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And, well this is no good, just laying here I am not getting anywhere. Then I come downstairs in the garden, have a cigarette, about twenty minutes or something like that, then pop upstairs again and eventually I would go off. It really has, from the point of view of not getting up during the night. And then it went up again after Christmas. It was only two or three times a night but each time would take half an hour literally to get her up there or to get her onto the commode and so I used to dread nights.

What about having to go to the loo. Do you have to do that in the night? Is that something that you wake up and think oh I might as well go to the loo now? Yes, almost. Do you ever eat in the night. Do you get hungry in the night. I've never gone to eat anything. Just drink tea?

Just drink tea. And do you get up to go to the loo in the night? Yes, I do. A couple of times. Yes, yes, it would do. But do you have any perception of whether you are waking up to go to the toilet or whether you wake up and think I will go to the toilet? No I wake up wanting to go to the toilet. Okay and do you stay awake after that.

"Hänsel and Gretel" Evening Prayer. David Wigram, boy soprano.

Does that keep you awake then? Not all the time. Sometimes I go back and I am going to the toilet half asleep like a zombie. And I go back into bed and I am gone. Another time, yes, it wakes me up. It triggers you awake and then you stay awake?

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I stay awake for a couple of hours. And is that whether you are here or wherever you stay? It is always the same. And do you know how long you have been following that pattern. Getting up to go to the loo in the night? What going to the toilet? That must be I should think for the last couple of years. I only drink tea, quite boring really!

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I've tried reading books. Oh yes, we have had two women attacked in the church yard and that is early evening. So I have got one of these things you jump up and down. I do stretching and stuff. I have tried Horlicks but the trouble with Horlicks is the liquid in my body tends to want to come out.

So I try and cut down on drinking after six.

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And the Horlicks you have got to have before you go to bed. So it is a two way thing. I do sleep better with Horlicks but then I wake up wanting to go to the loo. So I would say my average sleep is between five and a half and six hours a night. And would you that say that five and a half or six is pretty unbroken.

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  8. View All. Natural levels of the hormone melatonin typically rise about two hours before bedtime, preparing your body for rest. Melatonin is available as a nonprescription sleep aid in doses of up to 10 milligrams. Gamaldo cautions that melatonin is not a cure-all for jet lag, however. Studies indicate that light exposure during the day is more effective for resetting your internal clock.

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    Many over-the-counter medications have a long half-life, which means they linger in the body. This can leave you feeling groggy the next day, Gamaldo warns. Use sparingly, especially if you take anti-anxiety medications to fly, because those drugs also cause sedation.