granddaughters put them in the Microwave to thaw. Did I catch a cold when grandma wiped my face with her apron? When Grandma went to heaven, God said it was time to find rest.

The apron was still hanging in the kitchen, Grandpa looked and stares. He took it off the hook, holding it to his face and sobbing silently, dabbed away his tears. Our professional and knowledgeable staff will ensure that the job is done right. We use only brand name components in order to bring the very best in replacement parts to you. From the big jobs, to the small jobs, our staff is dedicated to your satisfaction. We not only provide you with an estimated completion time. Your time and money are as important to us as they are to you. We carry a large selection of replacement parts and accessories for most makes and models of trailers.

Brakes, lights, electrical, springs, U-bolts, bearings, seals, safety chains, jacks, couplers, doors, windows, brake controllers, storage cabinets, helmet cabinets, trimmer racks, shovel and broom racks, coupler locks, hitches, tires, rims and so much more. We believe in delivering to our customers the highest quality trailer replacement parts, trailer accessories and service work in the industry. Our mission is to provide our customers with the right parts and best service for all makes and models of trailers.

We stock hundreds of brand name replacement parts for stock, horse, cargo and flat deck trailers. Fifteen Wing Moose Jaw has named Lisa Franks its new honorary colonel, a position that Franks says will allow her to be a bridge between the community and the air force.

Doctor Moose and His Amazing Friends Our Sun by Richard Drovdal (2000, Paperback)

The air base held the change of investiture ceremony on April 5 in the atrium of the O. Philp Complex. Franks replaces outgoing honorary colonel Bert Olson, who held the position since April Dozens of people were on hand, including family and friends of Franks and Olson, plus base supporters, personnel and trainees. She is a Paralympic athlete who competed in wheelchair sprint events in the Sydney Paralympics and the Athens Paralympics.

She won four gold and one silver in Sydney, plus two gold in Athens. Meeting new people veterans, attending ceremonies and events, and learning about the accomplishments of the military were some of the activities Olson enjoyed during his four years as honorary colonel, he said.

One particularly meaningful event Olson attended was in during the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands during the Second World War. Lisa Franks, Col. Olson is the outgoing honorary colonel and served for four years. Olson was an outstanding example to those around him and was selfless, said base commander Col.

He rarely missed an opportunity to advocate or represent the air base. As the new honorary colonel, Franks believes she can relate to the flight students. They face high pressure situations during training, which is something she understands through her Paralympic ca-. Concepts such as discipline, teamwork and sacrifice are also common to both worlds.

Furthermore, Franks wants them to understand that pressure is to be expected, while it is OK to fail and struggle. They will succeed with mental toughness. Franks, who lives in Saskatoon, is looking forward to visiting Moose Jaw more often as she represents the air base. His advice. Wing base commander Col. They may be former air force officers or distinguished Canadian citizens who are well-known public and community figures. They work behind the scenes and provide connection between the community and the Canadian Forces. The Canadian tradition of honouring regional or local dignitaries with an honorary rank in the military goes back to However, it was before the first honorary colonel was appointed.

Fire captain retires after rewarding year career By Jason G. The Hardings hope to do some travelling across the country, especially to see the East Coast of Canada. Harding was a journeyman carpenter when he decided to change his occupation at the age of 24 to become a firefighter. He submitted an application and the rest is history — a year tenure with the fire department. With more time on his hands, he wants to finish several projects and eventually travel to the East Coast. Antonio son can have. The fire chief acknowledged that Harding was willing to help with any tasks and guide new members, while he also had honour and integrity.

Cheylynne Luch and Jenna Meili, from the Vanier SRC, are coming away from the conference feeling confident the students took home some ideas to build their leadership skills. Members of Vanier SRC walked students through a number of icebreaker activities. Both Luch and Meili saw some fresh ideas they want to bring to the student body in their school, before the end of the year, and they hope that the Vanier SRC will bring the conference back again next year.

Tim Schwartz go to schools, they conclude their presentation on distracted driving with a call for the students to share the message with their circle — their friends, families and loved ones. The program now targets Grade 9 students in small groups hoping to get the message of the dangers of distracted driving through before they get behind the wheel. Drivers using hand-held devices are four times more likely to get into a collision serious enough to cause injury over drivers who are focused on the road. Driver distraction is a factor in 8 out of 10 car crashes in North America each year.

Cathie Bassett, public education officer with the Moose Jaw and District Fire Department, makes a presentation on distracted driving at the Saskatchewan Association of Fire Chiefs convention. Matthew Gourlie photograph sett said. In Ontario, distracted driving is the number one cause of fatalities in motor vehicle collisions , not drunk driving but distracted driving. The rest were for driving with undue care and attention. In addition to a fine for a first offence, if a motorist receives two distracted driving tickets in 12 months, the vehicle they are driving.

