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He also remembers well serving in not only that war but two others — Vietnam and Korea, where he was captured after his plane crashed north of Kumsong, North Korea. While his co-pilot was never accounted for, Blazevic was listed as missing in action and presumed dead in Blazevic finally got something of a welcome parade in late October.

[Onward] - WELCOME TO WAR!

He was among nearly 80 veterans of war to travel recently with Honors Flight South Florida, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to transport World War II veterans to Washington so they can visit war memorials dedicated to American men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. The program is designed to make World War II a priority and continue with veterans from wars thereafter, and the recent trip included a number of South Florida Catholics from all three counties of the Miami Archdiocese, according to local organizer Stan Bostic.

Most of the veterans were accompanied by a family member or volunteer guardian and were met by a long line of cheering well-wishers at the Miami International Airport upon their return from the one-day visit. Bostic also serves as national director of communications for Rick Case Automotive Group. Stephen Parish in Pembroke Pines, also joined the Honors Flight delegation, accompanied by his son-in-law, Tom Pattison, who worked for the military as a civilian for 30 years.

Purpose is a way to focus the high-level statements of Mission, Vision or Values into a simple and meaningfully connection between business life and real life. And the search for meaning gives our existence meaning. Of course, we must turn Purpose into action, but first we must find it.

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And the search for Purpose, in itself, has great value. Alongside Strategy and Culture, I see Purpose as both source of both energy and guidance — a lever that enterprise leaders should use to rally hearts, focus minds and drive greater performance. So, Strategy is what we do and how we do it. Culture is who we are and how we behave.

Yemen’s Asia Cup miracle a welcome distraction from ‘forgotten war’

Purpose is why we exist. An authentic Purpose is a way for companies to assess how they are performing against the third bottom line in the TBL model, which underpins both Sustainability and CSR. So, my advice remains that Purpose has a central role as a leadership engagement instrument.

Purpose connects employees with the goals and role of their companies, and it connects the company with society at large and especially with the communities in which it operates. Clearly, as a management consultant quoted in the FT article says, there is a need for metrics and data to underpin Purpose. Only if such metrics can be developed, stakeholders can track — and reward or punish — companies on how they perform against their stated Purpose.

For Purpose to have real value, that is what is needed — because you can only manage what you can measure.

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In my view, measurability is what all the Purpose Wars are all about. Shahar Silbershatz March, 05 Thanks for this great summary of the current debate around Purpose - it reflects well some of the issues, and the core belief behind purpose-driven business which continues to be validated time and again. We at Caliber also believe in the need for measurement - and have therefore developed a model that measures to what extent stakeholders perceive companies as being purpose-led.

The more such measurements become ubiquitous, the greater the chances that Purpose will become embedded in the business world rather than a passing trend.