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The Mystical Reflection Quest Chain

The Lady Rose. Eric Johnson. Rothchild blinked, and shook his head, as if clearing it, "We're a small group of travelers searching for advanced technologies. Do you know of any place where we could possibly find a G. Maybe a vault or…" he died away into silence, cowed by the intensity of the woman's ethereal stare. The woman's hand floated over and opened a large crate. Within it, Sarah's eye caught the gleam of hundreds of small arms rounds. Colvin whistled, "That's a lot of ammunition. Panada's gaze turned on him, "Your armour will not help you here. The swamp is soft and dark and deep.

Many a wayward traveler has been killed, unable to free themselves from its grasp. How valuable is your prize. The shop owner turned her ethereal gaze upon the star-paladin, "Then the price shall be a heavy one. He turned her eyes to the overcast sky, "Night comes. You must take shelter. Pass through the bumper car corral and turn left. You will find the Homestead Hotel. Sarah glanced at the sky. In the privacy of her own head, she had to admit that being caught outside during the nighttime was the very last thing she wanted to do.

She would rather have returned to the capital wasteland with nothing at all. Tell that red-head what the plan is. And watch your back. The knight-captain watched her in silence, then he said, "You haven't told me to do that in six years. Sarah shrugged, "Something's not right about this place. If I had my druthers, I'd send Artemis with you, but-". Sarah nodded. She looked him up and down.

Gallows was a mysterious character, even within the Brotherhood itself.


The Pride had worked alongside him for fifteen years, and yet no one had known his first name until Jason managed to wrestle the information out of him. Sarah realized that she wasn't even sure just how old the scout was. He was the Brotherhood's master scout. A stealthy, silent killing machine second only to the Lone Wanderer himself in his ability to move about unseen and kill with impunity.

If he ever needed help, the likelihood was that they were all dead whether he had aid or not. If she comes back without any of us, they'll finish what you started. I did my job. The man nodded and turned back the way they had come, his power-armoured shape moving in near silence on the wooden boardwalk. In the meager dusk light, Sarah walked over to the rest of the expedition and led them past the derelict bumper cars and onto the thin road beyond.

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On the far side of the cracked pavement was wilderness; blackened bushes, harsh brush and stiff knee-high grass of the sort that cut shins. The brush only grew thicker, the terrain more treacherous as she looked further inland. Beyond the brush was the bog forest, the thick constant mist within coiling within hidden shadows. The land was sending a clear message. A line in the sand; this is mine, that is yours. Touch mine, and you'll get yours.

Sarah did so. They were completely different from the capital wasteland trees. The trees in the capital wasteland were broad, tall, proud plants with wide trunks and big branches spreading over large areas, only a depressing sight because they were dead. The trees of Point Lookout were very much alive, but did not look like they wanted to be. Their branches were long and spidery, and all pointed straight towards the sky, as if trying to escape the very ground their roots had dug into, though that sentiment might have been Sarah's own.

The more she saw of Point Lookout, the more she wanted to leave. Just down the road was a neglected, forsaken hotel made up of one two-story building in an 'L' shape with a courtyard in the center. The land was already destroying it; sharp brambles and thorn-covered vines were crawling up the sides.

The knee-high grass had completely filled in the courtyard, small thick bushes sprouting up at random. The entire area smelled of decay and primeval reclamation. This plot of land did not belong to the small town of pilgrim's landing, it belonged to the marsh. Two lamps had been lit, each beside the only two doors in the courtyard which had not been boarded up. Sarah crouched. Behind her, the expedition followed suit. She and Colvin exchanged glances. Lamps never lit themselves…. She motion to the expedition to stay put. Artemis quietly moved to the two initiates and spread them out around the scribes.

Keeping low, Sarah and Colvin moved to the low fence surrounding the courtyard. Colvin went first, rolling over the fence and crouching in the grass beyond, his laser rifle raised and pointed at the doors. Sarah followed him and they made their way, crouched, to the nearest door. The ground was soft and their feet sank into it, squelching with every movement.

Colvin kneeled in front of the door. Sarah took cover beside him, rifle ready. The knight-captain tried the door handle. It swung back with the loud, grating squeal of unoiled hinges, made all the louder by the silence of the bog around them. The room itself was empty, save for a skeleton lying on the bed. A suitcase with pre-war money was lying beside him. More money was scattered across the interior of the hotel room. Lying on the floor of the bathroom was a sawed-off shotgun. Colvin moved through the washroom.

A smashed television set had been placed on the dresser across from the bed. Oddly, the skeleton didn't bother her. She lifted it off the bed and dumped it in the marsh outside. Sarah had seen skeletons all her life. They were scattered all throughout the capital wasteland. They were in the cars, the houses, and lying on the streets.

There was nothing to fear from a skeleton, she knew. Sarah looked up and blanched when she saw what Colvin was holding: the bulbous grotesque clown mask with its sadistic grin and mirthful eyes Sarah fought the urge to back away. The man nodded and walked out the door, the mask swinging to and fro in his grip, watching her. Teasing her She sat on the bed and removed her helmet, rubbing her face. She tried to remember what Jason had said about it. The Pint-Sized Slasher…. Knight Artemis stepped into the room and saluted, "I've taken the liberty of splitting the team into two rooms.

Rothchild, Vallincourt, Colvin and Pek will be in yours. Everyone else is in the other one. And Gallows is back. Keep the light and noise to a minimum. One sentry watching through the window, three hour shifts. No one is to leave the rooms for any reason whatsoever until the sun's up tomorrow. Have you got all that?

The knight repeated her orders and gave her another salute, which she returned. Rothchild and half the expedition filed in followed by Colvin, who pulled her aside, "It's it a garbage can. You won't see it again. She waited until everyone was inside, and then locked her door. She took the rotten duvet and, with Knight Pek's help, spread it over the window. They set up a chair so that a sentry could peek out from behind the curtains. Sarah brushed them aside and peered into the darkness. Night had fallen, lending dark shadows and grim shapes to the wilderness.

For the first time since she'd landed, hearing the expedition chattering quietly in the background, she allowed herself to feel slightly secure. The rain came lightly at first, but grew with erach passing minute. First a light mist, then a sprinkle. It upgraded to a drizzle, then it came down in full, giant droplets pounding the landscape, hammering the trees and the marshes, and the roof of the Homestead hotel.

It poured down and through the patchy roofing of the old hotel. It swamped the gutters until they overflowed. It pooled below in great puddles, turning the land outside their little hotel room into a boiling, drenched morass. Sarah listened to the rain in quiet astonishment. She remembered one when she was a young teen passing through the Midwest, she'd experienced rain.

But that had been a light showering. She had never seen anything like a thunderstorm before…. But now… if we try it with power armour, we'll get stuck…. But there's not much we can do about it right now. You get some sleep. Pek will wake you when it's your turn.

Include any special training that would make you a

Sarah set herself up on the floor beside the bed, which Rothchild and Vallincourt had commandeered for the maps. She listened to the pounding rain and slowly drifted off to sleep. Story Story Writer Forum Community.