Schwartz added that even if you are stopped at a stop sign or in a drive-thru, if your car is not in park, you are still driving and could be ticketed.

McElligot's Pool - Wikipedia

While cellphones are the main cause of distracted driving, it is far from the only cause. Eating while driving, children in the backseat, grooming, often make-up, though the presenters related a story about man who was pulled over while shaving, and pets in a vehicle are all examples of distracted driving. Attendees at the Saskatchewan Association of Fire Chiefs convention listen to a distracted driving presentation.

Matthew Gourlie photograph. Paramedics are trained to be calm and focused in all manner of life-or-death situations. Paramedics are well-respected in public service, so the MPs were really receptive. Sereda met with a total of four MPs and a parliamentary secretary, as the Paramedic Association of Canada had a total of 40 different meetings in total. The four topics that the paramedics wanted to highlight for MPs were: opioids, paramedic mental health and wellness, community paramedics and the Canadian Paramedic Memorial Foundation.

Being at the front line of the opioid crisis, the paramedics advocated that government meaningfully involve them in policy and program development. The Association also asked that the government support a national action plan for paramedics and organize a national paramedic mental health prevalence survey. Monday, the Federal government unveiled an action plan on post-traumatic stress injuries PTSI among public safety personnel.

Paramedics are actually three times more likely than any other emergency service worker to experience the stresses of PTSI, suicides, compassion fatigue and all of. Community paramedicine uses paramedics in non-traditional roles where they use their skills in areas like palliative care, hospital to home visits, wellness checks, home checks. The goal is to be more preventative as opposed to responsive. Finally, the Paramedic Association of Canada would like to see a national monument for fallen paramedics. There is no national monument for paramedics. The parking lot on the west side of Vanier Collegiate will soon be expanded and paved, giving students more parking space while reducing the amount of dust produced.

Located within MacDonald Street, the parcel of land covers the student parking lot and a portion of the athletic field. The school intends to resurface and expand the lot to the undeveloped northern portion of the property. The property is zoned as floodway, which prohibits any buildings from being constructed under provincial regulations. However, the municipality has the discretion to allow development, including parking lots.

The provincial government owns this property since it is Crown land. During its April 8 regular meeting, city council unanimously approved a motion to allow Holy Trinity Catholic School Division to renovate the parking lot. A report from the department of planning and development service indicates the department is satisfied that the proposed changes would not adversely affect efficiency or drainage. Other city departments have not raised any concerns with this, either.

While there are existing fences around the parking lot, the department is encouraging the school division to replace the fences with a barrier that is less likely to catch debris during a flood. Holy Trinity has hired a geotechnical and civil engineer to prepare drainage plans for the site.

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Holy Trinity is paying all of the maintenance costs for this development. Vanier Collegiate. Brian Swanson was opposed. Council purchased this property from the Five Hills Health Region in for the purpose of re-sale. City administration has conducted an assessment to see if the property is suitable for redevelopment. The property needs to be rezoned to attract developers.

Now administration wants to sell the land without modifications. Bylaws By similar votes of , council approved bylaws around fire safety and the commercial and industrial tax phase. Swanson opposed both motions. The fire safety bylaw provides the framework for everything the fire department is responsible for with prevention, education, extinguishment of fires and for preservation of property and life. The commercial and industrial tax phase bylaw amends the current bylaw to include a three-year, per-cent exemption for distilleries or similar businesses that do not generate revenue during the first three years of operations.

This tax exemption does not apply to properties in tax arrears. The next council meeting is April The field in the foreground will be transformed into additional parking space for students at Vanier Collegiate. The lot will also be paved. Dated at Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, on the 10th day of April Finnell developed this idea since he wants to make the City of Moose Jaw money, he told city council during its April 8 regular meeting.

City council did not ask any questions of Finnell after his presentation. The next regular council meeting is April The application, and any representations, will be considered by the Municipal Planning Commission on Tuesday, April 23rd, at p. The application, and any representations, will also be considered by City Council on Monday, May 13th, at p. Teen becomes emotional after being sent back to jail By Jason G. Tears began streaming down the face of a year-old boy after he learned he would be remanded back into custody until his next court appearance.

He is charged with assault with a weapon a knife , breach of an undertaking, and failing to keep the peace. The Crown planned to proceed by indictment on the charge of assault with a weapon and summarily with the remaining two charges, said Robbie Parker, regional Crown prosecutor.

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  4. An indictable offence is more serious, while a summary offence is less serious. With the boy remanded back into custody, a bail report was to be prepared for his rescheduled appearance. Moose Jaw provincial court sits every Monday to Thursday. Antonio again on April 11, said Judge Daryl Rayner. Upon hearing that he would not be released, the yearold became emotional. The father asked if his son could be remanded to the hospital so he could receive mental health treatment. The court could look at a different placement for the teenager, such as a hospital.

    Accused asks to remain on probation to deal with his psychological issues By Jason G. Recognizing that he has psychological issues that need addressing, Mark Anthony Palmer asked a judge to let him remain on probation so he could deal with his problems. Appearing in Moose Jaw provincial court on April 8, Palmer faced two charges of assault and three charges of breaching a probation order, including failing to keep the peace and be of good behaviour; contacting his victims or being near them; and being near the workplace or residence of his victims.

    Judge Daryl Rayner wondered if Palmer, 53, of Moose Jaw, needed a lawyer or if he planned to represent himself. Palmer explained that the Crown pros-. He explained he is taking programs to help him get better, such as anger management. He wanted his charges held over until his probation is finished in June. Palmer then handed the court clerk a list of programs he is taking to address his mental health needs. The market also runs Wednesday The first Homegrown Market of the year evenings from p. As long as it falls into that to get some live entertainment.

    Some of the new vendors will add to the Any vendors who are interested in applydiversity of the produce and products on ing to be part of the market this year can offer this year as well. He also mandated that Palmer keep the peace and be of good behaviour until then, while also staying away from his two victims.

    I plead guilty or not. I just need these programs. The last thing on my mind is grabbing a lawyer. Directions: From the town of Marquis, 1 mile east on 42 Highway - north side of Highway - at the Mike Cannon farm yard. Memorial Field ball diamond renamed to honour dedicated volunteer By Jason G. Antonio Moose Jaw Express Reporter. Lyle Helland was a dedicated volunteer who looked after Memorial Field for 27 years and now the municipality would like to post-humously honour him by renaming part of Memorial Field after him.

    The overall space will remain as Memorial Field, but the diamond itself will be renamed. The motion came as a recommendation from the most recent parks and recreation advisory committee meeting. Memorial Field is located on Caribou Street east. Brian Swanson. He always gave everything to care for Memorial Field. According to a report from city administration, research indicated the first mention of Memorial Field was in after the Second World War. Conversations with the Royal Canadian Legion revealed the organization had no knowledge of why the park was given that name.

    Lyle Helland and his wife, Frani, took over operations of Memorial Field in , and for 27 years, ensured that all areas of the fastball diamond and stadium were in excellent condition for players, officials and spectators, the report said. Helland was committed to the field every summer until ; he died on Oct. The report pointed out Moose Jaw sports fields — such as Bell Park and Optimist Park — have names, with the diamonds named after people who contributed to. Lyle Helland volunteered at Memorial Park for 27 years.

    File photo the community. Administration sought public and stakeholder feedback about the renaming request, the report said. Forty-seven emails related to Memorial Field were received. The Moose Jaw high school badminton junior city championships were held on Thursday, Apr.

    See a Problem?

    The top teams from each division were eligible for the South Central district championships in Gravelbourg on Saturday, Apr. Pictured are the top three finishers in each division. Cole Breitkreuz Cornerstone, silver. Favourites live up to billing during senior high school badminton championships Cornerstone wins team title, top regular season performers dominate city tournament Randy Palmer - Moose Jaw Express.

    In the Moose Jaw high school senior badminton league heading into the city championships, the pre-tournament favourites picked up right where they left off in their quest for a city title, with each of the regular season standouts claiming their respective divisions. Twenty years ago, he was sent home with a large inoperable brain tumor. His doctor told him to get his affairs in order. Instead, Bob went to a cave in New Mexico with my friend and teacher, a very powerful Mayan medicine man. A month later, Bob returned to his doctor for tests.

    The doctors were astounded by the results. The tumor was gone. He had a deadly form of cancer and once again was sent home to die. This time, Bob took a different path. He went to the Bahamas instead. For the next six months he was treated by doctors through an experimental vitamin therapy.

    Soon Bob had recovered enough to return to his home in New Orleans and began yet another new chapter in his life. Last week, he heard from an old friend that an essay he had written five years ago had been chosen for publication in a popular online magazine. Two hours later, Bob was cruising down Interstate Highway 10 when he had a seizure. Eyewitnesses stated that he was speeding and driving erratically. He was aware enough to take the exit and try to get off the highway. Unfortunately, he rear-ended a Toyota, spun his car around and crashed into a concrete bridge abutment.

    In a normal year, I would have just recently seen Bob up at Camp Miller. Bob died instantly.